Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"Do Nothing . . . " in Vacaville, CA

We have a habit of exploring historic places and so we found ourselves in the heart of historic Vacaville trying to snag a place for breakfast


We circle around the downtown area and find a refurbished town centre. There are not many places serving meals and we prefer local outlets as opposed to chain restaurants. Then we spotted the Heritage House Cafe, photos of which were posted on an earlier blog entry.


It is a spartan place reminiscent of the 50's , not updated as evidenced by the restroom facilities, but it is clean and the food is honestly prepared


The kitchen is old-style, excuse the "blur" I was trying to be discreet and in stealth mode


There is a small counter area with booths on both sides. I appears that most of these customers are locals


You never know what to expect when you come into these small towns but the food is usually made from scratch instead of pre-prepared. The coffee also had a lot of flavour, not watered down like some places

While we were waiting for our meal I noticed this sign on the signature table behind me


When we arrived the table was empty but I was pondering the meaning of these simple words. I think we could have sat down on this table if we wanted. Eventually someone came in and sat at the table. Then another . . . and another until they were now a group. I turned around and spoke to the person at the head of the table as he seemed to be in charge. I asked about the sign and he said that he was very good at "doing nothing" . Another person from the table chimed in and said that he was so good at "doing nothing" that they made him President of the "DO NOTHING CLUB"


We chatted for a while and eventually I mentioned that I could be very good at "doing nothing" too, with a bit of practice but I didn't live locally so couldn't attend their meetings. I said we were from Canada and could we start a Chapter of the "Do Nothing Club" up here, and he said why not ?

Before we went on our way I asked if I could snap a photo of the Do Nothing Club, Vacaville Chapter, and they said Okay


The President was the fellow in the front with the white shirt . Below is another photo of the Do Nothing Club, taken in 2002. As you notice, he has been President for nearly a decade. He must excel in "doing Nothing" . From the 2002 photo I notice that they have many more members . I can only surmise that No One let them know they were meeting for breakfast today


I am looking forward to Doing Nothing as a future pastime


  1. Oh you can tell that's quite a group of characters in the do nothing club! Don't you love running into folks like this.

  2. excellent, thats a fine bunch of do nothing hooligans you found there.

    oh ps, before i forget, yes portland could be do-able. let me know as planning continues :)

    hope NorCal was enjoyable. thanks for taking time out to do lunch! big hugs to you and mrs bobskoot!

  3. Hey Uncle Bob,

    I could do nothing but eat, if that counts, like your tour of the dinners, I love American food, your so lucky Bob to live so close to all those calories!!



  4. Vacaville...vacaville...yup...I hear yah. I love the "Do Nothing" club. I wanna' join.

  5. What? No picture of the restroom facilities to prove the point?

    Sounds like a great cafe. I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment of them over chain restaurants.

  6. Dear Bobskoot:

    Had you been closer to Washington, DC, you could have gotten a picture of Congress for the "Do Nothing Club."

    Findest regards,
    Twisted Roads

  7. Great post Bob. I think we all need a little "do nothing" time.

  8. Very nice story Bob. I aspire to joining that club one day. I guess I could start a local chapter. I have a good friend who almost does nothing. Maybe he could be the first chapter president and the club will be all up and not doing anything by the time I'm able to join.

  9. BlueKat: I usually try to talk to the locals wherever I go. Most times they are friendly, and sometimes not. I hide behind the camera

    Ms M: Lunch with you is like enjoying a glass of fine wine, anytime is good for me. Of course we will keep in touch

    Uncle Davie: I wished that I could only eat & sleep, but work gets in the way. How's your new cement mixer working ?

    VD/Dave: You're not so bad at doing nothing either, sitting behind your computer and pretending to be working . . .

    Irondad: we usually avoid chain fast food places, where possible but may be forced into using them for their free WiFi.

    Jack r: Actually you should start a Jack r Do Nothing Fan CLub. You could collect fees and no one would expect you to do anything.

    Trobairitz: I have started to do less, and soon I may be down to Nothing. Perhaps we could start a cloud watching group, or do some grass growing studies under the watchful eye of Troubadour.

    David: There are so many possibilities and we could have chapters all over the country, but who is going to do all the work ?