Sunday, August 12, 2012

Meeting people

whilst on the road. I don't have any problems with this. I love to meet people. Most often they are friendly and open up to you too. I think it has something to do with being on motorcycles and travelling far from home.

I got a late start one morning not long ago as I left Bend, Oregon and headed towards Sisters where I thought I could get a quick meal but I was wrong and the mistake may have been to continue on my way without substanence. That's the problem when you are riding alone and make the wrong choices. I knew there would be no place to eat until after I finished Hwy 242 and back onto Hwy 126 so I did stop to buy some granola bars and a sports drink, just in case

Lava fields at the Dee Wright Observatory (notice I am parked alone)

I wrote about my day --> HERE <---

I spent a lot of time here just absorbing the scene, walking about and taking photos. I was not in a hurry and had no place to be . I had a relaxing time with my camera. As I was on top of the observatory looking down at my bike I noticed that someone had parked very close, next to me so naturally I headed down the stone stairs to see a most beautiful Honda Goldwing


Meet Don & Beth from Dublin, CA. He just happens to be the Historian and Editor of CA2Q GWRRA ( ) Tri Valley Wings and they were recently voted "Couple of the year 2012).

I may have the story wrong but he started his ride SOLO and had just come back from Yellowstone NP and his wife flew in and now they are riding 2-up for the next week heading down the Coast towards home. We went back to the Observatory and poked around a bit more and we also chatted a bit about this and that. It's amazing how friendly people can be when they are on vacation.


It was very hard to take photos due to the harsh sun angles and extreme shadows but we managed to get a shot of the three of us. Don had ridden here before and he told me to be more cautious on my way down as the road was more twisty on the downhill section so I did take things a bit slower and managed to record some video of the switchbacks.


That's how it is on the road. You meet new friends but soon you have to part and be on your way and you wonder if your paths will ever cross again. If I had a Goldwing and I lived near Dublin I would certainly attend their club meetings which are on the 3rd Saturday of each month at Coco's in Dublin, CA

Here they are ready for take-off


Again I am alone to ponder my day and which direction I should go. Actually my plan was to continue West to Highway 126 but by the time I reached the Junction to snap this photo I was starving and my stomach was starting to hurt


I pulled my bike over to the side and as I snapped this photo of the signs, I noticed two bikes pass very quickly heading West. I thought nothing of it but in a flash they were gone. I made my left turn and on a long straight stretch I pulled over to the shoulder to consult my maps and ponder my next move. Not far would be the turnoff for the Aufderheide and I wanted to ride south and snap a photo of the box canyon sign then turn around. I was hungry but made the decision to just eat my granola bars later when I found a place to stop.

As I was heading west I was scanning for places to get food, stores cafes, anything. Then I saw it, nearly too late to stop. I pulled on the binders and slowed enough to pull into the parking lot of this cafe


As I pulled into the lot I noticed two bikes so I gave them a bit more room and parked farther to the right. I was to find out later that these were the two bikes that passed me earlier as I was busy snapping photos

I couldn't help but walk over to the bikes on my way into the cafe and saw the Ontario license plates. You know how it is, you see bikes parked outside of an eatery and when you walk inside you are scanning to see if you can determine who owns them. There was also another Yamaha there with a solo rider and I think I spotted him too

I was hungry and after I ordered I noticed that they were closing around 2:30p so I just made it in time. When you have no one to talk to as you are waiting for your meal you tend to play with your camera, so I snapped one inside


I also noticed a table for 4 over to my right and I was just trying to find a way to meet them and then an opportunity came up as one of them was trying to snap a photo of 3 of them, and I voiced up that I would snap a photo of the 4 of them.


