Saturday, June 25, 2011

Stinson Beach, California

While in Calif we were staying with a friend in the Saratoga area and were pouring over our maps trying to decide where to go when she mentioned Stinson Beach was at the end of a very winding road. It was also the beach that was used in the Bette Midler movie "Beaches" . We had to go


it was one of the windiest roads I have been on


there seemed to be continuous curves and the road was cambered in every direction which makes for riding a two wheeled vehicle very challenging. Many curves were slow to " 10 or 15 MPH " . Luckily we were navigating in our rented car.


this section of highway from Mill Valley to Stinson Beach is actually part of Hwy 101 which travels along the rugged coast, mostly without guard rails on the cliff side . The road is narrower than normal and you have to be careful to watch for oncoming cars in your lane after a tight corner


There are few spots to turn off for photos, but the weather was on our side and the temperatures were just perfect


This scenery is what we imagine it should be and the reason we like to breathe in the beauty of California's rugged coast

We soon find ourselves at the Muir Beach scenic lookout


there is a walkway on the ridge of this hill which goes to a viewing platform. This is the view you see as you look north


We soon find ourselves at Stinson Beach where we decide to have a lunch break


It is a small town who cater to tourists, like ourselves. There are a couple of restaurants and a few fast food self serve eateries.

(the Main street, looking south)

We ate here. You order at the counter, you are given a number and the food is delivered to your table


Here is the front view of the restaurant as viewed through the window of the hippy/artist across the street


While we were at the Muir Beach Lookout we met a local who told us about Bolinas, which is another town just 5 miles north of Stinston Beach. Bolinas is a private community who dislike outsiders. They have removed all of the signs which lead to their town in the hope that you won't find it. This local told us that the state often put up signs directing people to this town and they are quickly removed. While we were heading north we overshot the town by over 10 miles and had to double back but eventually we found it

We were told that Bolinas was originally home to many hippies, though older now


you can tell by the community bulletin board that this indeed an artist's community


The main commercial area is about a block long and this grocery store looks like something out of the 50's


Wharf street leads to the main beach area where there are a few stilt houses built over the water .

Nearly forgot to post a photo of Stinson Beach with its flat sand beach



  1. Though severely lacking in motorcyling pics, the beautiful shots at the beach kind of made up for it, and the lack of pink crocs helped too. : )


    Redleg's Rides

    Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

  2. After twenty years the fog and icy cold ocean water really got to me. A lot of people find it odd I prefer living in the Florida Keys, and that Key West is cheaper than where I came from...I liked the hippies when I was of an age to sell my soul to the lovely college girls, even though they despised infernal combustion motorcycles.

  3. Beautiful. Riding that part of the US remains way up there on my bucket list.

  4. Oh Pleeeeeease stop already. You've sparked the memory cells in this old brain and dust just blew out my ears! I lived out in Ben Lomond just about 11 miles north of Santa Cruz and rode those beautiful curves every day. Stinson was the top end of many a coast rides for up to hundreds of bikers back in the middle seventies. If ya'll get over to the south side of SF go down to four corners and stop by Alice's Restaurant. Used to be a blast to meet up with everyone Saturdays and Sundays and ride. Take 84/LA Honda Rd out to the coast and then south Hwy 1 to Santa Cruz or north to Hwy 1 thru Pacifica and go over to Fort Funston on skyline (Daly City Coast Area) and watch the Hang Gliders fly off the coastal cliffs right out into the Pacific- way cool! Or from four corners go south on 35 make a right on hwy 9 and run thru the redwoods and small towns until you end up at Santa Cruz. Either way it just plain beatiful country. And Yes Hippies are still alive, we just blend in better with our surroundings than before- Ha- PEACE BROTHER!

  5. Absolutely beautiful scenery. Keep the photos coming. I have fond memories of that road...


  6. Absolutely gorgeous! You may have wanted to ocean views, but the fog shots are great too. :)

    But tell the truth...would you have like to try those curves on the v-strom??