Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Riding boots or nothing

Last weekend was the last, long, holiday weekend of Summer. I had been commuting to work on my V-strom in the cooler temperatures . We even managed to get some refreshing drizzle and several bright cloudy days. While summer is coming to an end we are finally getting the heat we had been hoping for. I dreaded the thought of having to wear ATGATT with near record temps that were to come. If I have a choice of having to wear riding gear in the heat OR minimalistic summer attire, then summer attire will most likely, win. Also in case you haven't noticed the first thing I do when I ride to my destination is to change out into my preferred choice of footwear


which happens to be this type of sandal. I have quite the sandal collection, some still new and not yet broken in. Under my riding gear in hot weather I usually wear shorts and tank tops. I have not yet tried commando mode but I thought about it recently when I was making my way home and sweating at the many signal lights along the way. This weekend I decided to park my bike and take out my 'Vette. I don't get to drive it much and it is just sitting there gathering dust. It seems that every nice day I usually grab the keys to my V-strom and the 'Vette gets left behind again but it was not to be . . .


I make up these silly rules and one of the things I decided a long time ago was that I only drive my 'Vette with the top down and it is not enjoyable to drive with the sun beating down and drying out my fragile skin . It is more enjoyable to go out for an evening ride along the waterfront, beach areas and Robson Street where all the posers hang out on a Summer's night. Cars are cruising up and down the "strip" and sometimes you just have to join in the parade.

So I hopped into my commuter car, put on the A/C and headed down to False Creek to enjoy a lazy day wandering about and snapping a few photos


I tried to find an interesting place to pose for you and you may recognize this area from past posts. It never feels hot down by the water with the ocean breezes and I can easily find a vacant (free) parking spot close by. I wanted to show you what a daredevil I was but in the process I nearly fell down onto the rocks below


I don't think this railing is very secure, especially with an overweight, ageing person on top . Shortly thereafter I decided to just enjoy the warmth of the day and just watched the boats float by. It was very relaxing to just be.


Later that afternoon I decided to light the BBQ and put on the chicken


We are on the wrong side of the sun and on a normal work day it is too cool to sit on the sundeck and BBQ in the dark. We both get home late. It was very nice to be BBQing in the late afternoon for a change

The next day was another lazy day, I mean isn't that what long weekends are for ? to relax and recharge. After a home-made breakfast I decided that our cars needed a bath


it really wasn't planned that way. I was merely moving Mrs Skoot's WRX out of the way so I could get the 'Vette out. We have limited parking and the 'Vette is parked in the rear. It was too hot to go for a ride with the top down, so we didn't and then it was time to wash my commuter car


Washing your wheels is as important as washing the body. By now you may have noticed that I managed to ditch the sandals


While at home I manage to do without shoes most of the time but Mrs Skoot has an eagle's eye for dirty feet and gets after me all the time to wash my feet, so that's what I have to do . . . often


sometimes just a rinse will do, other times soap & water and often I require the can of hand cleaner or Comet


Lately I have been less of a consumer but after breakfast on Saturday, with the guys we decided to walk to the big box electronics store to look at Tablets, and I naturally had to walk over to the camera department to see what was on sale.


It was so heavy it needed two people to hold it steady. I was straining for the few seconds needed for my friend to snap a fuzzy photo

Then I saw the deal of the moment


I usually do my research before I buy anything and for cameras I usually select good performers in the mid price range, but this was cheaper than a toy camera. It was the demo model without a box or packing and without battery charger, but it didn't matter to me as I already have chargers capable of charging most batteries. I have always liked miniature gadgets and this camera was the size of a credit card, only thicker. Because this model was the "last", I managed to get the price reduced to only $30. because the battery was probably worth the price alone, making the camera FREE. I picked it up and it was a struggle to put it back down so it came home with me

If the truth be known, I was talking to the cute female salesperson and during our conversation she allowed me to take one of the dummy cameras at No charge. It was part of their camera display where one working model is on display to touch and play with, and other non-working models are there to show you the other colours available. I felt guilty taking apart the display and taking all of the 'dummy' shells so I just bought the demo, and she found me a battery


I have taken identical photos with this $30. Samsung as compared to my Canon T2i, with Tamron 17-55 2.8 DiII and if there are enough requests, I may post the photos. I think you would be surprised at the results as long as you know its limitations


  1. Hi Uncle Bob,

    Thanks so much for the instructions on "How to wash ones feet" These are the things that they just dont teach in schools anymore :)

    Blew up the picture of your car port, mines rapidly approaching the laying of the base stage, but I'm still not 100% sure what style/shape/look it will be yet.

    Ten years ago when I was a teenager, I knew a chap who had a Vincent, he had it mounted on the wall behind his desk in a car showroom,the bike was worth more than a new car back then!!



