Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sand between your Toes, kind of day

Today is June 5th. Today is our 42nd wedding anniversary. Who would have thought that 2 people who knew nothing about the world are still sharing our lives together after all this time. It called for something special. As much as I like dishes made of EGG, I relented and let Mrs Skoot choose and so it was to an Indian Buffet


and they have excellent butter chicken


I know that it doesn't look like much food on the plate, but after a couple of plates you really shouldn't be looking for more. The included dessert was rice pudding (Indian style), and I went for seconds


There are many Therapeutic benefits by walking barefoot in the sand. One is to cleanse yourself of dead skin and sand acts like an abraisive to clean your skin. There is a freedom associated with casting away your shoes. And also, they are waterproof


We are at Spanish Banks where there is a kilometer or few of white sand beach very close to downtown Vancouver, which you can see on the horizon. That treed area left of the city is Stanley Park. Today we were very lucky to find a parking spot.


today was a literal heat wave of about 16c (61F), and there was a continuous breeze. I can feel summer in the air.


When the tide is out, the beach area can go out as much as a mile. But you always have to keep a watchful eye for the incoming tide. I was caught once on a sand bar completely surrounded by water with nearly no way to drive my car out. Yes, I was young and inexperienced and I had my brand new 1968 Toyota Corolla parked out on the beach, smelt fishing and did not notice that the water had cut off my escape route.


I notice the incoming tide and make my way back to shore.

Sundays you will usually find me traversing the landscape and travelling all over the lower mainland in search of the elusive photo. Lately WE have slowed down a bit and try to find more leisurely activities and in general just enjoy nature and living. We like to call this "Retirement MODE". You know, do what elderly people do; walk more slowly, drive slower, eat less and try to find activities which are as close to being free as possible.

We accomplished that today. We started out on the freeway heading south towards White Rock and half way there we decided to turn around and stick closer to town. We had a relaxing lunch and sat on a log at Spanish Banks people watching. Eventually I decided to walk out onto the beach and found myself nearly a kilometer from the shore before I noticed the incoming tide

(Self portrait, I always wear a hat in the sun)

Because it was a special day we decided to top it off with a dessert


Raspberry Sundae because they didn't have Blueberry


  1. Happy anniversary! 42 years are quite the accomplishment. Kudos to Mrs Skoot ;-) This year Easter Indian food seem to be the common choice for wedding anniversaries... (we had it for our 12th down in Seattle).

  2. Happy Anniversary! 42 years wow! Good for you guys! We are coming up to our 22nd in the next few weeks. Still seems like yesterday. I think I would have called it a foodoversary - you had some kick-ass chow from the look of the pictures.

    It seems it was a sand between the toes kind of weekend for everyone in BC, just so happy to see the sun and in desperate need of vitamin D! We were picnicking at the beach today, it was marvelous.

    I have found since I have gotten my scoot I seem to always be stopping and taking pictures on my little camera and looking for interesting things to snap pics of.

  3. Happy anniversary to you and Mrs. Skoot! We long time married folk are rare.

    It looks like you both had a great day - thanks for posting about it. I like the food shots, as usual, and that last shot of the dessert is great. The shot of the low tide with the rippled sand might look good in B&W too. Great idea on the self portrait.

    Many more happy years to you both!

  4. Congrats on the 42nd anniversary! Outstanding!

    Though singularly lacking in motorcycling content, I was at least happy there were no pink crocs either.... : )

    Had my first "issue" with the V-Strom day of riding, and all of a sudden she was not holding idle, would just cut out as I slowed for stops!

    Some research in the forums seems to indicate I am not alone with these symptoms.....a new Throttle Position Sensor may be in my future if it occurs again. It didn't happen again the rest of the day, but as you can did somewhat "harsh my mellow" about Suzuki reliability. Still, we'll see.

    Again, Martha and I offer our heartfelt congratulations!


    Redleg's Rides

    Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

  5. happy anniversary! here's to many many more!!!

  6. Congratulations to both of you for 42 years! An Indian buffet followed by a walk on the beach seems to be a great way to celebrate.

    Does walking on sand help with your foot aches? It looks like Summer has finally arrived in Vancouver!


  7. Congratulations to you both!

    N from dreary drizzly England

  8. Happy anniversary, Mr. & Mrs. Scoot. May you have many, many more walks in the sand together

  9. Many, many congratulations to you both - that's one heck of an achievement. Also a fine example of Mrs Scoot's saint-like patience!

    All the very best.....

  10. Congratulations on the marriage milestone.

    Heather and I love Indian Buffets. I've tended to have more weekdays off then she in the past (a situation that is alarmingly changing) and on those days that I'm off and she is not, I collect her for lunch at our favorite Indian restaurant.

