Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ride to Belcarra

Last weekend we had 11 bikes go on a group ride to Belcarra Park


For once it was a sunny day. We had quite the mix of machines from motorcycles to maxi-scooters. We even had a Vespa 500cc MP3 . Our group leader today was Tom

Tom & Mrs Tom beside their Kymco 250

It was also nice to see my previously sold, Kymco X500Ri

Kymco X500Ri which I sold a couple of years ago

We actually had two Kymco X500Ri today as well as a Honda Silverwing 600. It is hard to believe that many of these riders graduated from 49cc's

We have found that meeting at a Chevron station works out the best because there is room to park and some show up with empty tanks

Honda CBR250RR

It is written in stone that all rides must terminate at a restaurant, and this was no different

Nagano Sushi, Coquitlam Centre

There wasn't enough on street parking so we had to park with the peasants

Vespa 500cc MP3 in the foreground

The food was fresh and well prepared. Another nice day doing what we like to do; ride & eat with friends

Posing at Belcarra Park

I wish to thank David for recommending an APP for my iPhone4 which produces Track Logs, called Easytrails GPS6 . This app produces KMZ and GPX files which can be recognized by maps.google or googleEarth (respectively) . Now I am able to show you our route without having to do the tedious process of drawing that blue line on google maps and getting frustrated in the process. From my understanding the iPhone4 has a GPS receiver and is able to track your route without having to access the internet. It also records your distance, speed and altitude and provides graphs of your route

Our Route:

View Vanskoot ride in a larger map

Action speaks louder than words, so here is the accompanying "talking picture"


  1. Replies
    1. Dom:

      every so often I think of something different

  2. Bob

    Nice to see a swarm of scooters out on a sunny day!


    1. Nikos:

      most of those guys ride all year, but it was a great day. Sunny and nearly warm, a good start to the season. Lots of bikes were out

  3. Nice to see you Bob, avent seen many pics of you with other bikes. Good stuff

    1. Roger:

      most of the sport bike guys ride too fast for me. I like to cruise near the speed limit and most rides are on Sundays, which is the day I don't ride. This day the stars were in perfect alignment

  4. What a great day for a ride. Nice to see so many showing up for a group ride. Must be the sunny weather, or they all showed up because they knew you'd be there so they couldn't miss it.

    I enjoyed the video. Seeing the terrain in BC always brings back memories.

    1. Trobairitz:

      I never posted that I was going on the ride, but I told a couple of friends that I was coming. Most of the time they end up somewhere for lunch, and I try to eat light on Saturdays, as I have a large breakfast with "the guys".

      On the video I tried a different technique, more short snippets from many clips, rather than boring continuous longer segments. If you miss BC then you should come on up and we could go to Keromeos, Osoyoos, then Kelowna. I could take you on Hwy 6 to Nakusp . . .

  5. I like all the different personalities of bikes. Looks like you had a great day of riding with friends. Nothing better than that.

    1. Katy:

      most often you see groups with the same type of bikes. We must look like an group of mismatched riders with bikes and maxi-scooters, but riders are riders and we love to have a meal; either before, in the middle, and at the end of our rides. Yes, it was a good day to enjoy and fill our stomachs. Thank you for visiting

  6. I just commented on another blog that I need to find some friends to ride with. My hubby works couple of nights and every other weekend. It would be fun to find some ladies to join up with!

    1. Pam:

      I am like you, I seldom have anyone to ride with. Most of the other bikers just ride too fast and seldom stop. I like to enjoy the scenery and stop for photos. Perhaps you need to find a local group to find others with similar interests.

  7. In the first photo, sing it with me..." one of these things is not like the others". Just had to park facing in when everyone else is facing out... :)

    I'm glad the stars aligned so nicely. Looked like a perfect day out.

    1. Steel CupCake:

      why are you the only one observant enough to notice these little things ? I originally backed in but the ground slopes the wrong way and my kickstand doesn't have a good lean angle so I had to turn it around so it wouldn't fall over. My kickstand needs to have a bit shaved off to allow my bike to lean more.

      of course the obvious answer would be "not to be like the others", I have to be different

  8. I just happened on your site, and enjoyed the way the trip unfolded in your pics.

    1. John:

      thank you for stopping by. I notice you must have spent a lot of time on Widbey Island and Winthrop. I was down in your area last June. You have beautiful roads down there. Also your photos are stunning. Esp the wave action in Monterey

  9. Every time I see one of your videos it reminds me of how much I loved riding around Vancouver and BC. Spectacular riding country indeed!