Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday

Every Easter, the Vintage Car Club of Canada has a car parade where their members can show off their classic cars, at Oakridge Mall, Vancouver. The cars are parked in a secured area for a few hours, where we can photograph and talk to their owners, before the police escort leads them to Steveston

Vancouver Police Department

riding their Harley Davidson police cruisers.


There is quite the mix of turn of the century horseless carriages up to 60's muscle cars. Notice that even Tim Hortons was there giving away Timbits (Donut holes) & either hot chocolate or coffee.

I am more selective with my photos but I couldn't help but notice this Barracuda, formula "S", 340 cu in two door hardtop. I had a similar Barracuda but with the smaller 318ci engine


The car that belongs to this iconic emblem was a vintage 2 door model with right-hand drive


I am drawn "like a magnet" to these old MG models, having nearly bought one back in the 70's, until I discovered that they had wooden frames


It was here that I "bumped" into a fellow photographer and blogger, Wayne. Our paths seem to criss cross a lot for when I notice photos that he posts, often I am in the same area. One day soon we are going to walk together for an afternoon.


I think he is more comfortable "behind" the camera, rather than in front. So here is a rare shot of Wayne "in action"


His blog is on my sidebar, or you can click HERE

Here are a few snippets of some of the cars . . .


  1. What a great day to see all of those cars in one place. And sunshine too.

    Love the Barracuda, but then I am partial to them.

    1. Trobairitz:

      This mall is very close to home and we know some of the owners so it is a time to socialize a bit. For once it was sunny. The past few years it had been raining but the good weather brought out nearly 100 cars. I always keep an eye out for 'Cudas and I don't think I have seen this one before. It was a hi-performance model

  2. Great pictures Bob! I sure wish the police would have let me take that bike for a spin! I really would like to try the lights at least once. Lol! The weather has been truly spectacular this weekend and it is warm! I am so looking forward to summer!

    1. Dar:

      I noticed that there were 2 female officers riding H-D's. They still look too heavy for me. I think it's time to take the snow tires off. May get up to 19/20°c today. Yesterday I wore shorts for the first time this year

  3. Posting photos of me is a sure sign that a blog is running out of ideas. :-)

    1. Mr Wayne:

      au contraire, mon ami. I have stuff from January still "on deck", delayed because of our 29in29 project. I still have posts from last Spring not yet published.

      . . . it's just that you were so photogenic and serious looking, I just had to show the world, your likeness

  4. Great post Bob! It always amazes me to see those old cars defying the odds and going strong.

    1. David:

      I am sure it costs lots to maintain these old cars, finding parts and someone to repair them. I used to have a muscle car but I sold it a few years ago. It's better that someone else owns it. Costs nothing to look

  5. Very cool pics. I absolutely love #6638. That's a good shot of Wayne, too.

    1. Kathy:

      It was my initial so naturally I had to have a photo. I used to take lots of car pictures but what to do with them later, so now I just go for details mostly, unless something catches my eye or I know the owner(s)