Sunday, June 19, 2011

Important lunch date, somewhere warm

It was with anticipation that I had been looking forward to this day. Up early at the crack of dawn to check my suitcases and off to the YVR Airport for my flight to someplace warm and sunny. I had my shorts, T-shirts, sandals, two cameras, laptop and various chargers. I was set


A mere two hours later our plane was on final approach for touchdown. What a big airport this is. Multi floors and 3 terminals, I think. We had to walk a long way to the south side of the airport to claim our luggage, and then boarded BART to the rent a car building on the 4th floor

We had to endure a long line up to get our car


I was given a choice of a KIA something or other, or a Ford Fusion. I decided to go for the Fusion as I had heard glowing remarks from that old codger down in KW. I figured if it was good enough for him, then I could at least see what all the buzz was all about. It has all the bells and whistles, except sunroof: leather seats, digital keypad entry, etc. I tried to accelerate on the freeway but it must have the 4 cyl engine, okay for KW where they only have one road and no hills, but here in the mountainous areas it is a bit lacking in power

Lucky thing I brought my GPS along or I would have been lost in the freeway ramps. My GPS has a sensual female voice with a sort of UK accent, very similar to a certain police dispatcher down in KW

"Turn left in .6 miles and stay on the right" blasted her voice

"Turn here, stay in this lane, stay in that lane . . . " we followed her voice explicitly and finally ended up south on Hwy 101


Here the road is winding along with the cliffs on one side with lots of warning signs


It's so nice to be able to view the ocean as we make our way towards our lunch date with a very special person . We had been exchanging emails for the past few days and since early this morning, along with progress text messages all morning. I am flattered that this person has made themselves available all day to conform to our schedule.


We had no idea where to eat as I am not familiar with the area. I did not know if we would be heading north into San Francisco or not. A funny coincidence happened on the plane. The person beside me asked what we were going to do down here, and whether we were on business and I told him we were on vacation and were going with the flow but I wanted to ride certain roads and eat meals at certain places. He said you have to go down to Moss Beach. Well, wouldn't you know, the place that was suggested for lunch was Moss Beach Distillery . My stomach was churning and I was feeling faint but it took over an hour to get down there and I must admit that without my GPS to guide us, we would never have found the place


It is an Historic Building on top of a cliff. The ocean was very strong today with brisk winds. Because it was Father's day, there was not a table to be had as they were fully booked for the day. They did have a take out area on the lower level, self serve and very expensive for what you get and also service seemed very slow, but perhaps they were overloaded, but our meals were very tasty


Yes, there are three meals. I mean, if I am going to have a special date with a female person, then I make sure I bring Ms Skoot along. Having not met her before I didn't know what she looked like. She also doesn't like to post her photo on her blog but she does ride a Harley. We arrived first and I was looking around for her. I scrutinized the parking lot, NOPE, no Harleys, NO SVT's . There were a lot of cars and bikes on the roads today and Hwy 101 was a rolling parking lot.

Eventually she arrived and I want you to meet Ms M, or MQ01 as she is known


She is a hard core biker chick, but you wouldn't know by looking at her, here is a link to her blog
. I know that she is a private person so I asked for her permission if I could post her photo, and luckily she was OKay with it .

It was a great day and I am very glad that I had a chance to meet her

(Photo taken by Ms Skoot)

She posted recently that she was not GF material, but I think otherwise


  1. To call Northern California warm is a matter of perspective. Were I to ever move back there I would use electric clothing to stay warm.
    Probably off the motorcycle as much as on.On the other hand vacation makes everything warmer. Mine starts in two weeks and I reportedly have a BMW waiting at the other end parked at the base of some hilly country. No fork brace either so I take mine, and my wife's lives into my own hands...

  2. Bobskoot....good to see you keep meeting up with more moto-bloggers....


    Redleg's Rides

    Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

  3. I understand why it can take so long to get something decent to eat, if people find a good place to eat they keep going back. But at the same time I hate waiting for food. I used to work in restaurants and picked up a few skills. Generally I go, "Why the hell am I waiting so long when I could go make this myself?"

    I like to go out for things I can't cook myself, or things that tend to start kitchen fires - indian food and french fries.

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

  4. When I think war and sunny, the bay area is not what comes to mind. But the food in that area is usually exceptional.

    And it sounds like another great visit with another mo-blogger. And with a face to go with the avatar...


  5. It is nice to see more bloggers meeting up. The internet makes for a small world.

    Glad to see you are getting some sun. More clouds for us here in Oregon.

    It was a wet 'Ride to Work Day' this morning.

  6. I'm with Trobairitz bob, just wonderful to see fellow bloggers meet. You've had quite a time of it recently!

  7. is a great sounding day!! Waiting to hear of the adventure!


  8. it was such a pleasure to finally meet in person! i owe you lunch my friends!

    ive confirmed a certain cafe has doors open for you bobskoot and mrs bobskoot. :) i hope you're having a fantastic warm visit!

  9. I'm with Conchscooter, a hot day NorCal is an overnight low in Phoenix.

    Hi MQ!

  10. How cool that you and Ms Skoot took a little trip south and meet another blogger. I don't think I've seen MQ01's blog, but her blog name looks familiar. Now I'll have to go snoop.

  11. hi everyone! bluekat, lol, snoop away, lol... :)

  12. Dear Bobskoot:

    Give my regards to Ms. Q.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack ÷ reep
    Twisted Roads

  13. Nice to see you guys meet and in such a beautiful place. I love the California coast.