Tuesday, August 28, 2012

iMBC2012 Random Photos

I had a great weekend in Oregon meeting other bloggers. I wished that our weekend was longer, perhaps a day or two extra next time.


Here's Vstar Lady/Karen riding like a pro in Hell's Canyon. See, it wasn't that bad, was it ? I think she is starting to like the roads of Curvistan

I learned a few things, and even tried Camping

Sunset in Baker City, Oregon

Here I am in Baker City giving my new equipment a work out with my tutor in the neighbouring tent, imported from Kingston, Ontario at great expense

Erik was excited when he found a pair of Ninja Green Un-crocs©


what are the chances of finding a Ninja Green Un-Croc© in his manly size ?

This next photo is my chuckle of the day. Signs are meant to be ignored

Wonder who this is ?

perhaps this is her . . . (without mentioning names)


Not everybody rode to the Dam at the end of the road

Erik & Bobskoot enjoying the scenery

As I look at these photos I get a little sad that it had to end. The weekend was too short


It was Sunday, we had our last group dinner and it was time for hugs & a final goodbye . It was getting dark and some of us were staying a few miles away in Enterprise, Oregon


Even though Karen is from the land of Flatistan, she is a cowgirl at heart. She was looking for some cowgirl boots


Sometimes a video is worth a thousand words

I can't wait until we meet again . . . presently scheduled for iMBC2014


  1. Hey hey hey, where's your socks Karen????

    Bob, thanks for posting the video and pictures.

    1. Erik:

      Tsk, tsk . . . she is following in my footsteps. I was getting a bit nostalgic. I was looking at the photos and wishing the weekend was a bit longer

  2. Great little review Bob. I didn't realize you had a picture of me fuelling up. That is funny.

    And that one picture makes it look like Richard and I are dancing. Funny!

    1. Trobairitz:

      Sometimes I look at past photos and they make me smile. The ones where everyone was leaving was making me feel a bit sad, especially when they were riding away. That was the last time I saw Karen and Erik. And we only saw Richard on the road as he sped past. He really liked those Oregon twisties.

      In that dancing photo, did you notice Troubadour looking over, and frowning. I can just imagine what was going on in his mind

  3. When the video finishes, YouTube suggested this video of IMBC2012.

    I must have missed the opening ceremony...

    1. Richard:

      we actually waited for you to catch up, that's why we pulled over. You were going so fast we never caught up, but we thought that you would have pulled over at Elgin for our final goodbye, before you headed north.

    2. I think I was too focused on getting into Canada before the border crossing closed at 5:00pm. As it was, I made it with only 15 minutes to spare.

      I don't even remember going through a town called Elgin. I was just following the GPS set for fastest route.

    3. Richard:

      we were all travelling on Hwy82 from Enterprise heading west towards La Grande. Elgin is where you turned right and headed north on Hwy 204, but anyway, good thing you didn't stop, otherwise you would have not crossed into Canada

  4. Bob, Bob, Bob ... you keep posting memories making me homesick for holidays (I'm feeling like I might even travel to the mountains, west again).
    I didn't realize how reflective we were in Baker City, even the tents are flashing reflections.
    Busted for no socks ...thanks for reminding me Erik. I didn't see the sock police when Erik was putting on the manly crock offs, I think the sales lady was sweet on him.
    Loved the pic of Brandy and the Gas Pump (I've got to find a sexy little helmet like Brandies since I noticed I seem to have a gigantic bowling ball on my head in the pic of me!) Nice two step pic of Brandy and Richard.
    Miss you all but am filled with memories for a lifetime (well at least enough to get me through another winter. Bob can I print some of the pics to put on my bulletin board at school...they'll keep me going.)

    1. Karen:

      you're learning fast, NO socks = Good. Erik was missing them too. I also got a bit sad as I was looking at our photos from that weekend. Let me know which ones you want and I will send the full resolution ones.

      All of us were very glad to meet you too. You have lots of friends out West should you wish to ride out this way again

      I know, it's back to school for you next week