  2. I am glad you are getting out and enjoying the weather. I particularly liked the photos of you balancing on the railing. Good job on not falling off.

    Looks like you scored a good little camera with the Samsung. We were looking at a pocket model down here that was similar. Will be interesting to see some photos from it. I bet they are pretty good despite the price you paid for the camera.

  3. What a deal on the Samsung camera and you scored the dummy ones as well. I would be interested in a comparison between photos shot with the Samsung and your Canon. Over the years I've been really surprised at some of the pictures that have come out of cheap cameras. Even some with plastic optics.

    I also like the railing shots. How many times did you have to jump onto the rail to get the pictures you wanted?


  4. Does your camera have a self-timer that goes longer than 10 seconds? If not, that was quite the feat.

    Speaking of feet. Feet are like car wheels. Keep them clean and you can almost forget about washing the rest of the body!

  5. Bob, you are so right, these were no comfortable riding temperatures. I stayed out of the heat, and only rode in the morning hours, at least you were happy about ATGATT because it would keep you warm.
    Later on a lot of non-ATGATT fair weather riders were on the road in shorts, sneekers and tees. I don't get it, but whatever keeps Darwin at work.
    I am looking forward to the cooler temperature when I have the roads back for myself ;-)

  6. Daring post Bob, baring all like that! Do you have any idea how many foot fetishists there are out there, cruising for foot porn? You made a few of them happy with this one.

    Pretty funny looking at your garage. I'm a minor version of you. I have a red Miata sitting next to my red Vespa. The Miata is literally gathering dust. We had the driveway redone and they had to cut the cement sill. The Miata is so neglected the battery died, so it hasn't moved all summer. So it's now got a coat of cement dust here and there. It's beginning to look like something out the Mad Max movie.

    I really need to sell it. It's a dear friend, but it's just not good for a machine to sit there unused like that.

    I'm finally beginning to see the Miata as a Vespa 300 Super, or an MP3 500 in disguise.

    All the best, David.

    PS: I will make it to Vancouver, and now I just have to take you up on lunch or dinner plus a ride. It will happen.

  7. Dear Bobskoot

    Please be careful sitting on rickety fences! Love the pics. Boy did you get a steal of a deal on the camera! For that price I would have bought 2 or 3 if they had them, just goes to show what they are really worth. We have been baking over in Victoria, but I live close to the water in Esquimalt & we always have a cooling breeze in the afternoon. Unfortunately I haven't had much time to enjoy the warmth the last 2 days, stuck at work trying to plough through the disaster that was left by my relief people. OH my gosh it is stressful & my holidays feel like they never happened. As they say whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger, (Personally I would like to wring that person's neck who came up with that saying)

    Still on the bike hunt, I have come close to almost getting one, but it just didn't feel right. I am going to look at a Suzuki Savage 650 tomorrow, I know it's a lot off cc's but it is a cruiser and low enough. We shall see!

    BTW love the sandal tan, have 1 just like it! Wear your sandals for as long as you can. The folks in Victoria wear them year round here, I have to say it looks kind of goofy with big woolly socks. (if you wear woolly socks with yours in the winter please disregard & no offense meant :) ! I hope you get out in your vette and show the powers how it is really done!

    Your friend,

  8. Uncle Dave: Thanks for the compliment, someone's got to do it. My carport is on a cement slab, but the driveway is asphalt and needs replacing. I need to borrow your cement mixer, and you too to help me mix and pour

    Trobairitz: Yes, the railing was a bit precarious. I was really wanting the "dummy", non working camera, but when she offered all 3 for free I felt guilty, so I just bought the real one. It is so small, like a credit card in size. For internet stuff it will be fine. It was less expensive than the toy cameras they were selling

    RichardM: In my quest to make the best photos I can, I am lugging around my dSLR Canon T2i. It's not that big but then I also carry my Lumix ZS3, and I also have my iPhone4 in my other pocket. The phone takes very good photos and I also have apps to edit. I'll blog about it

    Mr Irondad: I have radio controlled shutter releases for Canon and Nikon. They have a range of about 100 meters, or nearly 300 ft. The only problem if you are too far away, someone can snatch your camera. I find that the IR can only trigger from about 16 ft max. I am using a very stable Manfrotto 055, with Linhoff ball head. Aperature priority mode and everything is manually focussed, otherwise the focus point can be at infinity and I would be blurry. Since it was sunny I reduced ISO to 100 and shot around F8. I was using a Tamron 17-55 DiII set around 24mm. I rarely shoot portraits at 17mm setting as it tends to exaggerate human perspectives and I don't need to look wider than I am. Too bad we can't get together for a day and look for photos together. I am free next week, perhaps meet in Seattle for an overnighter. let me know. Why do I tell you all this ? because photography is your new passion and this is what I think about when I set up for a shot

    SonjaM: When temps go over 25°c, I usually abandon the bike and use the a/c in the car. The mornings are great, but the afternoons, NO SO . . . I like my shorts and sandals too much and I like the feeling of less restrictive "gear" while the weather co-operates. Next week I have all to myself with lower temps. Weather should be perfect for riding

  9. David: I am more comfortable with myself than I was before. Imagine that once, a long time ago, we went to Hawai'i and all I wore was blue jeans and running shoes. Now if I go back I would be looking for the clothing optional beach. We have one here and I also stumbled onto one on Hornby Island.

