Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Short relaxing day, On THE Coast

Again it was a lazy day. I washed my anklet socks and I only brought one pair on this trip. I do have longer ones but they make me sweat more in the heat so while I was all packed and ready to go, my socks were still damp. I tried putting them in front of the air conditioner and then I brought them outside to air dry. While I was waiting I took another shower and waited, and waited

All geared up with nowhere to go, waiting for socks to dry

Again I made another mistake. I forgot about the continental breakfast again, but it was meagre. I had two cups of coffee and 3 mini danish because I had time to kill waiting for my socks to dry. I should have stuck to my plan of not eating at the hotel and stopping for breakfast somewhere while "on the way".

I kept looking at my paper map and I wasn't sure where to go, but eventually decided to take Hwy 126 to Florence, OR. I knew it would be cold on the coast and I didn't have any warm gear with me. It was chilly so when I arrived at Florence I zipped in my rain liner and it helped a lot.

It was now close to 11am (remember I started late), so I decided to have a proper lunch as my stomach was hurting. One thing I noticed when I am by myself is that I don't stop to eat or rest. I just keep rolling on and don't notice the fatique until I start to make riding mistakes, like cornering wide . . . then I open my visor and try to yawn and it does help a bit.

I passed up many photo opps but then I forced myself to pull over at a viewpoint


where there was this historic bridge. I have stopped here before

About 20 minutes later I was on Oceanside Drive in Yachats where I believe is the same place that Cesar had lunch a while back. I thought that if he ate here, then it would be okay for me


Nothing fancy for me, just a BBQ pulled pork sandwich with salad and a lemonade

Just down the street is Yachats State Park. I have been here before and it was good to just watch the waves and breathe in the ocean air


From here you can see the sandy beach below


It feels great to ditch your shoes and frolick in the sand and on the logs


There wasn't much warmth in the air and it was very windy


It felt good to just sit and ponder . . .


I had no plans to go anywhere, so I didn't . . . but I was homeless for the night


I still wasn't sure if this was a smart move to come to the Oregon coast or not because I left behind temperatures in the mid 80's when I left Eugene, and now have to settle for something in the mid 60's. It was a bit chilly if you factor in the gusty winds

Soon I would have to tear myself away from this beautiful view and find a home for the night.


Notice that the marine mist is starting to roll in again, which means a chilly night. I was now in search for a home for the night. I left Yachats and headed north on Hwy 101. I didn't stop but saw lots of ocean views worthy of a photo but when I ride alone I find myself not stopping so much. It must have been the hypnotic feeling of the twisty roads going back and forth, left and right in smooth arcs, just leaning left or right to the rhythm, you and your bike in harmony. I was sometimes hard to handle the gusty winds, esp when you weren't expecting them. Soon I crossed the famous Alsea bridge (the new one)


Then, out of the blue, with no warning my search for a home for the night beckons me


The last tent site is mine. I have been carrying all this camping equipment for hundreds of miles and now I get a chance to use it again. I am wishing that my teacher was here to give me more wise advice in the camping ways


Like a PRO I set up camp and soon it is operational and I have to go to the local store to find an extension cord, as well as something to stave of my hunger. I am slowly learning what I need and what works

So here is a photo of my blog command centre for tonight. Without warm clothes I could not use the picnic table outside.


It was a short day today, not many miles but lots of relaxation. Tommorrow I tackle Hwy 34 and head East back to warmer temperatures


  1. Nice blog command centre and your ten has power!

    But you didn't get to use your stove...

    1. Richard:

      I took the last spot with electric hookup, but I had to buy an extension cord in town. I thought it would be nice to charge my batteries and plug my laptop. I was thinking of using my stove, as I still have two cans of RTE raviolli. I can still use my stove tomorrow morning to make coffee

  2. Oh Bob, had you told me where you were I could've rode out to see you after work. Looks like you have a pretty nice camp set up, stay warm.

    1. Brad:

      I don't have any cold weather clothes, only shorts. tank tops, sandals, and no jacket liners. I do have rain liners I could use if necessary. My teeth were chattering a couple of hours ago.

      It's nice here, right beside the Alsea bridge, on the cliff looking down. Looks like I may have to wear clothes tonight

  3. Bob, you devil - you are a closet KOA'er'. It's perfect. Love the beaches and bridges. Wear everything you've got 'cause it's likely to be cold - but beautiful. Perfect.

