Monday, May 16, 2011

Hobbling around

I didn't really want to talk about my wimpy foot all the time but a couple of weeks ago when I was being chauffered around it was a blistery, rainy day and we decided to have dinner at a Cambodian restaurant on the fringe of Vancouver's Chinatown. We wanted a thrifty place where we could get served fast.


We ended up at the Phnom Penh. From all appearances it looked to be not very busy with few people outside


There were not many parking spaces to be had, but the streets were deserted. What luck we thought but when we went inside they already had a line up.


It was bustling with activity and nearly every table was occupied. Not bad for a weeknight


It is not uncommon to have to share your table with others. Here we have two other couples who both ordered the excellent fried chicken wings. We didn't know what to order so we ordered a plate for ourselves too.


I had this very tender beef over rice dish which also came with a small bowl of home made soup. It makes me hungry just looking at this photo, the meat just melted in your mouth


It was supposed to come topped with an egg but they must have not heard us. We enquired and they brought one out for me

We ordered way too much food, basically 3 orders for only two small eaters.


I think you would be happy to have a meal here, good value and healthy portions

Recently SonjaM was describing how she does her route planning.

I am also meticulous in choosing routes and deciding upon accommodation. I also have some issues to care care of on my bike. Yes the normal stuff such as oil, lube, filter and a general check over by my mnechanic. I posted a month ago about my new farkle which I really like; my GiPro ATRE, GI indicator. I also ordered a set of


new tires for my V-strom. I did some research on and found that most riders like either; Metzler Tourances, or Michelin Anakee 2 dual sport tires which are for mainly paved roads. I decided to purchase them locally to support the local dealer even though they may have been much more expensive this way.

I notice that most riders get around 12/15,000 kms per set and I was nearly 10K right now. By the time I leave on my trip they will have several thousand kms more. I didn't wish to take a chance on my old tires but they still look very new. I think American roads are more abraisive than ours. I haven't decided if I will mount them before or after our trip.


I still require a new magnetic tank bag with a clear vinyl map pocket on top for a paper map also large enough for my dSLR so I don't have to stop and open my rear case. I want to be able to shoot without dismounting from my bike.

No matter how much planning you do in advance, things don't always work out. This coming weekend is a Long Weekend here in BC, Victoria Day. A few riders from our group are travelling over to Victoria for the big Rally. We were to leave early Friday morning to catch the Ferry but now with my foot hurting again I cannot make a commitment to go. Hotel rooms are in tight supply so I will have to take my chances at the last minute if my foot gets better. I worry about the slippery steel ferry decks and how much weight I can put on my foot without hurting. I stopped taking medication last Wednesday and this may have contributed to lack of healing.

Right now I am having difficulty walking and can barely drive my car to work due to the clutch action required in the rush hour. This morning as I was hobbling around and having a bowl of cereal I noticed something on our carport

They looked so pre-occupied . . .


and I was hesitant to bother them. I was shuffling around getting ready to leave for work and nursing my foot to minimize the pain from having to walk to the car and for a fleeting moment, thought it might be a good day


to be a racoon and phone in sick .


  1. Bob, the food looks delicious, and a fried egg on top makes everything better.

    Keep a close eye on the tires, it's not a good feeling to be halfway through a long journey and realize your tires are shot. I have found my self on the final leg of a journey wishing I had changed my tires prior to leaving on more than one occasion. Not good for the melon.

    As for your tenets... it looks like their family will be expanding very soon.

  2. I don't think I've ever had Cambodian food but I would agree that the dish with the fried egg looks delicious. Then again, maybe because it is morning...

    New tires, something I need to look into since my current tires still have safe tread but are both well over 10K miles. Hope you feel well enough to go to Rally. What is being celebrated on Victoria Day?

    More raccoons around your house does not sound like a good thing...

  3. Dear Bobskoot:

    There is nothing like having a racoon peel a board off the house and get into the attic to have babies. Racoons are the #1 source of rabies in suburban areas too. We don't have them here (in a neighborhood loaded with foxes and deer) as out two huge dogs discourage this sort of thing.

    I like Cambodian food. It is my hope to eat Ethiopian style before the summer is out.

    Hope your foot feels better. Don't be cheap... Change the tires before a long ride and remember to be careful in riding until the mold release lubricant is worn off the tires.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  4. Bob:
    I just finished dinner and your picture of that meal made me hungry again. Love Cambodian food.. and Vietnamese, and Thai, and....

  5. That's what I like about your blog Bob. You cover it all in a single post. From good Asian food in Canada to the best all-around motorcycle tires and then finish it off with a scene from Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom!

    Hope your foot gets better before the weekend!

  6. Great post Bob. You do seem to cover it all.

    We too have raccoons in our yard, but I'd never caught them like that. Good observation skills. Raccoon porn, who knew.........

  7. Bob, you old Rascal. I hope being a raccoon for a little while took your mind off of your foot pain.

  8. As the others have said, this post has it all. The food looks great, new tires and sex! I hope your foot gets better soon. Best wishes from a long way away.

  9. Bobskoot, are you less than 2mm thread depth on the old tires? Are you seeing the TWI markers....then it's time.

    Now I was getting hungry after your food p0rn shots....but then you brought in the racoons "in flagrante" and that cured that thought.

    Now you'll have to watch for baby racoons....


    Redleg's Rides

    Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

  10. 682202/GAW:

    Most of the asian restaurants serve fusion food and have fried eggs on top to soak into the rice. I will make a decision on the tires a couple of weeks before I leave.


    They also serve Vietnamese food, but very tasty and reasonable prices too. This is one of the oldest rallies in North America

    Victoria Day is Queen Victoria's Birthday, and they named Victoria in her honour. There is also a parade on Monday

    I may not go, I'm waiting for my foot to get better, but our group is leaving Friday morning

    Jack r:

    We have a couple of large parks a block away in two directions. They are usually rummaging around garbage cans to look for food. They can be dangerous.

    Not many dealers carry Anakee2's in stock so I thought I better order them in, then I can decide later. I think they are better than my Trailwings, so I may have them mounted anyway


    That beef just melted in my mouth. Just looking at that photo makes me want to go there again to have another meal.

  11. Mike:

    I'm still on the fence about the weekend. A holiday weekend is jammed with cars everywhere, and the ferries will be overloaded and cramped.

    Perhaps you are right, I should have done 3 separate, short posts instead of the rambling, smorgasbord one


    It was very exciting (not for me), but I couldn't help but NOT notice them. We also had a Seagull on the front lawn, but I was too slow with the camera


    If I were younger I think I could get used to phoning in sick and play raccoon for a few hours


    Thank you. This is a one stop shop, something for everyone, I hope. Time flies, it's already May 18th !!


    I still have a ways to go before they hit those markers. I think I have lots of tread left, but those Anakee2's have very nice, soft treads. I am sure they will give a nicer ride

    I've got a metal ruler somewhere, I'll measure the tread later

  12. Naughty Racoons - lol!
    There will be a cute family soon, come to raid your garbage can. :)

    Oh, and dinner looks yummy!

  13. The food porn was great! Reminded me of some of my favorite dishes. I would have gotten hungry if I hadn't had my dose of Malaysian the other day!

    Love the tires. Great looking pattern. I have been reading very good things about those tires.

    And I'm not even mentioning the racoons. Oops. Just did... :)

    Hope the foot is feeling better soon!


  14. 12/15K per set? my Bridgestone battlax I installed in Redmond didn't last 10K, I guess traveling on highways all the way from the west coast didn't help :-(
    Naughty, naughty racoons ;-)