Meet Phil & Gini from Sault St Marie, Ontario. We all got along like long lost friends. It turns out that Phil had just retired the week before and he wanted to take a long ride on his Yamaha FJR as a celebration of his retirement. Of course it felt more like a vacation and only when he returns home and not have to go to work will the feelings of retirement kick in. His friend Gini wanted to take this trip too, so on short notice he purchased a brand new Motoguzzi Norge for this trip. He also order a top box but it came late so they had to delay departure for a day so he could get it installed.

my meal with soup

We got a lot of chatting done before our food came along then it was time to eat. After our meals we headed outside for our final good-byes. Both are riding two up

Gini & Lena on their Motoguzzi Norge


Phil & Ada on their Yamaha FJR

I don't know why but they wanted a photo of the 3 of us beside my V-strom

Phil, Bob & Gini

I mentioned to them that I had just finished riding Hwy 242 and that it was a great road so they were interested to try it on. I told them they wouldn't regret it but they could turn around somewhere if they were pressed for time. They had reservations near Portland for the night

getting geared up to leave

I wished we had more time to talk. That's always how it is. A quick stop, a short visit, and then you have to leave. Time to move on and wonder IF you will ever meet again


They have many miles to go. From Portland they plan to ride hwy 101 down the coast all the way to San Diego. From there head East eventually ending back home to Sault St Marie, Ontario. No definite timetable but Phil mentioned he had to be back by the Labour Day weekend in September


and then they were gone . . .


I hope they have a safe journey and make it home with lots of memories


  1. Bob,

    Riders are a family like no other. It seems to me that all are welcome to this diverse group and the love of riding is our common bond. I have met so many wonderful people since learning to ride. Look how we met, blogging about motorcycles and scooters. It was so cool to meet you in January and then again for our scooter ride. I hope that at some point soon that I can introduce you to my hub and meet up with Sonja and Roland too.

    Today Kirk and I went for a lovely afternoon ride up to Cowichan Bay and as we were trudging around in our gear having a look at our old hometown and marvelling at home much it had changed other riders passed by us and gave us the 'nod' or the wave as they went by, and we were walking.

    One day on my way to work my bike stalled and I ended up pulling over to the side of the road and a fellow coming in the opposite direction pulled over and came over to see if I needed help,. I asked him what he rode, I knew immediately he was another motorcyclists because he stopped. There is a kinship in riding and it is a beautiful thing.

    1. Dar:

      Meeting you was good for me too. I remember the first post I saw where you were in the parade and riding your new scooter. Seems like such a long time ago. They way you write, your bubbly personality . . . I just knew we had to cross paths, then at the First Rally all the guys in our group met you but I missed the early ride by mere minutes, then you never showed up again.

      I WAS CRUSHED, but all is okay now. I like Cowichan bay. I have stayed at the Wessex Inn several times now. Did you have an ice cream at the Udder Guy' ?

      sorry to hear your baby is stalling. I hope you get it fixed, can't have it doing that in traffic.

      another nice ride is Shawnigan Lake Road, but the whole loop around the lake on the West side too. Most people only stay on the East side.

  2. You're just going to have to have "Bobskoot, Riding the Wet Coast" business cards made up to promote your blog and so those you meet on the road can check in and keep in touch.

    1. Troubadour:

      I do have cards but they are my photography hobby cards. I did manage to give some away on this trip. I have email addresses of all those I met and I owe them all photos, which I forgot to send. For some reason I have been busy since we got back from the iMBC2012. Have to play while the weather is good.

      Your Tiger in the wheat fields is stunning ! That would look good on a "Troubadour: on a Triumph" card

  3. I agree with Dar, there is a comaraderie amongst bikers. I think when we see a bike parked outside a place, we enter and search for those tell tale signs. Nice photos from your day. I always enjoy hwy 242.

    1. BlueKat:

      I think common interests bring people together. When I notice someone with a classic camera I usually try to speak with them as I used to collect cameras. Same with classic cars as I used to have one too. There has to be a common bond to get things started. It is easier to identify people with a motorcycle as you wear gear, and have a helmet, or wear riding boots.

      I mean you don't see people in Kias waving at each other as they pass, but on bikes it's different. It's a higher risk activity which makes you feel alive and for some reason that gives us a stronger bond

      Hwy 242 isn't bad but those roads around John Day are superb. I only regret we didn't stop to take photos in Hardman

      I would have liked some photos of our bikes in front of those crumbling buildings

  4. Bob

    I was wondering whether that meal was worth stopping for what with the de- kitting and kitting - up. But then again the social company was good!

