Sunday, July 10, 2011

An early start

I rolled out of my driveway before 6am and headed south down the highway towards the US/Canadian Border. Traffic was light and I was the first bike in line. I got through in less than a minute. The Border guard said that in an hour the line would be backed up the hill. I made my first pitt stop just north of Everett to check emails and have a quick bite


Because I was so close to home I didn't take any photos but I kept rolling along and soon found myself in Leavenworth. From the weather forecasts I knew that it was going to be very hot so I only wore my T-shirt and shorts under my riding clothes. I was nearly freezing as I rode over Steven's Pass


My plan was to have a quick bite and pitt stop but I didn't want to waste time for a sit down meal, so I mounted my V-strom and kept rolling down the road. I was really getting hungry and an hour and a half later I was really, really getting hungry. This was a Sunday and I noticed that all the eating places in these small towns were not open. I wanted to take Hwy 2 then switch over to Hwy 28 taking backroads to my intended destination for the night . All the while I was getting farther from civilization I was in continuous scan mode for places to eat. There were lots of fruit stands but I wanted real food


I even headed north for about half an hour so I could take less travelled route through farmlands. Luckily as I exited east towards Waterville I noticed the gas station had a Subway attached


Needless to say I stopped for nourishment before continuing my journey East


Even though I have never been to Kansas, the landscape has that Kansas feel. There were violent gusts of wind which nearly blew me off the road several times. I had to slow down below the speed limit when I noticed those dust swirls


For about the last 50 miles I only noticed a couple of vehicles going in the opposite direction, and a handful of bikes. Going my direction, I was the only vehicle. I got to thinking that if something went wrong I would have no help. There is also no cell service on these lonely roads. I decided to play it safe, gear down and slow down a notch, and be more aware of the wind.

I also noticed a few abandoned buildings along the way but most were in places too dangerous to stop. There is little shoulder and they are cambered too much


I did manage to stop at the Dry Falls Viewpoint. The last time I was in this area it was just after sunset and drove right past. Today I stopped for a few photos and to use their facilities. During the times of the Glacial Ice Age this was the largest waterfall in the world, and carved this canyon which is many miles long .


I arrived in Ritzville, WA just before 4:30 pm, so that makes over 10 hours in the saddle with barely an hour for stops . I was chilling out on the bench outside enjoying the warmth of the sun and downloading my photos when


BlueKat and Ron show up on Sam and a very dirty Princess


  1. Great photos Bob and great to see Kari at last. Don't forget to get one of Ron too!

  2. Bobskoot, that area does look like Kansas....and I've ridden through that state.

    Kinda looks like eastern Colorado for that matter. Nice pics.


    Redleg's Rides

    Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

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  4. What, no decent food stops? This doesn't sound like the kind of travel I got to know you for... Take better care of yourself please, and watch the wind gusts.
    Being a geology buff I love the Dry Falls, and its geomorphological history. The area is gorgeos. I will have to return there one day.
    Say hi to Kari and Ron from me.

  5. Such fun. Don't you hate it when you pass a food stop because there is bound to be another just up ahead and then it doesn't materialize and you go from hungry to famished?

    Thanks for the picture of dry falls. I haven't been through that way in years and forgot how beautiful the view is.

    I don't believe the Princess is dirty, must see pictures for proof.

  6. Yay! On the road again. Just can't wait to get on the road again! Have a great adventure. And yes, it does remind me of Kansas.

    -Steel Cupcake

  7. man...I love that long, lonely road picture.

    Nice picts. Now I gotta' see Dry Falls...after I actually get to see the Grand Canyon.

    You said another place was cool, "Hells Gorge" or something like that? Gotta' see that one too.

    Keep on

  8. It looks like you really pack light. Do you follow the Jack Riepe methodology (see today's post) for packing a motorcycle? I half expected this post to end with you lying by the side of a deserted highway half starved but then you had a solid ending with a great shot of Kari and Sam.

    Have a great trip...

  9. Dear Bobskoot:

    You have my admiration and envy today. Seeing those long stretchesm wibding through meadows and wheat fields, found a chord in me. I wished I was riding with you. God, that countryside looked so beautiful. I love wide, open spaces. And the shot of the canyon made me long for adventure.

    I will be watching for your posts often.

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

  10. Some of those pics do look like Kansas there, bud. And we do have wind, too. But lately it has just been brutally hot.
    Looks like a wonderful trip. Have a great time!


  11. Bob

    It's so great to hit the road on a a motorcycle at sunrise and surprise all those pesky roadkilltobe rodents scampering around with no cagers around.


  12. I'm just catching up - looks like a terrific trip. One thing worse than no food - no gas in sight. Keep us posted.

  13. Great pics! I stayed in Leavenworth a few years ago and it was pretty cool. Have fun and ride safe!

  14. Oh boy, have you been doing some travelling recently! I cannot imagine my friend Bobskoot going hungry. Actually, I don't believe I have just used those two words, Bobskoot and hungry, in the same sentence! Dry Falls looks like a great place. I learned a new word today thanks to Sonja – geomorphological – I will have to try to slip that into conversation in the next few days!