Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I don't think I could

do a post a day for 29 days, as challenged by Fuzzygalore so I'll do what Troubadour is doing. He's not commiting to a photo a day but he did post the first one.

"There are no rules other than, take pictures and post at least 1 each day on your blog in the month of February. Too many rules make things annoying so, that’s it. Picture – Post – Yay."

So while I hum and haw trying to decide, the clock is ticking and when the big hand hits the Twelve at the same time as the little hand, then I would have been defeated before I started.

I saw this beautiful custom bike at our recent Motorcycle Show and immediately thought "Gary France". It is similar to his custom "Tradewinds", long, low and sleek, just his style



  1. Bob

    I love the very cool camera angles! I didnt even notice the red chain when I looked at the bike. You must have a bazillion photos to choose from. Come on you can do it!

  2. You can do it!! :)

    I'm of a similar non-committal mood, but I want to give it a try

  3. Great angle, and works perfectly with that type of bike.

  4. Great angle on that pic.

    You can do the challenge Bob, dig deep into that archive of photos. You could probably do an entire month on Hawaii alone.

  5. Ha ha, this isn't even a challenge for you; you eat, drink and sleep with a camera around your neck.
    Looking forward to your 29, no bedroom pictures please, maybe your feet out the end of the bed but that's it. ;)