Thursday, June 11, 2009

Seal Rock, Oregon coast: scenic pullout

Most often in our travels, vacations are relegated to searching out that elusive road with the best twisties & of course, scenery . Part of our trip planning is scanning maps and eliminating roads already travelled but which still take us in the general direction we have in our minds. For a change we decided that we would stay put for a couple of days and make Lincoln City our base for day trips up and down Hwy 101 looking for ocean views. The morning started out very overcast and a spit of rain. We headed south towards Florence and shortly the sun co-operated and made an appearance. Hwy 101 winds its way along the coast mostly beside the water. If you have ever travelled with me you will know that my vehicle is trained to stop at every viewpoint, or will turn down every road looking for water views. I spotted a likely vantage point up ahead and pulled over onto a small overlook near Seal Rock .


As luck would have it there were also bicyclists there taking a rest break while taking in the view


Yes, their bikes were loaded down with all the gear needed for a 3,000. km ride from Vancouver to Tijuana, Mexico.


They were a group of 4, but part of an 18 member group travelling as separate clusters along the highway on an 8 week adventure. They were busy taking pictures of each other and of the scenery and I offered to take their group picture. It was then that they mentioned that they left Vancouver on May 31st. It wasn't opportune to get their names, as they had to move on, but they mentioned that I would be able to find all their names on their website


She is trying to show me the website --> which is printed on their shirt sleeves. If you have a chance go and check them out. Here they are enjoying their great adventure


and another one with their trusty bikes which will take them to Mexico


A lot of logistics have gone into the planning of this trip which is an epoch of great physical endurance, and also great satisfaction if they succeed in arriving as planned.

I think I have kept them longer than planned with our socializing and chatting and finally they are on the road again


Miles down the road in Yachats we came across their support vehicle where they have set up a lunch and refreshment break for the cyclists. Hopefully they will save some food for our brave 4 who are at the end of the pack


Also while at this scenic stop we noticed an artist from Idaho doing some oil painting . Yes, it is Ila Thompson from Illusion Studio. She is here with other artists on a painting sabbatical sharing a beachfront cottage. Likely these "masterpieces" will be for sale in her studio


Here's Ila with her current "work" in process . She is not an impressionist, but rather her images are of actual scenes (and not made up) as you can see here


Here is another view of this painting without the Artist


This week she is being accompanied by Barbara who knew the scenery along the Oregon coast was better than looking out of her kitchen window in Idaho Falls, Idaho


If you should wish to purchase this painting, feel free to phone her at the number in the photo above

And before they left on their 'cycles, the "girls" also got a chance to brush shoulders with Ila


It's amazing who you meet by chance encounters while on the road.


And the Oregon Coast is a good place to be on a warm sunny day


A few other photos taken today:


(closeup of seals from photo above)



  1. Great post Bob - you expressed it's those chance encounters with fellow travelers that makes the trip all the more enjoyable. Continued happy trails!

  2. Beautiful Photos. If I were there I would have to say:

    "Toto, I don't think we are in Kansas anymore!"

  3. Dear Bobskoot:

    The ravages of work have left me drawn and exhausted this week. I have been unable to devote the time I would have normally spent reading everyone's blogs as it was necessary to try and desperately save my job. The business travel industry is in a great decline and initial analysis indicates the bottom may not be reached in some sectors until next year.

    That being said, the pictures and the story-line of this episode was like a bandage for the soul. I love the coast, but have only encountered undeveloped stretches of it in Maine, North Carolina, and Ireland. I have got to get to Oregon.

    I am going to look to see if that artist has a website. Leslie likes stuff like that and I'd love to surprise her with something unique. The ladies on the bicycles reminded me of rides I had taken as an adolescent, with stuffed panniers and a saddle bag loaded with enough stuff for a weekend.

    I took a long look at the shot of the ladies pedalling off uphill, thinking, "Ugh... I'll take the Beemer."

    This post was very nice, Bob. Have a great vacation.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack "r" (Toad)

  4. We saw some of your bicyclists just South of Florence today, recognized their shirts from your post.
    Glad you are enjoying your trip through Oregon. Welcome.

  5. Good job. Pictures of babes and no lewd comments from riepe about a lack of skin. Those sorts of jabs are reserved for me alone I guess.Mind you stripping off on the Oregon coast is fit only for polar bears and loonies ( people not the money). Stay warm. Ha ha.

  6. Bob,

    What a wonderfully warm, unexpected adventure you had all because you allowed yourself to wander a bit...good things tend to come out of that. Great pics too and very nice write up about the artists and cyclists! Congrats.

  7. Thank you Bob for a great writeup. It was indeed a beautiful day and the best part was meeting folks like you and your wife and the cyclists. Your photos were great! Ila Thompson

  8. That it a really nice adventure. I would like to try this kind of trip. Because you enjoy more the scenery because you aren't going too fast. If you want a adventure try Generic Viagra