    Ever since I discovered sandals, about 20 years ago, I can't stop wearing them, so shorts and sandals is what I wear when temps are above 10°c

    We also had a Miata, I think it was a '91 which we purchased in '94. It was our daughter's reward for learning how to drive a manual transmission, then it went to our son who kept it until around 2007 when he replaced it with a Honda Si. Between a Vespa 300 super or MP3, I would go for the Super.

    Let me know when you hit Vancouver. Unfortunately I don't have a spare scooter, but my 'Vette carries two people and I get hungry easily

    Dar: I wasn't even in buying mode, but I thought how can I go wrong with a $30. + HST camera. I know the battery would cost that much. Once you hold it you can't put it down, it is so small.

    I love sandal tans too, that's why I can't wear my new ones, as the straps go a different way. Also my tan had more contrast before with the nearly white lines, but since going barefoot, the white lines are turning darker. You know what I mean. How about a few photos of your Tan ? I often wear sandals in the winter. I even shovelled snow wearing them. And NO socks for me, as I buy those with the toe rings, but I do have a few pairs of toe socks. I have next week off, I am on and off about coming over to Victoria ? would you be free ?

    I was over for the rally in May. I came over with Tony, Gary and the Gang but I got delayed and the ride left the causeway just before I got there. Were you at the Ross Bay pub, because I was there. I am very sorry to have missed meeting you

  10. Hi Bob,

    Nice pictures as always. Love the Hubble-sized telescope!

  11. Dear Bobskoot:

    I have heard that the #1 way to forestall Alzheimer's is to do a complete journal of a day's activities... Such as:
    1) Counting feet, then moving onto toes...
    2) Washing the cars, if you can remember where they are.
    3) Describing items in detail (i.e sandals).
    4) Taking your own picture, and not forgetting where you put the camera down.

    But the important thing is managing to keep busy. I am delighted to report that the temperatures here have dropped... And I started riding again. Except now I have traded my mesh jacket for scuba gear, as it has rained so much that every creek and river in a 90-mile radius has become an ocean.

    Great camera buy for $30.

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

  12. I understand the railings might be old and rickety...but I would have great concern for the model as well... LOL

    A great day with all of the trappings of ordinary life when we wondering "where did my weekend go?" Glad you documented a little bit of it.

    But really...comet on your feet?? Why not a few brillo pads? ;)

    Glad the weekend was relaxing and fun.

  13. So do you drive barefoot or sandals? :)
    BTW, I got a croc's catalog today. It had all their fall/winter shoes and boots. Over the ankle crocs - almost ATTGATT! Okay maybe that's a stretch. They had a few of their classics too.

    Nice lazy weekends are good. We have a habit of trying to fill every minute, but when we just sit back and relax it's soooo nice.

    Nice deal on the little camera. I'd love to see the photos for comparison.

  14. WestVanTaz/Benny:

    Thanks for stopping by, I love your food photos. That wasn't a real lens, only a mockup and it was really heavy


    Twas nice to hear your voice yesterday. I'm glad you are riding again, if I were closer I would join you at your hotel. On the news there was lots of flooding in PA, hope you were not affected

    Steel Cupcake:

    this week we have had record temperatures. next week all will be back to normal and I can ride again in comfort. I have no riding buddy so I just didn't feel like going anywhere by myself. I decided to take it easy and be lazy for once. Most weekends we are constantly on the go, it was nice to be a snail for a change.

    thanks for the suggestion, I have to pick up Brillo Pads, or perhaps Steel wool for next time


    If you drive a manual transmission, like I do, then driving barefoot, or with thin socks you have better clutch control, than with boots with thick soles. Real driving shoes are like those dearskin slippers. but most of the time I wear sandals.

    I know I shouldn't have, but one day I parked my bike in front. I didn't use my bike so later I needed to ride it around to the back of the house into the carport. I was barefoot and only had a tank top on, I put on my helmet (we have a helmet law), and rode around the block to get down the lane. It was a warm day and it was nice to feel the wind . . . Next time I need to put rubber cushions on the shift lever