Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dar, a most excellent

Ride Captain


On a recent Saturday on the May long holiday weekend. Our beloved "DAR" led the RTE: Ride to Eat Group on a scenic ride on some scenic Victoria twisties


We went to the Lagoon and ended up at the beach for a short break


Here's Dar with her VT500 Honda Shadow and it still has its left side cover


Here she is trying out Sam's Honda Silverwing for size


I think she wanted to take it for a test ride


Dar's Shadow still has its original Right side case cover . The afternoon was fading away and stomachs were grumbling so Dar led us to a most excellent Chinese Restaurant.


The restaurant was really busy and they told us they had to split us up, so we were deciding whether to go somewhere else. Then magically as we were planning to leave, the made room and squeezed us in. and I mean we had to hold in our stomachs to get seated.


We manage to give Dar the "seat of honour" at the head of the table


The RTE guys really know how to eat and the food just kept coming until we were full


Finally, with bellies full we toasted to good food, good friends, A good weekend with our new found friend in Victoria . . . Dar


The guys love you DAR --> click here

Edited to ADD : --------------------------------------------------------

We really do RTE:

Before we went for dinner, Dar took us for a quick snack to tide us over


and after dinner we went for a short night ride along the waterfront and ended up with dessert. By now it was nearly 10pm, it was dark and getting cool


Dar spent nearly the whole day with us and it was hard to finally have to part our ways . The Timbits were for Motorcycle Man and Scooterpie Jr for letting Dar out for the day

Dar, posing on the mighty V-strom


  1. Far too many scooters and not enough V-Stroms!

    At least Dar's has her mighty V-Twin!


    1. Andrew:

      I'm glad that DAR got her shadow fixed. She was in withdrawal for such a long time. Good thing that the weather wasn't that great

  2. I had such an awesome day! Everytime I pass that restaurant on the way home from work it makes me smile and think of RTE! The guys and of course you Mr Bobskoot are great people to ride with. I think I would have taken Sam's silverwing for a tootle! I could not get over all the great scooters. It was a beautiful day with good friends in the sunshine riding twisties and lots of smiles & good memories!

    1. Dar:

      I'm sure that it would have been okay with Sam. You would probably love it for city comuting, it may look big but they are easy to handle due to lower center of gravity. Most of the RTE guys have maxi-scoots

  3. Sounds like fun. Looks like fun, too. Y'all sure can eat. And, for the record, I love A&W. There aren't many around here any more, but I do love their rootbeer.

    1. Kathy:

      we have lots of AYCE: All You Can Eat places up here, esp in Richmond as Asians love to eat. Mmmm A&W root beer floats. Mmmmm Teen Burgers. They are opening up lots of A&W locations up here mostly in strip malls. They must be in expansion mode

  4. Like ToadMama says, "Ya'll sure can eat". It seems every second blog post from Lotus Land is about eating, riding to eat, or riding after eating. Still it looks like a good time was had by all. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Canajun:

      I think you summed it up nicely. We eat before, during and after all rides. That's the rule. All rides must have an eating location

  5. Nice writeup of your RTE on the island and your wonderful tour guide. I don't think that Dar's bike is the Shadow, maybe the 750?

    1. Richard:

      You may be right, it was probably the 750. We sure squeezed a lot of stuff into a day and a half. It it weren't for the high ferry fees, we would go over more often. It's $80. return for a motorcycle and double for a car and driver, plus another $100. for a room

  6. That Silverwing looks so huge compared to Dar's motorcycle. Would feel weird to be perched on top like that.

    It looks like really great day. Good people, good food, good riding.

    1. Trobairitz:

      My Kymco X500Ri was heavier than my SV650 but it handled very nicely, and really good at slow speeds due to weight inertia and low centre of gravity. You can also change leg positions so you don't get cramping. It is very comfortable on the highway

  7. Wow that is a lot of eating!! People unfamiliar might think that motorbike riding is hard and hungry work! ;) instead of just indulgence and time to swap tall tales.

    1. Lori:

      Riding is tiring and hard work. It makes you hungry so we have to stop and have something to eat. This happens all the time for some unknown reason

  8. I get so carried away with the riding part that I seem to forget to stop for food, but that isn't the case with RTE! I was riding the hubs 750 that day, it was a whirlwind day!

  9. Not owning a bike -- yet -- I can only enjoy biking trips through blogs like yours. Doesn't get any better than this -- a beautiful city, great company and good eating.

    Now, I think I'll head out to the A&W . . . . .