Thursday, November 8, 2012

D. Brent Miller, photographer & journalist

During July, 2012 I had the good fortune to meet D.Brent Miller, photographer, journalist, blogger & motorcyclist.  I happened to be down in Oregon at our iMBC2012 Motoblogger's Convention in Hell's Canyon and I was on my way back from the Oregon Coast where I had spent a couple of days

   Lost in the wheat fields south of Corvallis, Oregon            July 2012

and I received an email from D.Brent Miller (Brent) who had just finished riding the Oregon Trail (Link here)  and he just happened to be in Sultan, WA for a day or two.  His plan was to meet up with a few "friends" on Saturday at a local Motorcycle Dealership north of Seattle.  He invited me to attend but as my plan was to head directly to Vancouver, from Corvallis, OR and be home by Friday evening,  I would miss him, so he changed his plans for me, and the new plan was to meet in Marysville, WA around the time I would be passing by.

I tried to leave Corvallis early, but I got sidetracked and got a late start.  Then I needed to use the washroom, then I needed to fuel up so I found myself wandering somewhere around Albany so I stopped at the local Golden Arches for a quick snack, then saw a Walmart where I bought a small Sony radio so after all this fiddling around 2 hours had passed before I finally got on my way.

Sorry no photos as I was just speeding down the highway at the posted speed, of course.  I only made one stop for lunch and fuel and it was just pedal to the metal until I arrived at our checkpoint within 5 minutes of our agreed time, and Brent was already there waiting with his friend

   Meet Brent,    short for D.Brent Miller

He looks exactly as his blog photo (here) .   He was easy to spot as I recognized his Yellow

    Brent's Suzuki  V-strom DL650


I tried to nudge close to his bike for a photo opp

We wanted to have a beverage somewhere close and grabbed a table and chatted for a while about this and that.   Amazing how fast time goes when you are talking to someone with similar interests

Wished we had more time, or perhaps I should have stayed down here another day.  I had no idea we had been chatting for nearly 2 hours.  My plan was to be home by Friday evening.  As Mrs Skoot does not ride I  try to be home for the weekends so she is not alone, not that I think she misses me.  I try not to be selfish with my time so balance bike time with together time

It was time to say our goodbyes and we started suiting up

In a few moments we will all be going our separate ways and I am very thankful for the chance for us to meet

Brent,  thank you for taking to time for us to get together, although our time was short I feel that I have met an icon.

. . .  till we meet again

If you have a chance, go and visit Brent, say Hello, and read his articles HERE 


  1. Two V-Strom riders hanging out and chatting. That seems like a lovely afternoon.

    I recognize that Subaru Bob. Funny, that at the time I never knew you were back there taking pictures that day. Maybe we need surveillance, lol.

    1. Trobairitz:

      I love to end up chatting with anyone, rider or not but I have found when you are riding, other riders automatically come up and chat. Also drivers come up and chat when they notice your license plates are not local.

      In my limited experience camping, I also noticed that your camping neighbours also like to chat. I had a family beside me in Waldport that nearly adopted me.

      I think I recognized that Subaru too. I am sure that I have other photos that you didn't know I was taking

    2. "I have other photos that you didn't know I was taking"

      Sounds like blackmail....

    3. Richard:

      Yikes ! wrong words. I take lots of photos, it's just that I don't post all of them, that's all I meant. I usually have lots more that everyone may wish to see

      I also think that most most of my photos will have dead links by November 15th, due to the shutdown of Webshots. I may re-post some of the good times, but include more photos than before. It just depends how many rainy or snowy days we get this Winter

    4. Bob, everyone just wants to adopt you! (Brent just posted an interesting interview ...)

  2. Great post Bob, don't you just love it when you can chat with someone like that! He looks like a really nice guy and after checking out the link you posted I've added it to my blogroll so I dont miss anything interesting.

    Thanks for showing me to another good read Bob :)