Saturday, July 16, 2011

Spiral Highway, Lewiston, Idaho

When we first discussed planning for our Montana trip, the main purpose was to meet Dom, Martha & family. Since we were so far away from home, it also gave us a chance to search out talked about, motorcycle roads. We see them mentioned on all the m/c forums. Names such as Lolo Pass, Going to the sun highway, Beartooth Pass and the famous Spiral Highway


We left Orofino, ID early on Friday morning after a hotel supplied continental breakfast of waffles and boiled eggs and headed west towards Lewiston. An hour later we were there wondering where this road was but we eventually found it


It is officially known as Lewiston Hill, with the nickname Spiral Highway


since the road spirals its way up the steep hill. The road climbs 2,000 ft in 10 miles


we chose to ride this road from the bottom up as it is easier to negotiate the corners under acceleration, rather than using brakes and compression braking.


we spent a lot of time here, as we are all photographers we had to stop anyplace we could for better perspectives

(BlueKat (Kari) in action)


I even found a moment to snap their family portrait


another photo of my V-strom


Here's Ron on Princess, his Honda Nighthawk 750


another photo of my Wee at the viewpoint on the top of the hill, with Lewiston in the background


Today we arrived in Stevenson, WA to spend our last night together and Ron & Kari generously offered to treat me to a belated 65th Birthday meal at one of my favourite restaurants.


to celebrate we all ordered the special blended strawberry lemonade


notice the PINK straws, they must have known we were coming

(Ron ordered this)

(Bluekat/Kari had that)

(and this is what I had)

Friends, food, riding & photography. It was a great week that seems too short. In the morning, after breakfast we will go our separate ways. Thank you for photos and memories of a great week together. I can't wait until next time . . .


  1. Oh thanks, Bob, it's sneaking up on 11:00 PM and now I'm hungry for Mexican food.

    My troubles, aside, it sure looks like you've had nearly a perfect ride.

  2. Now we have the answer to what you meant by "BIG birthday". (Okay, so I'm a little slow)

    Was the Spiral Hwy as fun as it looks? And it's nice that you got in what looks and sounds like a great riding vacation.


  3. Great idea riding the Spiral Highway UP! It looks like there are some interesting elevation changes just between curves. Was this like a Gary road that had to be ridden a couple times? One for pictures/photo ops and one for pure enjoyment?

    -Steel Cupcake

  4. If you had a little rum in that lemonade, then you would really have something. Ah, but you were driving, darn.
    Lovely trip, I'm jealous
    Take Care

  5. That was a spectacularly fun road. We should have run it again! First road I've been on that reminded me of riding the track in ART class - pure curvacious fun! (The second road to do that for me...hwy 207)

    Nice catch on the straws! I didn't even notice at the time.