Tuesday, August 7, 2012

iMBC2012: Random Food

Food is a big part of riding. Many rides either start with a meal, end with a meal, or stops halfway for a meal. It was no exception when a few of us met recently in Oregon for our 2nd iMBC: International Moto-Bloggers Convention 2012. The plan was for all of us to meet at a certain hotel on Friday night, presumably for a meal and to discuss our plans for the weekend.

Some of us arrived a day earlier so others may not be aware of where and what we ate while we were waiting for them . While I made allowance for a 2 day journey, I decided to compress my ride and travel the distance in one day. Little did I realize that Richard also arrived that afternoon when we read his message that he had also arrived in Baker City. At that time I was at the campsite with Karen and I suggested that we have dinner together

We decided to walk to the restaurant


When we arrived Richard was already seated and waiting for us


My foot wasn't in the best condition and I would rather have ridden had I known it was farther than we realized but I took it easy and made it back, eventually. Notice that while Karen and myself were pigging out on the delicious, healthy pizza option


Richard settled on the salad

The next morning was our actual meetup day and we knew that others would be rolling into town. Richard decided to ride over to our campsite and the three of us (Karen, Richard & myself) were relaxing on the picnic table, talking and generally enjoying day under the shade of our giant trees. Not long after we received a message from Erik that he was in town and checked into his hotel. We contacted him and decided to head over to his hotel and have lunch together


Here's our first glimpse of Erik. I notice that he is my kind of guy when I noticed that RED tank top, my preferred hot weather garment. After introductions we decide to find a restaurant and get our meat fix as we knew the Vegans were arriving later in the day. We thought that if we had our meat allotment now then we would be more prepared later for meatless options


This looks like a popular greasy spoon and it is busy so we park our bikes and head inside towards air conditioned comfort.


I actually wanted the hot turkey sandwich and I supposed I asked the waitress (server) too many questions about the turkey and she thought I was being a difficult customer. I eventually settled on the hot roast beef sandwich with the tater tots, but it was covered in too much thick gravy. Others ordered more sensible offerings such as


fish and chips.

I will say that this waitress was very perceptive and is a very good judge of character and does a very good job of keeping customers' in line (not necessarily speaking about myself)


Contrary to what others may say . . . I think she likes me.

Saturday was a long day in the nearly 100°F heat of Hell's Canyon and I think we were all tired so we settled on a convenient option of my favourite Mexican Restaurant in Enterprise, Oregon. This will be my 3rd time having a meal here


I have a fondness for Enchiladas, one of each: beef & chicken


Tomorrow was Sunday and a new day. Since all of us had ridden great distances to be together, and some had epic rides to return home, we decided to have a non-riding day and just relax and explore the shops of Joseph, on foot. This gave us a chance to know each other better but it was a hot day and we had to cool off


so we went to a soda shop for ice cream floats and ice cream. Looking at this photo now, I realize that I am looking very much like my brother across the table. We have nearly matching RED tank tops and shorts. I think he forgot to put on his sandals

Whoever thought about having this non-riding day was a genius. Everyone liked the idea of just relaxing under the shade of this tree instead of being overheated in riding gear


soon enough the sun reclaimed some of our shade and we had to retreat to the other side of our yard


it was getting late and the time had come for our last meal together. If only we could have planned to be together for just one more day . . .

After dinner we said our final farewells as most were leaving early the next morning.


It was sad to see everyone gearing up to ride away. We did our hugs and handshakes and I was feeling sadder by the moment. We discussed the idea of having another iMBC2014 in two years.

In the meantime, ride safely and hope we meet again

Oh, Oh, almost forgot. We had dinner in Baker City and I think most of us forgot to take photos, but I managed a short video clip


  1. lol - I told someone on our bicycle tour that I knew this guy who knew all the best eateries in every town! :)

    Wasn't that the Mexican restaurant we stopped at last year?

