Monday, June 8, 2009

Palouse County, WA

We left Ritzville, WA mid morning. You could see the remnants of the overnight rainfall, the skies were trying to clear, and soon we could see Mr Sun. It was already 17c so the temperatures were just right.


Palouse county is a network of roads, transversing rolling hills and long sweepers in a farming community, mostly wheat or alphalfa. There is little traffic as most travellers stay on the superslab I-90 . The road surface is generally excellent and appeared to be newly installed . The fields are in transition. Some fields still have crops while others have been ploughed under awaiting new growth


While we were on holidays enjoying ourselves, other residents of this land have to tend to their fields, luckily with mechanized equipment


We just love the rolling hills and the tranquil pace of this part of the State. There is not much room to pull over for pictures but we do the best we can on a safe stretch of road and put on our 4 way flashers. Hardly ever will you encouter a vehicle passing by.


Notice that the roadway has abrupt edges and soft shoulders. I will say that a lot of photo ops pass us by when there is no way to stop when it is not safe to do so. The roads in Newfoundland, NB are constructed the same way. It appears that the roadway has been elevated with crushed materials then asphalt applied to the top layer sort of like an elevated causeway. If you should slip onto the soft shoulder you may be stuck there


About an hour later we noticed the sign for Palouse Falls.


From Ritzville, WA we took 395 south (from I-90), then state R-12 to Kahlotus, east on 260 to junction of r-261, south to Palouse Falls. Approx 8 miles south we arrive at the park entrance and are greeted with these signs


Yes, the approach is compacted dirt for about 2 miles as it winds its way down into the canyon. Our attention is diverted to the red sign at the bottom


On the memorial weekend there was a rattlesnake encouter with a 14 year old boy. We are warned by the park ranger to be careful, even on the walkways and watch out for the long grass.

Our eyes are finally greeted with the sight of the falls

(Palouse Falls)

And if you were there and turned your head to your right, you would see this . . .


While walking on the trail I noticed something out of the corner of my eye which resembled BIG rats, I don't know what they are but are probably related to the prairie dog family


Don't you think that the chain link fence spoils the view ?



We consulted our maps and make a quick decision to head south to Pendleton, ORegon

(state Hwy 37 approx 10 miles north of Pendleton, OR)

The Palouse is such a beautiful area and every time we pass through we try to take a different route so as not to duplicate. When ever we see pictures such as this . . .

(State Hwy 12 just north of Dayton, WA)

We are reminded of the gentle beauty of Palouse County, Washington .


  1. What an extraordinary place. Oh and by the way in the US holidays are days off for celebration. Now you are down south you are on vacation.

  2. Those photos remind me a bit of western Kansas. The fields go on for miles and miles. And the waterfall is spectacular. The canyon pictures, too. Looks like you are having a winderful time. I am jealous.

  3. Just love those rolling hills...great pictures bud.

    Enjoy your time south of the border

  4. Very nice post Bob. I've not been to the Palouse, but this will change - a beautiful part of my state!

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