Sunday, November 18, 2012

Grandpa, do you have any more

of those carob cookies you gave me last time ?" chirped our Granddaughter .  She was referring to those Vegan Gluten free Carob chip cookies I wrote about here.   Our Daughter was feeling sad for us and brought over a BBQ chicken and visited for a while.  They didn't want us to starve.

Also it just happened that our son-in-law twisted his right foot playing ice hockey and had to use crutches.  What a sad family we are with so many injuries.  Luckily my foot just got a bit better so I am nearly walking normally

Tomorrow is also our Granddaughter's 9th birthday and we were expected to come for dinner so I just knew I had to get my mixer ready

I sifted the flour and started to mix the sugar and butter

Added the dry mixture and it wasn't long before the cookies were ready to come out of the oven.  I won't bore you with the details . . .

I prepared them a bit differently this time.  Instead of small cookies I rolled them up into larger balls and pressed them a bit so they were much thicker than I usually make them, so instead of 350°F for 8-10 minutes I had to leave them in OUR  oven for nearly 15 minutes

I waited a few minutes before I moved them onto my cooling racks using my metal spatula

The batter was much dryer than normal as I used butter instead of margarine this time and I thought they would fall apart after baking, but they didn't

Just as the cookies were cooled down enough to transport we put them into a small container and were on our way to dinner.  They are a mixture of carobs and semi-sweet chocolate chips as I am getting low on baking supplies

Here is the "Birthday Girl",   9 years old today

along with a photo of her Grandmother (Mrs Skoot), both still sporting their casts

Recipe:  Chocolate Chip Cookies    (vegan in brackets)

Dry Ingredients:
2-3/4 cup     sifted flour
1 tsp             salt
1 tsp             baking soda

Wet Ingredients:
1 cup           margarine (or vegan margarine)
3/4 cup        white sugar  (I used 1/2 cup)
3/4 cup        brown sugar
1 tsp            vanilla
1 ea             egg   (or sub ener-G)
1  cup          semi-sweet chocolate chips (or carobs)

Mix wet ingredients in order listed, fold in dry ingredients and then the chocolate chips

bake at 350°F for 8-10 minutes


  1. Bob

    Despite all the injuries you are all looking surprisingly cheerful!

    Keep up the good work - you are doing a superb job as a houseman and I'm most grateful that Mrs N is too busy digging up the courtyard to read blogs....

    N the ancient Briton

    1. Nikos:

      I would be very happy to be able to delegate all these duties and go back to what life was before, but going forward . . . it will never be the same and I don't think I will be allowed to just "show" up for dinner.

      I would rather be with Ms N outside digging, and call me when dinner is ready

  2. Bob, despite the fact that you keep making all these mouth-watering goodies, I'm quite happy to be 2500 miles away where I'm (hopefully) safe from the Bob Skoot curse. I've had my share this year and don't need anything in a splint or cast or be on crutches. But seriously, hope all are well on the way to recovery.

    1. Canajun:

      I don't think I am cursed ! I wasn't anywhere around when all these co-incidences happened. Even with Mrs Skoot, she was dancing with her "Lady" friends. I was miles away walking back to our table.

      I think all are mending now. We should all be back to normal in the new year

  3. Wow! Is this an indication of the onset of winter or something? So many injuries! But everyone appears all smiley and happy. That is a good thing. And good food will always help towards recovery. :)

    The cookies look good! But i'm not terribly partial to carob. Maybe they have made better advances since when I last tasted it. But I could always just stick with the chocolate chips. hehe

    1. Lori:

      This batch was a mixture of carobs & semi-chocolate chips. You would never have known had I not mentioned it. Yes, the cookies were good, even if I can say so myself. Some like their cookies hard and crunchy, I like mine between hard and cake-like.

      I am a hobbyist so I am trying different things and experimenting

  4. The "chocolate chip" cookies look like they turned out pretty good. And it looks like she's happy to get them as long as sharing wasn't a requirement.

    I think you need to get SonjaM over to deal with your kitchen counters. All the stuff on the countertop would drive me up the wall. (I like a lot of free counter space)...

    1. Richard:

      You have to ride your Hack down here and I can show you all the Junk that is NOT MINE. We have a whole house full of STUFF that does NOT belong to me. I cannot dump it out, I cannot move it, I have NO where to store it and did I say IT IS NOT MY STUFF. But it is everywhere and I have no where to put our kitchen appliances. At least there is a clear aisle way to walk through

  5. Those cookies look delicious! Sorry to see all the owies, hope everyone heals up quickly. Your granddaughter is such a cutie!

    1. Dar:

      Yes, they were good. I still have a few left "come on over".

      A slight variation of the Chocolate Chip Cookies is to zest some orange peel into the mix before baking. Then you get a very nice Orange/Chocolate flavour. I would have done this but I didn't have any oranges "in stock". When you give these away people love them

      I am still waiting for our Chinese dinner . . . but too late in the year now

  6. You are making a good little 'house frau' Bob. Keep up the good work.

    Everyone looks like they are enjoying your baking. You just found a new (or rediscovered an old) hobby.

    1. Trobairitz:

      I am more a hobbyist than a baker or chef. It's the challenge of knowing how to do it. I bought more supplies today. Non sugar sweetener so I can start experimenting with dietetic baking. I've always failed at making pie crusts so I am going to try again and bought a brick of Crisco. You know the "No Fail" pie crust . . . it fails for me everytime

  7. Your granddaughter is beautiful! I wish I could reach through the computer to steal a cookie. They look yummy!

    1. Pam:

      If I could squeeze one through your monitor, I would. I think you would like it. The first thing our Granddaughter asked when she was here, was if I had any more cookies. So I just had to make a batch.

      I think that soon she will be over and I will show her how to make them

  8. Tales from the kitchen ... lovin every minute of it (as I'm sure Mrs. Skoot is too). Keep up the good work.

    1. Karen:

      I love OUR oven, I love OUR appliances and I feel comfortable there. Send me a recipe and I will try it out. Half the battle is having the right tools. I used to spend a lot of time in kitchen stores looking at all the stuff I could buy