Tuesday, June 7, 2011

SonjaM meets Rocci

Last Week I happened to bump into Rocci who was at the Urban Wasp Charity BBQ. I hadn't seen her for a while and she had not been riding for a year or so because of a back ailment. In years past we had ridden together to scooter rallies in Victoria and Kelowna, and also day rides to the Sunshine Coast and the Coquihalla Tunnels in Hope, BC (click here)

Rocci has a Vespa as well as a Motoguzzi for long distance. She has been working out of town and has now moved back to Vancouver. I thought that it would be a good time for Rocci to meet Sonja. It was my idea to have a group breakfast last Saturday


It was not our usual eatery but we managed to find a table and squeeze into tight quarters. Paul, our insurance guy (pointing on the left) was on his Concours, Roland (Mrs SonjaM) on his Vespa GTS, SonjaM on her Vespa GT


and Rocci on her Vespa GT


With riding being the common bond it is like meeting an old friend, even though you had just met


It was nice to see Rocci and glad she has returned to the riding scene. She is getting her "Guzzi ready for the road after being stored for two seasons and she is anxious to do some serious riding soon


I posted a photo of Rocci's MotoGuzzi HERE, it's the 2nd photo . It was taken at the Cascade Lookout, Manning Park, BC whilst on our way to Kelowna in 2008


  1. You somehow managed to avoid photographing the subject of the essay completely. Were she to walk up to me I would have no idea what she looked like. Are you developing an impish sense of humor?

  2. Very nice. Awesome mural in the 3rd pic!

  3. Fun post! It seems like scooters are popping up all over the place lately.

  4. Bob,
    thanks for introducing us, I hope that she will get her Guzzi up and running soon. Funny that Rocci and I both ride prune Vespa's.

  5. Bob,
    Thanks for the links to older posts. I enjoyed reading them...

    @SonjaM - My first though was "eggplant" rather than "prune".

  6. @RichardM: Now that you're saying it, you are right, it IS an eggplant colour.