    1. Karen:

      wished you were here. I wished it were a bit warmer so I could just sit in the sun, read and use my new chair. In other words, just do nothing and relax

      be safe on your ride home
      Riding the Wet Coast
      My Flickr // My YouTube

  4. Hey Bob - great you're camping, that's sooooo much fun (even when it's cold it's fun). Stay warm and safe!

    1. Guido:

      I am just easing myself into it. I want good experiences and I like KOA. I think I would like it better if it were warmer. The Oregon coast was chilly. I am still working on a "system" and what works

  5. Nice to hear you had a relaxing day. Relaxation is good,,,
    I'm still worried about your socks, though.


    1. Jimbo/cpa3485:

      I need to buy more high tech material which wicks and fast drying. I did buy two pairs but haven't tried them yet, the ones with the silver thread (cool max). This was just a test to see if I like it. I did buy a good tent and stove so now I need a better sleeping bag

  6. i love your mobile command center! sending wishes of portable heat your way... ;)

    1. Ms M:

      that was the first night that I had good internet and lots of time to catch up as there was nothing else to do. It it were warmer I would have been outside on the picnic table, or else looking at the sunset down on the beach. BUT, it was just too chilly and the marine air was filtering in

  7. Lots of pictures of feet.....

    Great command centre to.

    I never use to enjoy being on my own but riding changed that.

    Great blog Bob.

    1. Roger:

      I am not used to travelling alone. I have only travelled to meet people, so this trip was full of self discoveries. As usual I brought too much and I didn't even use my dSLR EOS

      one thing about feet, we all have them

  8. Frolic? Surely there must be a more manly word to describe your walking in the sand! :0

    Sounds like you had a pretty good day overall Bob!


    Redleg's Rides

    Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

    1. Dom:

      I recently discovered that I am Old. I don't know what happened but time didn't stop. I am learning to relax and take it slower. I am past retirement age and when I stop working I will have less income so I am working on alternatives to extend my trips

  9. The first bridge looks allot like The Bixby Bridge at Big Sur in CA...Very nice! My brother (the one on my blog pix) was born in OR, but I've never been there. It's on my bucket list.

    1. BB:

      The Oregon coast is wild and has lots of natural beauty. It's just that the weather is iffy and cool. The marine air rolls in during the evenings and usually burns off by noon. It brings in a fine mist which is sort of like a drizzle and everything gets wet.

      The bridges sort of look like those in California

  10. Good for you, using your camping gear, that's the spirit. You should get a spot, too. So that we could follow you.

    1. Sonja:

      I would get a spot if I go on a longer adventure, not on a trip so close to home. I define close as being able to get home in one day, or so.

      the camping gear is just a test to see if I like it, and it's not so bad if the temperatures were warmer, as it was in Baker City, where I camped the first night before heading to the hotel the next day. Also my intent was to use my own sleeping pad and sleeping bag if I was offered a room for the night so as to lessen my impact on their having to clean up after me, like having to wash bed sheets, etc.

  11. Bob

    One of those bridges looks like the famous Clifton suspension bridge designed by the late and great Engineer Isimbard Kingdom Brunel but without the suspenders.

    Best wishes from Olympic paradise UK, N

    PS My comiserations about the "camping"

    1. Nikos:

      I think you've talked me into it. Send the plane tickets if you must and I will happily come over for you to show me that Clifton Suspension Bridge.

  12. Sorry to hear you are suffering in the chill. It's interesting how much cooler it is near the water on the west coast. Weird, really, for someone who has lived all of their life on the East Coast. But it's definitely something I could get used to.

    1. Kathy:

      The Pacific ocean has a cooling effect, even here in Vancouver it is much cooler by the water. Inland a few miles it is much hotter. After being in hot weather in Eastern Oregon, it is a relief for it to be cooler. You can always wear more, but you can only take off so much

  13. At the risk of sounding like a smartass, ya know you don't have to partake of the free breakfast if it isn't appealing. You can skip it and go on with your plans for you own, good breakfast. Just saying'. :)

    Funny. I find I stop and sightsee more when I travel alone. I am less likely to stop when going out with riding buddies.

    Glad you enjoyed the second night of camping.