Thursday, August 16, 2012

Yachats to Waldport, Oregon

After a much needed lunch in Yachats, I headed over to the State Park


I was relaxing and pondering my next move


I don't get to visit the Oregon coast very often so I took more photos than usual building up my archives with different angles

Main shopping mall in Yachats

I notice a few places where you can have a meal


soon I have to leave and find a home for the night. I head north on Hwy 101 and reach Waldport where I have to use "the facilities" at the visitors' centre


I notice the old Alsea bridge painted on the brickwork and turn around to see the NEW Alsea bridge


I eventually find a campsite and discover that I needed an extension cord so I headed back to downtown Waldport where I met


Brian & Fay who live farther down the Coast. She rides a Suzuki Burgman 650 maxi-scoot, while Brian rides a Meanstreak with a performance exhaust . I asked if they would pose for a photo


Today is their Anniversary and they were just out on a day ride. Now they were going to find a suitable place to celebrate this special day


I think this Kawasaki Meanstreak has a very large 1600 cc engine, and it does sound very powerful with the aftermarket mufflers. We chatted for a while and soon they had to leave


It's amazing how many riders you get to meet when you are riding alone. I hope they have a memorable Anniversary dinner


  1. I think the Alsea Bridge is one of the most photographed bridges along the coast. That one and the Newport Bridge.

    1. Trobairitz;

      I didn't go to Newport this trip but I have photos from the last time. I don't know if I have a photo of the OLD Alsea bridge or not but they would be on film (not digital) if I had one.

  2. I think I like the look of the old Alsea Bridge better but at least they saved it in the mural.

    1. Richard:

      when I noticed the old bridge on the wall at the Visitor's centre I had to snap a photo with my bike in it. The old bridge is like a serpent with 3 fins, that's what it reminds me of

  3. Bob - I think I just can't keep up to you - I check in the morning and think I'll comment later and by the time later comes you're off to a new spot and, and ... well! You do meet more people when you are travelling solo I'm sure. Hope you found a place for the night that meets your expectations. Am interested in the new sleeping bag - is it cozy enough for the cool coastal nights?
    I think both the old and new bridge are beautiful (it's a shame the old has to go for the new to arrive.) Thanks for sharing.

    1. Karen:

      Okay, I am trying to slow it down and write shorter posts. I spend too much time working on this. I had a new format in my mind but I just didn't instigate it yet.

      You are the master of finding a home for the evening. I wished I had more tutoring. Maybe you should consider a post of how you find a home for the evening.

      I am working on my next trip. Thanks to you I am getting information on the Wolfe Island & Horne's Ferry from the USA. I never knew about this before and that sounds like the best way to enter Kingston

      I haven't tried my new Marmot Cloudbreak20 yet, only a quick fitting at home to try it on for size. I think I may also buy the MEC Ziz which is Duck down filled, and packs very small. It is the subject of my next post

    2. Bob, the Wolfe Island crossing is really the best, usually quiet no traffic (saves travelling through Toronto or going North where ammenities are sparce). Just don't plan to cross on a long weekend if there are two weddings and a puppy reunion for the golden retreivers - I hear there were long line ups last holiday weekend, even pedestrians had to wait for the next boat, but that was totally unusual.
      I have an older model down sleeping bag which packs up to about the size of a buffalo (definitely not motorcycle friendly). I'll be interested to hear your reports on the new one from MEC.

    3. Vstar* Karen:

      I'm just looking at maps and "planning". You posted that you took a ferry back to Kingston so I had to get more info. My post is ready to go, but I am slowing it down as you suggested. If I take that ferry I would plan for it NOT to be on a weekend. What do I do when I reach the Kingston side, start shouting "KAREN" ?

  4. I loved the old Alsea Bridge. It was one of my favorites. That being said, I like that they chose to design the new one in a style that harkens back to the original. Not the same, but a nice enough redesign.

    We were there a couple weekends ago and it was so foggy that we couldn't see the bridge. Foggy, but warm - a very unusual combination for the Oregon Coast.

    1. BlueKat:

      We have been on the Coast several times but it is mostly foggy until it burns off around noon. I know that September is probably the best time to visit. It's nice to go there when it is hot in the valley

  5. Waldport is cool. I spent quite a bit of time around Newport when I was a kid, and love the Oregon Coast. Particularly picturesque is the Yaquina Bay State Park Drive and Lighthouse. If you do continue North you will enjoy the Spouting Horn at Depoe Bay if the tide is right, the world's 2nd shortest river, the D river running from Devil's Lake in Lincoln City to the ocean and the cheese factory at Tillamook. Ride on Bob!

    1. Scootard:

      the last time I was in the area, we stayed in Lincoln City. We usually go to Fisherman's Wharf in Newport, and also in the new area (can't remember the name). I find that Hwy101 is very sluggish with slow moving cars. I believe the aquarium with the "glass tubes" is in Newport, just south of the bridge.

  6. Very cool mural! I enjoyed all of the pics. Brian and Fay look like a nice couple. I'm glad you decided to reach out.

    1. ToadKathy:

      Yes, they were easy to talk to. I seem to meet a lot of people on my travels. I also have photos of others, but I don't have their names and I like to know their stories.