Saturday, July 2, 2011

Diners, Drive-ins or Dives

During our flash trip to California, one of our objectives was to have a meal from a Food Truck. We knew that there were many trucks in SFO area but we were staying south around Saratoga/San Jose area and not knowing our way around didn't know where the business district was. We had to go to the Triple A to get some maps and it was there that they recommended a sort of food truck in their area.


The kitchen is located in a stationary food truck and they have a small building on the lot with tables where you can either sit inside or outside


You place your order at the counter on the right


and we chose to sit outside under the canopy


the food is prepared in this stationary food truck on the other side of the lot with more seating under a tent canopy

It appears that one of their staff has purchased a new white Triumph Tiger 800


We did not have a full meal here, but rather had a sample fish taco as our host did not eat Mexican food and our plans were to have lunch elsewhere


You had lots of choice if you like your taco spicy


It was a hot day so we left her in the car with the A/C running so we quickly ate our Taco and returned to the car and headed to


it seemed to be a busy place so we had to park around the corner


it is more of a take out place but there were tables inside as well as outside. While we were waiting for our order I was looking for things to point my camera at when I noticed this poster


It is a show that we look at often back home on the Food Channel about good eating places all over the country. We somehow managed to stumble our way into good food


I must say that our sandwich was tasty


This was our last full day in Saratoga and we decided to have a meal at this great Mexican restaurant that our friend was raving about called Casa de Corbre


It was very busy and nearly a full house. The service was very good and our meals were very tasty


Mrs Skoot had a beef something or other


and I had a seafood enchilada with lots of sauce & cheese

As you will notice, we even slurged for a dessert which is very unusual for us


along with three spoons .


  1. Bob my old friend,

    How on earth do you stay so slim and fit-looking?

    How are your arteries? ;-)

    You certainly get around - nice break!

  2. I am stuffed only looking at these pictures. My favourite would have been the falafel place. I am a big fan of middle Eastern food.

  3. This post was hard to read now that I'm following a low sodium diet. Tempting images of all sorts of things I want to eat, especially now right before lunch with a growling stomach.

    Steve Williams
    Scooter in the Sticks

  4. Dear Bobskoot:

    The last few of these blog posts have thrown me a curve. The original "Saratoga," and the only one I know, is in New Youk State. I glanced at the map you provided, and got only more confused, as I found references to three other place on New York, and New Jersey as well. (Menlo Park, NJ, was the place where Thomas Edison had a lab.)

    I fail to understand your utter fascination with food. Here in southeastern Pennsylvania, there are food trucks (largely barbecue) all over the place. In New Jersey, there are trucks where the hot dogs are famous. In New York City, the "Dirty Water Sabrett Hot Dog" is a rite of passage and then an addiction.

    I fully apprecated your need t stop at the Grek roadside stand. Hand-held Greeek food from the roadside is to die for.

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

  5. Falafel, margaritas, enchiladas, keep the food pics coming and I'll never lose any weight. We do have a falafel stand that's pretty good but most of the Mexican food is alright at best.

    All I have to do is look at your blog and I gain weight.


  6. Yummy. That falafel place definitely looks the best. Mind you those margaritas look pretty tempting too.

    I'm with Sonja, love middle Eastern food and Greek, lets not forget Greek food.

    Great, now I'm drooling.......

  7. I feel like I need to eat something! The pictures made me hungry! Looks like you had a great trip. I am such a foodie, I love stopping at interesting places and sampling the local fare. Last night I had the best chocolate cake I have ever eaten, a friend made it & it was from the Rebar cookbook, a local restaurant in Victoria that emphasizes healthy eating, the best part is the food is fabulous.

  8. All right
    They say you shouldn't grocery shop when hungry.
    I'd say you should look at a Bobskoot post when hungry!
    Lots of delish looking goodies there!

  9. santa cruz falafel! the BEST! and tell sam and family that my family sent you! :)

  10. Geoff: I struggle with calories more than you know. As you get older it's harder to maintain our boyish figures

    SonjaM: I don't think I've ever had Middle Eastern Food, only East Indian

    Steve: we try to limit our salt intake too but I love cheese and tomato based sauces

    Jack: we have had good luck using Food Trucks but we didn't know where they were, down there. In Vancouver they have just licensed more food trucks with greater variety in types of food prepared. Their menus look very enticing

    RichardM: I am a creature of habit, I seem to always order the same thing. While on a trip we usually settle for Mexican

    Trobairitz: I like most types of food too . maybe one day I can try something Middle Eastern

    CB/Keith: That Falafel place was very good. Will have to try different items next time

    Dar: you chocolate cake sounds very good. you'll have to bring some over to Vancouver for us to drool over. Some of the sVIs people from Victoria are coming over to the mainland for the Hamster Scooter Rally in Bellingham later this month. Are you coming too ?

    Bluekat: sometimes I look at a photo of a past meal, it makes me hungry too

    Ms M: Now you tell me after I'm home. You'll have to show us more places next time . . .

  11. Diners Drive Ins and Dives (DDD, The Triple D) are a United State American food television series show. The host of this show “Diners, Drive Ins and Dives” is Guy Fieri.

  12. Diners Drive Ins and Dives (DDD, The Triple D) are a United State American food television series show. The host of this show “Diners, Drive Ins and Dives” is Guy Fieri.