Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Four in One

Some people may think that NorCal is not so HOT, as in temperature but there are pockets of warm, cool & hot within relatively short distances. The coast is cool due to the steady breezes but just a few miles inland we were at around 85F. I am presently staying in the Saratoga area and tomorrow is forcast to be in the high 90's. We had dinner just a few miles down the road in Cupertino and the Apple logo seems to be on every building.

Today started out in the mid 50's as we made our way down to Santa Cruz.


by the time we got there the sun was working its magic and it was very pleasant T-shirt weather . We like to drive around and get a feel for our surroundings and came across one of the oldest roller coasters in the country


It looked to be an amusement park along the waterfront


Traffic was very busy and there was no place to snap a shot of the pier and as they charged admission for vehicle entry, we passed, and moved on . Our stomaches were crying for food so we stopped at East Bay to have a delightful lunch on the pier. After lunch we headed south and passed through Capitola


This was a busy place with no parking to be found. There have many restaurants here along with stores if shopping is your preference

We started to drive south along the coast


hoping to get scenic vistas, but the mist rolled in


I could hear the seals barking on the rocks below but all you could see was white fog and the sounds of the waves crashing onto the shore

We did get to see some peek-a-boo views of the ocean but mostly nothing. We continued just past Big Sur about 1-1/2 hrs south before we gave up and turned around.


We were getting thirsty and wanted to try some special coffee at a special place, where I was very lucky to be able to meet up with more bloggers.

Let me introduce . . . Tramp (FLHX H-D)


From Left to Right:

WillyD DocWrench <-- click for blog
Myself bobskoot
FLHX "Viking" Dave <-- click for blog
B.B. <-- click for blog

Yep, 4 bloggers in one place at the same time. Thank you WillyD and BB for taking the time to make a special trip down to Dave's Cafe to see me.


  1. YAY! i love those folks too! glad to see you and mrs skoot are having so much fun and meeting so many great people! YAY!

  2. Bob, you do get around!

    Say hi to Santa Cruz for me - I will be there in August!

    So glad you met Dave, BB and Willy D, and that Dave let you pose by Tramp. He wouldn't let me park the Leading Ladies on the same side of the street as Tramp!

  3. Super, it is so much fun meeting other bloggers, or ADV riders. Glad you and Yvonne get around. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  4. You're a good man Bobskoot. We really enjoyed having you stop by and really enjoyed the convo. Looking forward to hearing more from you. Love Mrs. Skoot and her friend. Cracks me up we know some of the same folks.

    Keep ridin' it and anytime you need a place to crash while you are out here, well, you know where to go.

  5. Good job on the meet and greets Bob.

    You are so sociable, you crazy Canadian you.

    Glad you are seeing some warmer weather. Happy first day of Summer!!

  6. Okay, Saratoga would be pretty hot this time of the year but that would be good for the wineries in the area. I remember many trips to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk and the old roller coaster was always one of the highlights. Your photo of the coast with the low clouds is what I envision when I hear Big Sur.

    It's great that you are getting to meet other moto-bloggers on your travels.


  7. Santa Cruz Boardwalk and the big rollercoaster! I have some great, great childhood memories of that place.

    Keep on going and writing, Bob, and you'll be the next Gary France!

  8. It was so great to meet you all! I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip! Someday maybe we'll make it up North to visit you!

  9. Jennifer & I were talking the other day about another trip to Northern California.

    Maybe in 2013, as 2011 & 2012 have plans already in place.

    Enjoy yourselves.

  10. Dear Bobskoot:

    Great pictures of the Northern California seacoast. And you are covering a lot of miles and meeting a lot of folks these days. It would appear you have become a Blogspot ambassador.

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

  11. God, those bloggers are everywhere!

    Didn't realize you were such a traveling guy. Thanks for sharing. Hope you enjoy every minute of your trip.

  12. Gorgeous pics!!! Looks like you are having a good vacay.

  13. Isn't that just like the coast to go all misty when you want to take in the view! My one and only visit to the S. Oregon coast: fog and no view. Still you got a few nice misty shots that are pretty too. I like temps to be 85 F and below.

    Jack's got it right, you have become the blogspot ambassador.

  14. Bob

    Until Jack R kindly explained, I thought that Norcal was some sort of chronic disease.

    All the best from Norche in Grebri

  15. Love the pic of the bridge! Actually they all look good.

  16. Hey Uncle Bob,

    4 bloggers meeting up in one place must be the new record in our corner of cyber space