Saturday, July 9, 2011

Resetting life's trip meter

Today is a special day for me. It is my BIG birthday, a day where in the past, a person was put out to pasture and live to do nothing. Last week a friend sent me an email because he had somehow remembered that my BIG birthday was coming up and asked if he could take me for breakfast. We could go anywhere my heart desired and order anything that I fancied. Because it was my special day I decided to dust off my 'Vette and wear my normal summer attire. I just didn't feel like ATGATT


I don't like to ride with the top down during the heat of the day, the morning felt cool and it was refreshing to feel the wind in my face. When I got there Robert asked me where I wanted to go . Last year I remembered we went to a Cuban Place on "The Drive" It's not always about the money or the price of things and we ended up at


this fast food place where you are served on paper plates


I am a sucker for bacon & eggs. After we finished socializing and getting caught up on world events I headed home. Today our family is coming over for a BBQ and I am the BBQ'r, so I will be the one who has to cook my own meal. I just didn't feel like going out to a restaurant. I am also off work next week and I have been getting my bike ready for my trip. By having my special meal at home I can continue to tweak my packing. I did purchase a new magnetic tank bag for more storage which came with two, stacked compartments but it was so high I didn't feel comfortable having to peer over to see my tach and speedo so I am only using the bottom base. I really like the map pocket on the top


I think my bike is more roadworthy now with the Richland Rich fork brace and I also have my new Gear Indicator to eliminate the false 7th gear syndrome. I also relocated my RAM mount for my GoProHD sports cam and simply attached it to the Madstadt windshield bracket. This eliminates the ugly tethers I needed when using the Fat Gecko suction mount.


I am still learning to travel with less. I think I have everything I need and my side cases still have room should I purchase anything along the way.


so here my bike sits, waiting for the morning tide when we will cast off on another 2-wheeled adventure . I hope I made the right decision about my tires. In anticipation of this trip I purchased a set of Michelin Anakee2 tires (front & rear). I have 12K kms on these OEM tires and I thought that I should put new ones on. My mechanic at EMS said they still had good tread so he suggested that I just use them and replace the tires when I get back, so that is what I am doing.


nearly forgot to reset my Garmin. I like to keep track of my mileage and start off with a clean slate

It seems so easy. A couple of clicks and the trip has been reset to Zero, like it never happened.


I wished that we could do this with our lives, a couple of clicks to rewind us back 20 or so years. I will be up at the crack of dawn and be rolling down the highway. New sights to see, new roads to conquer, and new people to meet.

I should be able to post a few postcards along the way

see you on the road . . . back next week


  1. Cooking your own meal on this very special day... where did you go wrong?
    Happy umptiest Birthday.
    Looks like you are bestest prepared for the trip, and expect no less from you. Ride safely and take care.

  2. Happy Big Birthday Bobskoot!

    Looks as though you had a good breakfast and will have a great dinner too. At breakfast did you "see the Bear" or just "Taste the food"?

    They don't have that commercial down here, but I still think it whenever we pass an A&W.

    Have a great trip. Can't wait to read about your travels.

  3. Happy Birthday Bob, you share your birthday today with my brother Barrett (his 40th).
    What's with new tires, first RichardM and now you, I'm jealous.
    Looking forward to hearing about your trip, your travels and photos of more food porn.

  4. Happy Birthday Bobskoot, looking forward to meeting you in person....


    PS: Rode the Beartooth Highway today....

    Redleg's Rides

    Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

  5. Happy __ birthday! Hope you have a great trip to MT!
    Post lots of photos please.


  6. Happy Birthday Bob.

    Hope the ride goes smooth. I'm looking forward to the postcards from the road.

  7. happy birthday! have a fabulous trip!

  8. Happy birthday young fella! Wish we were there to celebrate it with you. 2013 is now looking like a very strong possibility.

    What with a Corvette, a VStrom and your natural good looks, who worries about age when you're an absolute chick magnet :-)

    Have a wonderful time....

  9. Happy "BIG" Birthday! Around my house, cooking your own BBQ just ensures your going to eat tonight. LOL!

    Hope your day was grand and I'm looking forward to reading all about your trip.

    Life is good. :)

  10. A belated but most sincere "Happy Big Birthday!"

  11. Happy BIG Birthday. And remember, it's always better to be the BBQ'r than the BBQ'ee.
    Have a great trip and ride safe.

  12. Happy 40th birthday, Bob! ;-)

  13. BIG birthday = ??

    40?, 50?, 60?, 70?, 100?

  14. Happy Birthday Bob!! Godspeed on your journey and have a grand time!

    -Steel Cupcake

  15. Dear Bobskoot:

    Congratulations on your "big" birthday. While I dectected a note of personal reflection in your post, I'd like you to know that you'd be considered a kid in my riding club.

    In the group with which I am riding to the rally next week, the riders are 70, 75, and 80-years-old respectively. And while it seems like you might want to reset your life, consider this. You will live more on this trip your about to take than 99% of most 35-year-olds, who never see beyond their cubicles at work.

    Habe a great birthday, and a balls-ass ride.

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads