Monday, July 25, 2011

Going to the Sun Highway, Montana

It was to be our last full day in Montana and we were lucky that the Going to the Sun highway was finally opened, July 13, 2011. It was the second latest opening of the road in its history due to heavy snow fall . Dom has already posted his photos HERE so I'll try not to duplicate too many.

It was decided that due to the expected crowds that we would approach Logan Pass from the East so we had to get an early start and head towards St Mary


we decided to leave the cabin by 8am and Richard, Jan, Patrick and Miles would follow in our support vehicle with the picnic lunch


Martha decided to be the Monkey today . I think we planned on being there in 2 hours but there were a lot of construction stops


Dom with Martha in the lead, with Bluekat directly in front . We eventually made it to Two Medicine Lake


It's a tranquille scene with a mountain backdrop . Here you are able to rent a canoe, kyack or take a boat tour


After we had finished snapping photos we move on and Dom has found another spot for a photo opp


I think because we are all bloggers and photographers we stop a lot for photos. It seems to be taking a long time to get to St Mary's


Here's Bluekat posing in front of the mountain


Eventually we enter Glacier NP again at St Marys and ride over to the Rising Sun picnic area to have our lunch . I forgot to snap a photo until it was nearly too late. There is hardly anything left


There are several construction delays and one way alternating traffic as we climb up the mountain and reach Logan Pass


another delay on the mountain gives us a chance to stop and snap more photos


I think we are all getting used to the gravel. The road is in bad shape we have been on gravel for miles, all the way up and part way down


If it weren't for these construction delays we would not be able to stop and enjoy the view, nor be able to converse and stretch our legs. It was a warm day around the mid 80's °F . We all started out with liners but they were quickly removed as we were all sweltering in the heat


We had some excitement with the appearance of two mountain goats. They were so tame that they came right up to us


The goat came very close to Martha


Dom was glad he remembered to bring along his spray bottle. He was getting a lot of enjoyment spraying Bluekat to keep her cool


In the following video I am trying to give you a feeling of what it was like to ride some portions of the Going to the Sun Highway. It was gravel from the bottom of the road where we started to climb and construction crews were everywhere. We had to stop several times as they alternated traffic up and down. Excuse the vibrations, the road was very rough in spots and I changed my GoProHD mounting location from my handlebars and mounted it on the windshield frame using RAM mounts which I did not test before the trip.


  1. I enjoyed the video and the vibration wasn't too bad at all. Thank you for posting it.


  2. It's always a kick to see other moto-blogger's perspective of the same ride....good stuff Bobskoot.


    Redleg's Rides

    Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

  3. Nice video, beautiful vistas. I hope that the road conditions, traffic and construction didn't reduce the fun factor too much.

  4. The snow at higher elevations certainly take a toll on the roads. It appears I wasn't the only one dealing with those conditions. In hindsight I think your roads were worse.

    Great video Bobskoot. It really shows the road conditions and scope of the mountains. I think I'd have to hold my breathe to ride on the side of a mountain like that.

    PS - love love love the photo of the canoes/kayaks and the lake with the mountain in behind. Just gorgeous. Did I mention I love that photo?

  5. I really liked the video, especially that little waterfall by the roadway, and in spite of the road construction delays,
    I Wanna Ride There!
    I Wanna Ride There!
    I Wanna Ride There!
    I Wanna Ride There!

  6. Great pictures! The road reminds me of some that around the central interior of BC. Pardon the pun 'A goat trail' very bumpy and potholes from all the cold. Looks like you were enjoying yourself though, great pictures, and I too like the picture with the canoes and kayaks.

  7. Hi Uncle Bob,

    Nice video as always squire,I've enjoyed following your latest bike trip, I did think about getting road tax for the cement mixer...But its just not fast enough!!



  8. I was afraid to read this post. The scenery is just too nice and I only looked at the pictures with one eye open.

    And the video is shaky because of the road. RRriiigghhhtt. LOL

    Great job you all did on the gravel, construction, frost heaves, snow and cagers.

    Looked like a wonderful day.

  9. lol -gotta be fast to get those food pics!
    Funny, after traveling on the dirt a little bit, I didn't find it too bad after a while. I was worried about the wet, muddy portions, but didn't have trouble at all.
    Love the video - Awesome!
    Great week!!

  10. I always had a diffent idea about that road. More pristine and less traffic. Never imagined dirt and gravel. What would one expect, though?

    Bluekat's getting more experienced and braver all the time, it seems!

  11. Loved the pictures. I had put Glacier on my route last year but we ran out of time and had to change route. Looks like a beautiful road to Logan's pass but I'm not thrilled with all the traffic.