Saturday, April 17, 2010

Urban Riders (of Greater Vancouver)

Last Saturday was a warm looking cool day. It was to be the 2nd attempt at the 1st inaugural ride for the Urban Riders. The Urban Riders (Riding Club) was formed in an attempt to satisfy a need for an inclusive group of people who ride various sizes and makes of bikes and scooters around the urban areas of Greater Vancouver.


It is the brainchild of Robert, the Reverend. You will notice from the above photo that we are a varied mix riding scooters or motorcycles. Lead by Robert, the Reverend most of our rides will be destination rides what will encompass dining or beverages along our route(s).

(Suzuki GSXR, Suzuki V-strom & Piaggio MP3)

As we ride along our intended route I am sure others will wonder if we are riding together as a group or just riding by chance due to the varied styles of our machines. Many riders in our group have full motorcycle endorsements and many have scooters as well as motorcycles. It is more about our mutual interests and the social aspects of group riding which bring us together as well as photography.

(Jeff & Rob, both with Nikon dSLRs)

Jeff is riding his GSXR today, and Rob is on his Piaggio MP3. Rob recently sold his BMW and purchased this MP3 for city commuting. We are all passionate photographers looking for that allusive masterpiece. We are here at WhyteCliffe Park in West Vancouver, high on a cliff overlooking the water and heading back to Horseshoe Bay for a refreshment break

(Horseshoe Bay, West Vancouver, BC)

There is a small marina, a few restaurants and a Terminal for BC Ferries if you should desire to travel to either Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island, or north to the Sunshine Coast (Gibsons and Sechelt)


This day we had 7 riders and it was not intended that we not park together, but for some reason we are clustered in two groups. I think because we split up at our last stop as we wished to take some photos and the rest of the group arrived here first to get a table


No matter where you travel there always seems to be a Starbucks there


Some one noticed that Geoff had a "low" tire and leant him a bicycle pump to put more air in his tire

I usually ride SWEEP so I was the last to leave. Here is my mighty V-strom DL650A alone on the street.


So there you have it. A new riding club for Greater Vancouver, introducing the URBAN RIDERS . . .

(The author on the wrong side of the Camera)

Highlights of our ride took us through Vancouver's Chinatown, through downtown Vancouver, over the causway through Stanley Park, over the Lion's Gate Bridge then along a very scenic and twisty Marine Drive until we reached Horseshoe Bay for a beverage to warm ourselves up


  1. I like that the rides are varied - but where are the girls?

    Beautiful scenery you have there.

  2. Nice video of the ride. There seems to be way too much traffic for me. I don't think I would be very comfortable riding in that middle lane (the one that changes direction depending on traffic).

  3. "The Sunshine Coast." Surely you jest?

  4. Great post Bob. I remember going to the Sunshine Coast once when we were kids. Of course we had to stop in Gibsons. Remember watching Beachcombers? It makes Gibsons iconic doesn't it?

  5. I got fooled by the very last piece of film, thinking the wind noise was high for a GoPro, then as you zoomed, I realised that you had used two different cameras.

    From your first test videos where you were worried about shooting through your screen and that it gave too much glare, I still think it is okay, but I think you do need to to the screen clean.

    I also like the way you add the text to inform us about where you were on the ride - it helps us to understand. I am pleased that I was able to "borrow" that technique from you!

  6. 當身處逆境時,要能忍一時之氣,吃一時之苦,並及早確立自己的目標,總有一天,你會嘗到那甘美的果實。......................................................

  7. Hi Bob,

    Your crocs are now one of the best market performers, 1000% return on equity in 2 years.....Now doubt all due to you.

    There are it appears some new high heel Crocs on the way...any plans?? lol



  8. Bobskoot,

    I love the concept of "urban riders for eating and photography". Three off my favorite things, and you seem to have some great settings for all three.

    A very nice looking MGB towards the end of the video. My uncle had a 1969 MGC, sort of a sleeper, it had a Austin Heely six cylinder instead of the standard 4 banger.

    Where you using your ZS3 Lummix for the panning and zooming shot or a dedicated video camera?


  9. Wow, that looks like an amazing amount of fun! I am so glad Spring finally seems to be arriving. I would like to make the trip up to Vancouver one of these days just to experience the city.

  10. Nice Bob! I like the Marine Drive footage. I have to agree with Gary... clean that screen :) (and get the orange dohicky installed)

  11. Dear Bobskoot:

    There is nothing like the air of expectation that surrounds a group ride. Greetimg old friends and making new ones is always part of traveling to a destination, and eating togerher.

    It helps when the countryside is so utterly beautiful.

    One of the nicest aspects of a group ride is that you occasionally meet two or three folks that you may ride with on other events.

    But I have the pleasure of riding with guys who really believe that motorcycles were invented for the purpose of finding exotic places to eat — White Castle Hamburgers not withstanding.

    Nice post today,
    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  12. Hi Bobskoot,
    I briefly got to read this posting earlier, but didn't get a chance to comment. I love the mix of different riders and their different rides! Sounds like a fun group to ride with.

    The video is great! You're killing me here. One of these days I'm going to have to break down and get a video camera. I haven't even used the one that's on the G.

    I know you spend a lot of time to get the vid ready to show. I really enjoyed watching the ride.

