Friday, July 15, 2011

Time flies when you're having fun

We arrived in Abbott Valley, Montana on Monday evening and spent two action packed days with Dom and his family and headed south through Idaho, Washington on our way to eastern Oregon. Dom has already posted a detailed report of our activities complete with photos so no use to duplicate his efforts. You can read about his days 5 & 6 Here and Here

I also took photos of my bike in similar settings

(Leaving Two Medicine viewpoint)

(on the way to St Mary's)

(final approach to St Mary's)

The absence of cell phones and internet access forced us to experience the simpler things such as talking and enjoying huddling around the fire and imagining how things must have been during the "old days" without proper plumbing or electricity. I mentioned before that this homestead cabin is 100 years old .

After dinner on our last night at the cabin there was a spectacular sunset and all of us ran to grab our cameras to capture the light before it was gone. Here is my version


Morning came too soon, and after breakfast, it was time to say our good byes


We wanted to get an early start as it was a long way to Orofino, ID via: Missoula and Lolo Pass. After a quick lunch we finally made it to the Visitor's Centre



After a short rest we continued on our way and had to stop for the "sign photo"


Here you see the "Princess" and my Wee. We take turns riding lead and Bluekat was going too fast to be able to stop on the gravel approach . The speed limit on the Montana side is 70 mph, but as soon as you enter Idaho it changes to 50 mph and this area is heavily patrolled . She admits that she has gotten used to Montana speed limits

I think that the Lolo Pass route is closer to 120 miles, it is only 99 miles of twisties on the Idaho side and follows the river most of the way

(notice gravel surface)

All of the scenic viewpoints are gravel and during these past two days Dom has weened us onto gravel, most likely on purpose. Even the driveway into the cabin is a steep downhill gravel driveway. His famous words of wisdom is to use only your rear brake. Pretend the front brake doesn't exist.


It was another long day in the saddle with few photos. We left at around 8am and didn't pull into Orofino until nearly 6:30pm with minimal stops.

(low sun angle and gravel pullout)

This is typical of the scenery we have been seeing all day. The road just winds its way along the river for hundreds of miles. If you like twisties then these are the roads for you but does get fatiguing after hours on the road. We will be glad to get to our hotel where we get to cook our own steak dinner.


Only 12 miles to go . . .


  1. Terrific pictures once again Bob, especially the sunset on the cloud. This ride looks fantastic, particularly with the twisties you encountered – those sorts of roads, although tiring, are wonderful to ride. I wish I could have ridden this one with you!

  2. 99 miles of twisties... how I miss that up here where the roads are few, and almost straight.
    Lovely pictures as usual, especially the 'exploding colours' in the clouds.
    And obvious more confidence on gravel now. Continued safe travels!

  3. I'm enjoying the pictures, not at all like being there but the next best thing. I really like the one shot with the view of the river in the mirror but the one of the cloud at sunset was wonderful.

    99 miles of twistie roads (or is that twisted roads).


  4. Beautiful pictures! Sounds like another wonderful adventure!

  5. Breathtaking. And that is just the images. Wish we could experience it in real life with you three! So Lolo was open?? Nice.

    -Steel Cupcake

  6. Bob it was great meeting you and Kari and Ron!

    I found, 37 miles of twisty roads yesterday, which delayed me considerably enroute to Hells Canyon Overlook and guys would have loved the road, the view, not so much.

    more on that in future posting.