    1. BlueKat:

      Right you are. We had my Birthday lunch here, last year on our way back from Montana. Thank you again for the lunch. If you check local reviews, this was voted the Best Mexican restaurant in the Wallowa valley. When travelling we usually favour Mexican restaurants, we have tried many from Pendleton to Hermistan, and don't forgot that one in Ritzville which was closed on the Sunday night

  2. That Mexican restaurant was awesome Bob. Good choice.

    I had to laugh at your comment about eating the meat fix before the vegans arrived. You know that just because you are eating with vegans doesn't mean that you have to eat like a vegan right? It is isn't contagious, lol.

    1. Trobairitz:

      I have also eaten at some places in Joseph, but that Mexican restaurant is my favourite, in that area.

      It wasn't me that said that. Without mentioning any names, it was that Green Un-Croc© guy. We were prepared for the Vegan dinner options. When we go back to that Thai restaurant, I'm going to delete that "other stuff" as I didn't really need it. And Vegan may be contagious as the more you notice it the more you "may" decide to try it.

  3. Hi Bob

    didn't realize it wasn't protocol to eat meat in front of vegans....or is it just you being nice?


    Redleg's Rides

    Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

    1. Dom:

      I don't think anyone who was Vegan would mind if you ate meat at a meal together. They just wouldn't like the cooking equipment to be contaminated with meat if it was used to prepare non-meat menu items. It would be the same if you visited with a Vegan couple it wouldn't be right to prepare your meal unless you brought your own cooking apparatus, so I would be a willing Vegan during our visit. Maybe I could be converted. I don't mind trying new things but I am a bit fussy

  4. Nice post! BTW, I think that the server/waitress had you pegged as a "challenging customer" from the moment you walked in as she started in with you before you said anything....

    1. Richard:

      I think you are right. She had me "pegged" from the first moment I entered the restaurant. My talking only made it worse and I was only trying to be nice

  5. Bob

    I didn't catch all the orders on the video... I hope people did not go hungry with you fixated on the server like that.

    N form the land of chicken tikka massala

    1. Nikos:

      I think it was sort of like a Vegan Thai place. I don't know what happened but most of us didn't take any photos there. I was lucky to record a short video. Perhaps we were all tired, or so relaxed that we all made it there, or we didn't know each other well enough yet

  6. I really like the looks of that pizza, although some of the "stuff' on it I don't eat much of anymore. That salad next to the pizza looks to be more along my line.

    Bobskoot, You're always a good provider of food porn.


    1. Jimbo/cpa3485:

      Some of that stuff I don't eat either, but I go with the flow and just pick off what I don't like. We have salads a lot at home so I prefer not to order leaves for dinner.

      We also make our own pizza at home using pita bread as the base. It's been along time since I have had "store" bought pizza, so it was a treat for me to be able to share it with my new friend(s)

  7. It was a great Mexican place Bob, good food and good company.

    1. Troubadour:

      Yes, good food, good friends, good weekend. It all worked out. I had been to that place before so I knew it would be good . I'm glad we all enjoyed it there

  8. Bob - the Mexican food was the best(even if I did take it back to the campsite ... so I could get set up before dark and all of the cyotes arrived ... all by myself, well, me and all the boys from the convention that is). Your pictures and videos are making me sad a lonesome. I've still got three weeks - wanna do it again? (Just kidding). Really, you guys have gotta come a bit further east. I'm sure we can find some twisties, some vegan establishments plus plenty of pasture lands - something for everyone! I second Troubadour - great company! "It doesn't matter what's on the table, it's who's at the table that counts" (to quote Chef Michael Smith).

    1. Karen:

      my only wish would have been for you to have enjoyed your meal with all of us instead of having to eat alone, or with your joyous boys at the camp. It wasn't quite the same without you there. We miss you too and I think of you when I think I spotted a pasture or a field, or a meadow.

  9. I took a couple of iPhone pictures at dinner:

    Photo 1

    Photo 2

    1. Richard:

      Looks like the two of us were the only ones with "evidence". It seems a bit out of character for members of our group who are usually prolithic with their cameras

    2. Photo 1 ... The slowest Canadian once again, or did I just have a whole lot more to eat than everybody else?

  10. Thanks for patronizing locally-owned small restaurants. It means a lot to the families that run them, and you know that your meals are made with love, not heat lamps. Cheers!