  13. Kathy:

    If you had a free weekend and joined us for a ride, then we would have one. And bring your VS stuff

    You have nice warm scenery too


    We were stuck in heavy traffic before the causeway, but I didn't record any of it. The middle lane isn't that bad. There are signals overhead which indicate which lanes to use

    Mr Conchscooter:

    You are not the only ones to have a Sunshine Coast, only our sunshine isn't nearly as warm


    We did a ride up there a couple of years ago and had lunch in Gibsons. It's a neat little town, as you know. Lots of coffee shops and the pier is still there


    Yes, I mixed video footage from the GoProHD and my Lumix ZS3 which has a 12x zoom

    It was difficult to clean the screen with the stock set up. I have now changed to an adjustable windscreen setup where I can now raise and lower the W/S and tilt up to 25 degrees. So now it has been cleaned, just for you

    as for the "labels" I have to figure out how you managed to put "arrows" to point to things


    High heel crocs, don't tell me they also come in HOT PINK ?

    it would make it easier to get on and off the Wee . . .


    Gordon, I've had two MGB's in my time ('63 & '73) and a couple of Alfa Romeos.

    I was using my Lumix ZS3 with 12x zoom, it does take 720p30 video. There is now a new model out ZS7, or the new Sony HX5v if you are looking for something pocketable.

    I have decided that you can be more discrete with a pocket camera rather than in your face full HD in your hand. Subjects feel less threatened and will permit you more leeway in taking their photos. I usually ask if I can take their picture, but then do a video instead. I have some unedited clips where this will become evident. I couldn't have used a full videocam


    The first thing you will notice is our horrendous traffic jams nearly all day long, but we do have some scenic places to visit


    I was waiting for you to show me how that Orange do-hickey thing worked. But not to worry, I have devised my new method of using elastic bands as spacers on the base. It seems to work.

    My new adjustable Madstat Windshield bracket will now allow me to clean the W/S more, just for you and Gary


    I have mainly done group rides. This year it will be different with more Solo Rides in the works. Variety is the spice of life but it is also nice to be able to have company at the end of the day.


    The main reason that I take more video is because it is safer than taking still photos (while riding). I don't have to worry about pointing the camera using only one hand. With video, I just have to turn it on, and push the record button and know it will record virtually anything in front of me, without having to hold it. Still photos are taken at stop breaks.

    Get a Ram-Mount for your "G" and give it a try. You may like it. Plus, many of us can guide you through the editing process

  14. Glad to see there is another MP3 in the world -:)

    I had a '75 MG that looked very like the one you had in your vid. Fun car, and even though Lucas Electric has a bad reputation, my personal experience was better than average on that score.

  15. Bob – Good job about the screen. As for the labels..... I will send you an e-mail to better explain it using a picture or two, but essentially you do add lines in PREL 7 by clicking on the text icon at the bottom right hand corner of the viewing pane. This brings up a few more icons to the right side of the viewing pane, such as a pointer, a text symbol, a rectangle drawer, a circle drawer and a line drawer. Click on the line drawer symbol and this then allows you to draw lines in the viewing pane. This is hard to explain in words only so I will send a picture....

    BlueKat – Don’t rush out this week and buy a Ram-Mount. Later this week I am going to test a different type of mount that arrived in the post this morning, that I suspect is going to be even better than the Ram system, especially if you want to easily move it from bike to bike, or indeed bike to cycle.... I will be posting something about this on my blog....

  16. Gary:

    from your screen captures I wonder why I didn't notice those symbols before. I knew when you used those arrows there must have been a way to do it.

    A few posts back when I got my package from, I posted a photo of my C-type clamp which can be attached to any tubing. It is a Ram-Mount with the 1" ball. You just have to put some electrican's tape on the bars first to protect the finish. I was going to mount an extension to it and then the thingy with the 1/4-20 threads.


    can't wait for some videos of you wheeling through the gardens and sidewalks on your Ninja

  17. Bob: I put it in the comments on my blog a while back when you first asked.

  18. Hi Bobskoot,

    I've been looking at the different mounts out there. I wasn't planning to buy anything this year, but Ron mentioned maybe doing a little tour this summer, so now we may need to reconsider. I'm not sure if it would work on my bike with it's smoke windscreen.

    I'll be sure to "youtube" those sidewalk rides I'm sure to be doing this summer, along with all the wheelies and triple digit runs. lol

    Hi Gary,
    I won't be buying too quickly. Thanks for the heads-up on your review, I'll be looking for it. :)

  19. Hi Bob! Well, of the few pictures that would load on my slow computer this sure looked like a blast! Glad you had the great weather...hope it is still good!

  20. That was a lot of fun! I enjoyed the scenery and feeling the smoothness and/or bumpiness of the road. Nice trip! It's especially appreciated on this cold, rainy day!

  21. Nice pics and vid. Would be interested in joining UR for future rides. Riding a Yamaha Maj with wife, who also has a BWS

  22. I should tell you also that I posted this through my wife's gmail account as I do not have one. Her name is Patricia and my name is Chris. She rides with me on the Majesty when we go distances.

  23. Like she said, I am Chris, she is Pat and we probably fall into the category of "Scootards", love to ride, even just out for coffee.

    Have ridden Penticton to Vancouver, Squamish to Whistler, Commercial Drive, Horseshoe Bay etc.

  24. Bob: I also am a huge V-strom fan, I have the 1000 here in Surrey along with a SYM Citycom 300i scoot for commuting. I have read through your blog from the beginning and it has been fun to see so many familiar places through fresh eyes.

    I never miss your adventures or Jack R's.