Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Holy Mackeral BATMAN, it's "BATE-Man"


Well, I took a chance and lost. I didn't really have a plan so I couldn't make arrangements ahead of time but I was looking for the allusive IronMan, aka: IronDad. He's been AWOL for about 5 months now and everyone has been worried and sent out a search party, ie: ME

I mean who in their right mind would set up a blogger's meeting in the hottest spot in Oregon (ie: Hell's Canyon) during the summer and then change his plans so he couldn't make an appearance.


I was relaxed and got off to a late start from Waldport where I spent the night. I took the more challenging Hwy 34 and input the Team Oregon co-ordinates into my GPS navigator and I was rushing to get there by 12 noon in the hopes of sharing a meal with the best instructor on the planet. I was a few minutes off target as I stopped a few extra times to snap photos of cows and wheat fields along the way

I was getting excited now that I had arrived but as I rode around the building I didn't see his trademark FJR. I finally opened the main door and


asked the lady at the front desk if Dan Ironman was in. She looked at me like she didn't know what I was talking about and then she said she didn't know where he was, but perhaps checking the range down in Eugene. He had to inspect the asphalt or something like that


She went down the hall to find someone else who would know his schedule. I did ask if he was in town but they didn't know, either that, or they wouldn't devulge

I was poking around when no one was looking and I think I found his office


Before I left, I rode around the building again and noticed the Eye Tracker. He did write about this bike before. How I wanted to swing a leg over and just try it on for size, but I didn't


It reminds me of the old cowboy movies of the 50's. The good guys wore white hats, with the crooks wearing black hats. You always knew which side they were on, just like we have a black bike and a white bike

I left disappointed that he wasn't there. He is being missed by all of us. His blog has been dormant for months. He has disappeared and we wished it could be like it was before he stopped selling builder's hardware

Eventually I dried my eyes and left, headed for downtown Corvallis through the wheat fields. I didn't realize how many fields they had down here so I posed my bike


Notice that the stalks have been cut/being harvested. I also notice the lone tree in the background. It reminded me of Steve and his solitary tree photos . If I had a Vespa, or something much lighter than a V-strom I could have made my way over to that tree for a photo

But I didn't dare to trespass. Troubadour recently mentioned that he travels on these roads on his way to work and waves at all the farmers on the way, so he was able to wiggle his Tiger for some awesome shots which you can see HERE . But the farmers don't know me so I had to stick to the side of the road


Recently I was very fortunate to have spent some time with Trobairitz & Troubadour for which I am very grateful. To be able to have such gracious hosts far from home is just priceless. As a result of my short visit I managed to edit this video

I am following Troubadour to work, the twisty way.


  1. Bob, I sure hope your friend turns up soon.....:-(. His family and friends must be on pins and needles waiting to hear something of his whereabouts.

    ride safely! You are like the road runner....always on the move! haha

    1. ScooterChick/Patricia:

      I know Dan is busy. I didn't have a timetable or I would have contacted him earlier. I just took a chance and he wasn't there. All of us do miss his blog entries though. Now that he has been elevated to higher than "mere mortal" status he is being cautious with his blog content.

      . . . and look who's talking and taking back to back multiple trips. You are moving much more than me

  2. Hopefully Irondad will start blogging again, too bad you didn't connect. Troubadour has quite the ride to work and it looks like a nice ride.

    1. Dar:

      All of us are missing him. Hopefully he will start posting again, sooner than later. I have another chance to "bump" into him next month. There is so little traffic in Corvallis, unlike our nightmare gridlock up here

  3. Bob

    When I was a boy I used to build little rubber band powered airplanes (aeroplanes) from Oregon - do they grow balsa wood there or was it just a coincidence?


    1. Nikos:

      I also had those rubber band planes. 2 pieces of balsa with a wing held on by another rubber band. You would rotate the propeller to "wind it up", and then let go. I never saw any balsa plants in Oregon, but lots of wheat fields.

      ps: I don't think you were ever "a boy"

  4. Great post Bob. I am sure Dan was sad he missed you too.

    Nice video of hubby's commute. That first left turn he has onto Philomath Blvd where he swoops into the corner is what always gives me the sinking feeling when riding pillion. My stomach flips just thinking about it. I don't think Max will ever lean like that when I'm riding it.

    1. Trobairitz:

      Funny you should say that. At that first turn the light turned green and next thing you know he was off like a shot and leaned over . . . Swooping describes it perfectly. I thought that he was just showing off since he knew the road but now that I think about it he was playing with me. I think we all have a "better" side. I can turn left better than right, not so sure about the swooping though.

      I know that Dan is busy, after all he is only one person and he has to cover the whole state

      PS: not to bring this up but I've seen Max lean over to the max, in Joseph, OR & my stomach was flipping . . .

  5. Live action video of the Troubador! Cool. I noticed the deep lean, too. :-)

    1. Kathy:

      it is safer to use a video cam instead of taking one-handed still photos. I bought a flexible mount for taking pictures but it is not working the way I thought it would.

      I noticed the deep, swooping lean too. I wonder if he leans that way on Right turns too

  6. That lean is all smoke and mirrors, just Bob's camera angle really, looks much swoopier than it really is and that corner is more of a 95º turn than a true corner per say.

  7. I knew IronDad joined TeamOregon and all but I thought at least he would post a farewell musing. Maybe next time you'll get a picture of the elusive guy....

  8. Have thought if somebody would post an accurate cardboard replica of the elusive Dan The IronMan then all would be well.

    Obviously not, however as the water on the header photo of Dan's latest
    posting it is obious some of Oregon receives frozen moisture others
    receive liquid precipatation which stays on the ground.

    Maybe our Dan is between and betwixt?