    Summer is definitely in the air here. The forecast is for 96F today. It will be a warm ride home.

    Thanks for the share and may you have many more wondrous years together.

  11. I have found that it's my wifes tolerance that has kept me married for a mere two decades...wel done.a nice raspberry Sunday and several plates of buffet will esnurenstrength and vitality going into year 43.

  12. Hey Bob>

    Congrats! And you didn't even mention anything at Gary's the other day!!! Thanks for the ice cream. It sure was a treat on the hot weekend we had. It was great seeing you and Yvonne again.

  13. Dear Bobskoot:

    Please accept my congratulations, and that of all my former wives, on the occasion of your 42nd Anniversary. And from what I understand, you never had a fight!

    I think it was admirable that you took your wife out and let her choose the restaurant. What the hell? What's once in 42 years?

    As you are aware, I have been building a relationship for 27 years now, with three different women. The secret of my success is knowing when to duck, and knowing when to have the dog start tasting every meal.

    I am delighted you were able to enjoy a day at the beach, and still find reasonable parking. You know when you have reached dvanced middle age when a romantic daty at the beach hinges on finding a good parking spot.

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

  14. Congrats and happy anniversary to you and Mrs. Skoot. Can't go wrong with a sunny day spent together and Indian food.

    Love the picture of your shadow and just your feet in the sun. Great angle.

  15. Many congratulations on your 42 years. A lovely meal and a walk on the beach to celebrate – perfect. Please pass on my best congratulations to Mrs Skoot.

  16. SonjaM: I don't know where the time has gone. You blink your eyes and another decade has passed

    Dar: It is much easier to snap photos whilst on a scooter with its step through design. It was great to be able to enjoy some summer temperatures, instead of rain, for a change

    Mike: Everytime I snap a shadow shot I think of you, it's your style. When I spotted my shadow, for the self portrait, it reminded me of those little toy heads, attached to feet, without a body. I should have framed tighter, or cropped the rest out.

    Charlie6: And what's the matter with PINK CROCS ? You mean . . . I shouldn't pack them ? Anyway, thank you for your best wishes

    Ms M: Thank you very much. Whenever you write about Bob, I think you are talking to me

    RichardM: I am not yet back to normal. All was okay until I decided to stop taking my pills. I love to walk around in the sand, but the uneven ground wasn't good. The temperatures are finally rising, thank goodness

  17. Nick: I can't help you with your drizzle, it is getting warmer over here, and now we get some sun. not long before you visiti Jack "what's his name", which I could be there too

    Doug: Thank you for your well wishes. Walking in the sand is great and also you get to smell the sea air

    Geoff: Thank you very much. I've always felt young until now, more aches and pains are making themselves known. you better hurry up and get over here

    Keith: Indian food is misleading, the quantities look small but they are really filling. it doesn't take much to fill your stomach. We have lots of East Indian restaurants in Vancouver.

    96F is too hot for me, I think I would stick to the car with AC

    Mr Conchscooter: you are all talk. I know deep down inside you are a really loveable guy, you just bark LOUD.

    I Love You (There, I said it)

    Tony: thank you. We're humble, didn't feel the need to mention anything

  18. Jack: I am radius limited right now. If there was no parking then we would have gone somewhere else. Spanish Banks is one of the most popular beach areas in Vancouver area and everyone goes there. There is never enough parking available.

    It is even harder to get parking at Wreck Beach

    it is in the top 10 in the world as far as clothing optional beaches go

    Trobairitz: I usually don't ride on Sundays. Lately we have been experienceing "Retirement" mode, just meander somewhere and enjoy the day. yourself and Troubadour should make a trip back to the motherland one day

    Gary: Being on the West Coast of Canada we are attracted to the water, so naturally we gravitate to the beach areas, or perhaps a restaurant with a water view. Vancouver is surrounded by water on 3 sides

    thank you for your good wishes

  19. Congratulations on your anniversary! I can't imagine it!

    I was married 17 years and I have been with Rich for 18 years. The time does get away from you. the 17years seemed like eternity, the 18 with Rich has gone by fast. Am I just happier or is it because I'm older? Maybe both?

  20. Congratulations on 42 years, and what better way to celebrate than with a good meal and a walk on the beach. (Of course my missus would prefer the beach to be in southern France, but you take what you can get, right?)

  21. My congratulations are late but no less sincere.

    Only you, though, would mix a romantic day with using sand to scrape dead skin off your feet!

  22. Congratulations on your anniversary! So what is Mrs. Skoots secret of putting up with a motorcycle junkie?

    Sand and feet! Love them. :)

    -Steel Cupcake