Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Did someone mention food ?

With reference to my recent posts of our trip to California, even though I take photos of most of our meals, I decided not to post them but upon reading the recent comments I am flattered that you actually missed "my food porn" photos. It all started on Sunday morning whilst on our flight south

(Westjet snack)

On short haul flights you are lucky to get anything but we did managed to get a soda and package of cookies, courtesy of WestJet

When we were in Santa Cruz we had lunch on the pier at East Beach


it was a warm day so we opted for outside seating on the deck


I ordered the seafood casserole, it was very tasty and well presented


Mrs Skoot had the seafood salad, mainly shrimps, crab and scallops. I managed to sample some as she left some for me


Our friend had the grilled chicken salad


It was a very pleasant experience and I think I would come back again

At Alice's Restaurant I was busy taking photos and looking at all the exotic cars across the street so forgot to snap a photo of our meal until it was nearly too late. Here are the last remnants of our Burrito and Reuben Sandwich. We sort of shared the two


We decided to take a road trip to Lake Tahoe and on our way we stopped in Vacaville for breakfast. We like to frequent local places and ended up at the Heritage House Cafe. Inside it was like you stepped back into the 50's. Nothing has changed, nor been updated. Even the locals seemed transported back in time. I will have more to say on a future post.


the lady cook made the most exquisite, tender, melt in your mouth pancakes to die for. You just have to try them. (Two thumbs up kind of breakfast)


I am stuck in my routine ways and order the standard bacon & eggs breakfast


and it came with special layered toast


While we were visiting our friend in Saratoga, CA we never had a home cooked meal. Breakfasts were just an assortment of bakery sweets and fruit which we picked ourself from the Pomello and Orange trees


Back home in BC we don't have the luxury of vine ripened fruit so we had to enjoy this while we could

In Stinson Beach we ate at the Breakers


and settled for another Burrito and Quesadilla lunch


complimented with a glass of iced lemonade

We find that when we travel we try to avoid the major cities but as we had to travel over the Golden Gate Bridge we stopped at the usual tourist spots like Ghirardelli Square, Fisherman's Wharf & a quick tour through Chinatown down Grant Avenue. While down in this tourist area we looked at all the trinkets and dust catchers and my eye noticed these


If I didn't have to endure endless winters of snow and ice, that would be me year round . It was time for a snack so we checked out the eateries on the dock. Not many locals down here, just people from all over the country trying to get a taste of SFO and enjoying their vacation somewhere warm, just like us. They were eating seafood of all types, but I must say that they did not look at all appetizing being mostly deep fried and all that. Also the shrimp cocktails looked tired and dried up in their display cases. It was hard to plunk down our hard earned $$ for this stuff, after all we are from Vancouver, another seaport with better offerings. Eventually we had to have something to tide us over for our late scheduled dinner down in Saratoga 50 miles to the south.


Nothing fancy, crab chowder and fish & chips, but these fish and chips looked better than the others which looked like flat freezer filets. At least we can say we ate something at Fisherman's Wharf

soon we headed back to San Jose for a custom prepared gourmet Hamburger from THE COUNTER. It is a very popular place with the younger crowd and even though it was nearly 10pm it was very busy. You fill out a questionaire of what you want and they make it for you. This is just a sampling of our meals and I hope I haven't bored you too much with this food porn


  1. Nice tour outlining bay area food options. Accurate commentary on Fisherman's Wharf sidewalk offerings but I've run into a couple of the places that have great cioppino.

    It sounds like you had a great trip. What's next?


  2. Ad rider has an active thread on road food. To which I enjoy adding my plates. You should too.Also Aldo's in the Santa Cruz harbor and the Silver Spur for breakfast.

  3. That's the ticket. Good job on the food porn. And we even got to see "airplane food porn" That is in itself is a rare species.

    I bow to your awesomeness at remembering to take food pictures Bob.

    We are heading to San Francisco for my 40th in August. Wonder what kind of food we shall encounter?

  4. Bob
    We are visiting the USA soon so thank you so much for suggesting the sort of things that we will be ramming down our gullets at every opportunity.
    Is it normal to leave tips?

  5. Dear Bobskoot:

    To visit Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco and not eat dungeness crab from an open air fish stall is to have missed one of the best reasons for visiting the city in the first place. The second reason to visit the city is cioppino, from the same source.

    However, my idea of food porn is a buffet on a naked pole dancer.

    Still, San Francisco remains one if the most beautiful and romantic cities in the United States, and it's hard to find a bad meal there. On the subject of fish and chips, I have discovered that in the US, it is either unbelievably good (about 1% of the time), or like shit (virtually all the time.)

    Still, we are compelled to try it.

    I'm sure you had a great trip.

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

  6. im with jack, the crab and calamari are a must do! and its especially fun to be the last call on the wharf or piers. ive always felt you get to meet more locals and learn more info late nights...

  7. RichardM:

    We didn't make one meal at our base, went out for every meal, I mean, we are on vacation . . .

    Mr Conchscooter:

    thanks, I did check it out but their food isn't as good as mine.


    I think you have made a mistake, you don't look old enough to be Forty. I have more food photos coming


    I think you could survive on Jack's discards, or just make day trips from his house. Unfortunately, we have to leave tips here too


    Food is the spice of life, we need it and if it tastes good then all the better. I really wished we could have stayed for dinner with you all, but our friend, with whom we were staying, had to get home to feed her dogs. I was so disappointed, but next time . . .

    Jack r:

    if it were warmer, and we got there earlier, perhaps a crab would have been good . I would really like to share a crab or two with you and Stiffie when we get to your area, or next year when you do your BIG ride WEST


    whenever I have a good meal and I take a photo of it, later when I see that photo I can still taste it, then that meal was good. And that seafood casserole was really tasty

    Ms M:

    I can't wait until my next visit down south. Perhaps I could meet up with you half way up to Oregon and we can have a seafood meal. Think Oregon Coast.

  8. I don't know...I'm seeing a theme of bacon, burritos and fried fish. :) But it is nice to see what is on offer on plates on the west coast. Yum!! Hope Oilburner gets home soon with dinner.

    -Steel Cupcake