Sunday, September 25, 2011


Lately I have noticed a lot of soul searching, coming to crossroads, ageing, thinking about the future, changing our lifestyles, wondering about our futures, making changes to our free time, and leaving behind the mundane, routine and considering future changes to enhance what is left of our lives. I have been noticing this on most of the blogs (on my sidebar) . I am no different. We have bucket lists, unfinished challenges, trips to take, dreams to come alive and all this while we are still healthy enough to enjoy, yet we continue to work, do things for others and find that we have scarce time for ourselves.

With the current meltdown of the world, wondering about our securities and whether our funds will last until the end of our time. I am reduced to thinking about these alternatives available and with a clean slate to ponder these things I decided to go for a walk, ponder and just be . . . enjoy the fresh air, the ocean breezes and be by myself, as I make "Footprints in the Sand" and think about my future


  1. Bob,
    That's such a cool video! Has the camera got anti-shake? It's incredibly steady. I just loved the watery noises when you dunked it!

    I think older people do get philosophical, probably not because time is running out, but because they've largely left behind all the earlier baggage that goes with developing a career and all the rest of that sort of stuff. Gives us time to ponder with an uncluttered mind! Most of all, it gives us time to have fun!!!

  2. I agree with Geoff – that is a cool video. I presume you had the GoPro mounted upside down on a monopod, or something similar? It is very clever as the people had no idea you were filming. I must try this myself and why is it that even though a few of us has that very same waterproof housing, we haven’t ever used them underwater? Trust Bob to be the first!

    Having dreams and something to look forward to is always important. Being able to achieve some of them after the kids are grown up, maybe the mortgage is paid and we have more time available, is most rewarding.

  3. nice beach. the gopro is such a fun little camera.

  4. I never thought I would stoop so low as to find a video that mostly features your dirty feet interesting. Yet, here I am, saying exactly that.

    Maybe we think too much, as has been stated before. Footprints in the sand are soon erased by other forces. Perhaps our efforts in this life really don't amount to much more in the bigger picture.

    I appreciate the statement about taking time to "just be". That seems to be exactly what I am seeking.

    Thanks for the thought provoking post.

  5. I like the video, both content and the low point of view. It makes your video stand out.

    I must admit that I've spent no small amount of time thinking about what I'll be doing in the near future. I'm not as detail oriented as some others as I haven't even given a thought to things like distance from a hospital or number of floors in a home. I'm more concerned with what do I want to do when I grow up....


  6. Richard:
    You're not hinting that we detailed types are sad, anal people are you, hehe?

    Don't ever grow up, where's the fun in that???

  7. @Geoff:
    "...we detailed types are sad, anal people..."

    I never said that. ;-)

    Folks like me never even give it a thought and end up being surprised by what happens. Maybe I'm guilty of having an cluttered mind.


  8. Geoff:

    It's a departure from my normal style. This was my first video with narration and also I am using my GoProHD monopod system, plus I am pretending to be in retirement mode. I am thinking more and trying to learn how to relax.


    Unfortunately I have some video ideas and I am trying to be more creative. I cannot afford to pay a model so I have to play all the parts myself. I find with photography people expect the expected, I wanted to change the perspective and came across this idea to use an inverted monopod. I have tested my idea inside stores and restaurants. No one even realizes I am "recording", they probably think I am eccentric


    I think I like using the GoProHD in incognito mode more than on my bike. Sometimes there is too much distortion due to the wide angle. I will do more testing in R5 mode


    I have come to the same crossroads as you and have made some decisions with regards to helping and doing favours for others to channel more spare time for myself to do what I want to do.

    and I don't have dirty feet


    we always analyze our options in whatever we do; parts, service, location, cost of maintenance, service hours, and so on.

    also you have to think about what you want to do in the future, where you want to live in your retirement years. Time creeps up on you. You are young and invincible, and somehow you end up old without realizing it

  9. Bob

    I believe it possible to mount a gopro on a pink croc(tm) - grasshopper view - what about that for next time?

    I prefer not to think about the future - it's to do with my Greek blood according to Frau Merkel.

  10. That's a great video! Lots of fun. I have experimented with a video from my phone on occasion, but have yet to post anything recently. Maybe I'll do some editing and post something.
    Take Care, Jim

  11. I don't know if a pink Croc would be a good foundation. All the video types seem to like matte black for all their equipment (even their duct tape!) and all of it seems to be incredibly expensive. Pink Crocs fail both criteria....

  12. Dear Bobscoot,

    I liked your video, it was natural & off the cuff. I too have found myself contemplating my future a lot more lately. I have decided that I am experiening my own midlife crisis of some sort. I worry about my retirement or lack of m vision of what it will be. Sigh for now i am going o enjoy my motorcycle adventure an take it moment by moment.

  13. Dear Bobscoot:

    You are to be congratulated for experimenting with an application for a camera that was designed to record motorcycle rides.

    The setting was interesting and your purpose certainly emphasizes the value of introspection.

    But introspection bears the burden of being so one-sided. And when you tend to think of the future as being nearing to end, then it's time to fill the tank up with the expensive grade of gas, and find out how fast that two-wheeled son-of-bitch will really go, and whether or not the tire manufacture will stand behind their claims.

    As long as you can get up, make a younger woman smile, lean the bike into a curve, and lie about a four-hour erection, the world is your oyster.

    Now make another video like this walking along a nude beach reserved for lingerie models.

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

  14. Nikos:

    Nothing is impossible. you can only live in the present for so long, then it creeps up on you


    thank you for your kind words. editing video is sort of relaxing in a way. you are the producer, director and go-fer . My video "birds like french fries" a few posts ago, was recorded using my iphone4 . and the quality was very acceptable for a phone


    Not long ago I was your age. I don't know what happened, but now I'm old(er). time creeps up on you. you don't feel any different but then you start thinking more about your future, and the things you haven't had time for, until now. enjoy your motorcycle

    Jack r:

    as i mentioned before, my mind is going berserk crunching numbers and possiblilites. 10 years ago it was a mid-life crisis, now it's an old age crisis.

    tell me more about the 4 hour erection. what used to happen with a mere thought, now takes an eternity

  15. :) fabulous! no not the 4 hr... the gopro video and trying/learning how to relax i mean! :)

  16. You are just trying to get us to look at your legs. ;)

    Great video. But I really want to know if you were thinking the exactly same thoughts while recording it, or did they come into your mind while editing it? hehe