Friday, June 17, 2011

My brother from a different mother

I was very excited last Saturday when I awoke. I got my bike ready and headed towards Hwy 99 Southbound and after 45 minutes I was there, waiting . . .

(Peace Arch Border Crossing, Canadian Side)

I didn't want to be late so I arrived early, sat down, played with my camera, walked into the tourist information booth, headed back to my bench and waited. I kept looking at my watch and eyeing all the vehicles passing by. Waiting for the unmistakable sound of a large V-twin engine. I didn't have a good view of the border lanes as the road curves a little to the left, where the cars were sort of out of sight. I wasn't sure what I was waiting for so I had no choice but to wear my colourful Pink Crocs to make myself more recognizeable. This was "D" day, the moment had arrived and any minute my dream would come true.

I fidgetted a bit longer, got a bit impatient so I moved further away from the curb and sat on the cement lane divider to obtain a better view of the vehicles exiting customs clearance


I realize that this is not the safest place to have a seat for this is where the cars accelerate to freeway speeds. I wonder to myself why this is taking so long. We had been in contact for hours anticipating my brother's ETA.

I later find out that HE has stuttered some misleading words to the CBSA: Canadian Border Security Officer and was subjected to further questioning. You can read about it HERE <----

After a few more minutes I hear the rumble of a V-twin engine and this is my first view of my Brother, whom I have never met


It's not the Leading Ladies but I recognize the helmet

It was like meeting an old friend. We talked a bit and decided to go for a compressed ride around the area and end up someplace for lunch. I never would have believed that he made special arrangements, rent a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and ride up to Canada just to meet me.


Gary France has arrived in Canada. I'm still rubbing my eyes in disbelief. We had a great time and I hope he did too. I am grateful for the chance to meet a legend.

to be continued . . .


  1. How Very Very Cool.
    You two can get together and spell things together like "colour"!
    Anxious to hear more!

  2. Pretty cool that you two were able to get together even if it does cause Gary to get on "the list". It'll really be hard to tell you two apart once you get your Harley...

  3. And so the story unfolds... I guess the border guards were still watching you at that time probably by helicopter...

  4. Yay! Let the mischief begin. :)


  5. the black helicopter will no trouble spotting you in those pink crocs....kind of hard to "blend" into the background with those.

    Gary is quite the gentleman and rider, meeting him was a high point for us here in Colorado as well.


    Redleg's Rides

    Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

  6. Just when I thought I'd seen it all, here comes a bad-ass biker in pink Crocs. Say wha...???? :-)

    So, along with the newly-met blood brother, those Crocs'll also probably be in family stories for generations to come.

    I'd get them suckers bronzed if I were you ;-)

  7. Love the pink crocs! Glad you had a good time.

  8. Dear Bobskoot:

    Few other adventure lifestyles draw people together like motorcycles. Do you honestly think that bull riders from the rodeo, chess grand masters, or world-class stamp collectors just hop on a plane and fly half-way across the globe to compare their pink footwear?

    Not a chance... Unless of course it's Key West on December 31, 2011. Have a great time tearing up thepavement. You'll be glad you got that fork brace now.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep
    Twisted Roads

  9. cpa3485/Jimbo:

    while we are able to spell the same, Gary still rides on the wrong side of the road


    I was offered many times to sit on the Harley, and I refused because they are so heavy and I am so short. Then on the last day I was going to go out and sneek a "sit" on the seat, but then I forgot


    I have more to say but it'll have to wait a bit

    Steel Cupcake/Lori:

    What happens in Vancouver, stays in Vancouver . . . but I can be bribed


    It was as if we had known each other for years. I still can't believe he was here. I wish I could have taken him into our mountains for an overnight trip


    I thought so too. I thought Gary was kidding when he first posted that he would help me move my heavy TV


    I hope you aren't referring to me ? I'm the meekest one of all, not a hard core biker in any respects

    Ms M:

    If you don't have a pair of PINK Crocs, you should grab a pair and join the club. They would look fabulous on you too


    The colour doesn't bother me anymore, after a short time you don't even notice them. I even brought them to Hawai'i

    Jack r:

    I know deep down inside, you are secretly wishing for a pair of PINK crocs for Father's Day. I hope your wish comes true. I'll put the bug in Leslie's ear

  10. That is just so great that you two got to meet. Two blogging legends meeting and hanging out. How cool is that?