    N all the way from over here.

    1. Nikos:

      Having a Good Meal or not, I had to have a meal and it was a very hot day and having the company was great. It only takes a minute to "declothes" and more relaxing than wearing gear whilst having a meal.

  5. One of the best parts of riding for me has to be meeting other riders, it doesnt matter if they are on a bike at the time or not, if I am they will inevitablely stop and chat with us. Our last trip we had a bloke stop at the petrol station behind us and ask if we were alright, we'd been pulled over about 30km back up the road and he wanted to know if there was anything he could do to help, how sweet, Terry assured him it was OK, it was just his silly wife wanting to take pics in the most awkward place she could find :)

    1. Brenda:

      I think most bikers would stop and chat however I have run across some that are just too conceited to even glance my direction or don't reply. I remember 2 Ducati's at a viewpoint, and also some H-D Riders. But last year we met the friendliest pair with H-D's and we had a great time chatting for a while before we parted ways.

      I try to stop when I can but I am not a mechanic. All I could do is give moral support and a cellphone call.

  6. Bob - you are so right on, riding a bike seems to make you a bit of an anomaly and people just gravitate to you. Meeting lots of new folks - that's a wonderful thing.

    1. Karen:

      I like to meet people so any excuse to stop and talk. Having a bike just makes it easier. I think being alone is better than being in a larger group, you are less threatening. And of course, who wouldn't want to talk to you . . .

  7. Invicta Moto has left a new comment:

    You couldn't be more right. I have to smile sometimes as I meet loads of
    non-bikers on my travels who are attracted by a UK index plate, and I
    wonder if they would stop to chat if I parked up in their home town?

    Our plates don't really say what county/state you are from in the country
    but a guy once walked parked in Gibraltar and said "You're a long way from
    Stoke", as he recognised the last two letters of the plate as Stoke deven
    though I live 200 miles away, but it was the bike's birthplace....

    I always have time to chat

    Darn typos....

    I was just saying that being on a motorcycle can be a great conversation
    starter, whether it's with other bikers or "norms" that happen by.

    1. IM:

      There is something magical about being far away from home on a bike, and you notice someone else far away from home. It is an instant bond wondering where you came from and where you are going to. Sometimes you can share a meal and talk for a while, perhaps you are both going the same direction. You just never know. You may even meet someone from your home town.

  8. wow, dublin neighbors! i'll have to check out coco's one AM :) hugs!

    1. Ms M:

      It just happens that this coming Saturday is the 3rd Saturday. You should go and meet them. They are so nice and you have to have something to eat anyway, Right ?

      I'm guessing it is this place:

      I have Don & Beth's email addresses and phone numbers if you need them

  9. It is amazing to think how many of us there are out there on two wheel s at any given time.

    1. Trobairitz:

      I think bikers tour more than drivers. I also seem to notice more bikes these days but right now the weather is on our side. Hotels up here are becoming more bike friendly, some offer preferred parking close to the front door. In Penticton, the Lakeside Resort charges for parking, but motorcycles are FREE in dedicated spots up front.

  10. I have found other riders to be very open and friendly especially if neither is part of a large group. On my trip, at every campground, many stopped to talk and visit especially if they were older. This even included RV types and bicyclists. Younger riders seemed to keep to themselves.

    1. Richard:

      I think the very nature of camping brings people together. If you wanted privacy you would be going to a Hotel and lock yourself in your room. In Camp, your 'room' is the outdoors. In Waldport, next to me was a latino family. They were very friendly and we did chat a bit. They had a pickup truck, two tents, coolers, and enough food for an army.

  11. I like the "meeting people" thing too while on the road. On our just completed Montana trip, we had the best time just sitting around talking to the attendant at a gas station in Albert Lea, Minnesota. It was 2am and we were the only customers, putting on our warm clothes. It was 52 degrees !!!

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