Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Delta Tsawwassen Motorcycle Swap Meet

Last weekend we went down to Delta to see what was going on at the Swap Meet.

(looks like a facsimilie of a Triumph)

This looks like a vintage Triumph so I took a photo for a curmudgeon I know down in Key West. What attracted me to this machine is the "Who Cares" on the fender fin. It also had the gaiter fork protectors and Triumph badging, but it isn't a Triumph


It appeared to be a very nice machine, lots of chrome and in better than new condition. It had Triumph badging on the tank and side covers but in reality, this was a transplanted Kawasaki of some sort

(Vintage '57 Triumph)

This 1957 Triumph looked better than new and it should considering its $11,000. asking price which is the price of a new one and probably not as reliable.


even back then in 1957 they supplied these models with a tachometer as standard equipment.


Here is some sort of BMW K bike, perhaps a K75 but I am not so sure I like the looks of the streamlined faring.


If you had $4,500. lying around in your pocket and didn't know what to do with it, you could ride it home as it was looking for a new home . I have been going to this swap meet for a few years now but I have not yet paid the $9.00 admission fee to enter the two buildigs. I prefer to walk around to look at all the bikes for sale, and the others on display in the parking lot

For some inexplicable reason I find myself gravitating to Triumphs, Beemers and V-stroms. Not that there is anything wrong with cruisers loaded with chrome, but those I looked at with just a passing glance

(Triumph Thruxton)

The Triumph riders were out in full force today

(Triumph Scrambler)

For my novice eyes it is hard to tell vintage from modern. I suppose my method is to look at the front wheel to see whether it is disk brakes or drum.

(Yamaha SR500)

I have always been enamored of these single cyclinder Yamahas and their later derivatives SRX500 and SRX600 models. As I looked at this black beauty I was imagining what it would have been to have been Michael who travelled to Africa and all around Italy in his previous life on a similar model


It was for sale and at a reasonable price, I might add for a fully restored bike in better than new condition. With the Cdn Dollar at Par it is the same price in Key West Dollars. I would be happy to purchase this bike and ride it down to KW if Michael had so desired. It`s always nice to have a spare bike just in case you have visitors who ride.

(1973 Triumph Bonneville)

there were lots of Triumphs for sale this day

(Triumph Trident)

I do not know much about these different models but I am gaining more appreciation for them and the way they look


There were a lot of British Bikes on display by their owners

As I was leaving this bike for sale caught my eye. It was a Kawasaki H2 750 Triple

(Kawasaki H2 750 Triple)

I wondered to myself whether this was that famous model that Jack `r` used to own a century ago when he was a skinny teenager full of hormones


This bike I am sure, looks better than new AND it was for sale

I have another short video following which shows you a bit more of the bikes that were parked in the lot and on the grassy area. Many bikes have already left as you can see from the empty spaces.

A comment from jack riepe a couple of posts ago where he requested some front or rear views of some female rider(s) has prompted this response for which I have included a short bit on how to fold a napkin around some utensils, to end up with this . . .

(A tray of feasting intruments, wrapped in a napkin)

It has nothing whatsoever to do with motorcycles or riding which is the reason I have included it. The last time I tried to take an incognito photo, the subject noticed me and I was `caught`, but not this time. I was very careful to blend into the background, which is hard to do if you happened to be wearing PINK footwear.


  1. Hi Bob,

    Your Jack inspired perving yielded quick results...

    So many nice bikes there Bob and cheap too, when we have bike meets over here your lucky if a dozen turn up!!



  2. If my wife were to say yes and you were to turn the handlebars right side up the SR500 would be perfect. You'd have to learn how to start it first.

  3. Dear Bobskoot:

    Why did you waste so much video time filming old broken-down motorcycles, when the ancient art of silverware and napkin folding had so much spiritualism to offer to the world. Thank you for doing this for me. I am so touched by your consideration.

    The BMW you were looking at appeared to be a K75"S," with the tighter handlebars. That fairing is so ugly trhat schoolchildren have been known to throw rocks at it. My first machine was a K75"S" with a Sprint fairing, which looked so much better.

    Had my first bike had the original fairing, I would not have looked twice at it. My second one is the lower K75, which came with a Parabellum Scout Fairing... While this one is a handlebar mount, it is still 1000 percent more appealing that that square fairing.

    That was essentially my Kawasaki H2... However, I seem to recall my had a different stripe on the gas tank. While that machine looked in grat shape, the color of the tanks did not match the plastic sidecover on the left, which leads me to believe that cover has been replaced.

    I still got a hardon looking at that H2. But the super ugly K75 is 100 times the better motorcycle. And who am I kidding? I couldn't kick start anything anymore.

    Great post.

    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  4. That is a very interesting group of motorcycles. My eye doctor has a 1989 Yamaha 600cc that he offered to sale for me. He and his wife are considering a bigger bike so they can ride more comfortable together. His Yamaha has only 6,000 miles (maybe 10,000 km) on it. I am slightly tempted.
    The video was fun and the utensil display was invigorating.


    Premeditated Scootin'

  5. Bob - I cannot believe how many bikes turned up for a swap meet - we rarely see that many bikes at a rally in the UK! Wasn't the Boss Hoss outrageous? Fun, but I wouldn't be seen dead riding (oops) I mean driving it.

    I liked the bit about having a spare bike for guests who might ride.....

    You are beginning to sound a little like Sonja with your passing interest in British bikes.

    Napkin folding indeed!


  6. Bob, did you not see one single Vincent?! I would have loved to see one of those too. Oh well...I enjoyed almost all of your video! ;-) Very nice video of bikes!

  7. Nice bike videos. Bike for guests huh? We haven't had any who can ride yet, so they've all been stuck in the sidecar with big giant grins afterwards.

  8. 很棒的分享~如有打擾之處,敬請原諒!........................................