Thursday, June 9, 2011

Another farkle

Imagine my excitement when this package arrived at my office this morning


I am getting my faithful V-strom ready for long distance travel and needed this

(Richland Rich ForkBrace for V-strom DL650)

I have read many good things about having a Fork Brace. The V-strom has a reputation for being a little unsteady, at speed, and is subjected to being disoriented with a lot of wind buffeting. I experienced some issues on the highway down in southern Washington last year whilst between and following large trucks with trailer units. There were no problems when I was leading the pack. I think the turbulance caused by non-streamlined vehicles cause turbulent air flow which translates to rider distress.


Many riders on and have good things to say about Richland Rich so I decided to purchase one of these Fork Braces from him, before I hit the highway. Little did I know at the time I ordered that Canada Post had issued strike notice. I was afraid that my Brace would not arrive in time.


Rich, a machinist and V-strom rider, has a loyal following. His products are first class. It is simple to install and holds your two forks in complete alignment. Fork travel is very long on the 'strom and allows your forks to move slightly out of position on rough roads and in the twisties. With the Brace installed you feel more confident on the corners and less wimpy on rough roads. The brace comes apart in two halves. You just align the front tubes and tighten the two parts together

I had it installed before I got home. This is the left side


and a view of the right side


I went for a quick ride down a rough road to test it out and it has a more solid stance, less movement, and less wimpy. I am sure it will make a huge improvement on the highway. It even feels more sure footed when making a turn.


  1. Cool farkle Bobskoot, I've used Rich's mirror extenders and barbacks and have been quite happy. I wonder if this fork brace would help with the ocassional wobble I get at low speeds on the sidecar rig? Probably not, that'll require (someday, maybe) the trail extender plates from Dauntless I think, for now it's fine.

    How's that ATRE gadget working out for you? I ordered a new TPS and it should be at the dealer next week, will have them install it along with doing the 14K service prior to July.


    Redleg's Rides

    Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

  2. Don't you hate a factory that ships sub quality forks? Now you can release the inner Kenny Roberts! Cheers!

  3. There aren't many bikes out there that wouldn't benefit from a fork brace. And this looks like a good one. Make it work!

  4. Nice farkle! I've never heard of such a thing, but if it creates better handling, I'm all for it!

  5. Dear Bobskoot:

    Thank God for aftermarket parts, Eh? I am delighted to hear that such a simple addition to the front forks can make suck a big difference in your machine's performance. Passing a comga line of trucks, or battling buffeting winds is no place to discover front-end unsteadiness.

    Your trip toward the greea American ewest sounds great.

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

  6. Nice looking part. My first thought is why would the manufacturer not include a fork brace especially if it helps with vibration and stability. Are rough roads such a small segment of the market?

  7. Charlie6: Most of my wobble is now gone. It feels better on rough roads, more sure footed. I like the ATRE but it works better on the DL1000.

    Mr Conchscooter: with long fork travel, the factory should have installed these as OEM equipment, just like they do with the standard Tach

    Canajun: The true test will be on the highway, at highway speeds tomorrow. I am setting my bike up for a trip next month. So far I like it

    Stacy: You are the Guru of installation, this was so simple . . .

    BlueKat: They also make one for the Ninja 650R, I am sure it will make a difference

    Jack: It is suppose to really help with wind buffetting, rough roads and cornering. I have already noticed a difference. Less wobble, steadier . . .

    RichardM: It is such a no-brainer. It should have been included, esp on the V-strom with a history of these problems

  8. Bob:
    Nice-looking product which clearly works as intended. I'm sure you'll notice a huge benefit on a haul.

    Now that you've got an impeccably-handling bike, what's next? A pair of knee sliders perhaps so that you can get your knee down at the local roundabouts?

  9. Very interesting farkle! But don't think it completely counts as a farkle without some bling on it. ;)

    Glad that it helps with stability and handling. It will be great on your upcoming roads.

    -Steel Cupcake