Tuesday, June 14, 2011

EMS & Danielle Hebert

Last week I had the good fortune of finally meeting Danielle Hebert, Canadian recording artist and motorcycle rider. I discovered her blog last year when she sold all her belongings, vacated her apartment and decided to ride her Suzuki GS750 across the country.

She wrote about our chance meeting HERE . She was having trouble with her BMW K75


and had to replace her head bearings. I noticed the photo was taken at EMS: Essential Motorcycle Services where I also service my V-strom so I mentioned this to Ted one evening on my way home. He managed to get Danielle to come back on Friday night for his BBQ .

I didn't realize that my bike was overdue for service, so I asked if they could do a quick oil/filter change. EMS has female motorcycle mechanics so my V-strom gets the gentle touch today


Here's Danielle, she's the one on the right


I ask her if I could snap a few photos for my blog. Here she is posing with Beowulf, her Beemer K75


We talk for a while about bikes and her travel plans. She is leaving town in a couple of weeks bound for Montreal


We walk over to my V-strom. It is taller than she is used to but she agrees to climb on and pose for another photo


She is so photogenic and I am mesmerized with her French accent


Soon it is time to leave. Danielle has plans to visit some scenic sights in Alberta on her way across Canada. I asked her to take a few more for me so I could tag along. I wish her a safe journey


I hope our paths cross again


  1. I wasn't even there to hear her accent and I'm mesmerized!

  2. Danielle rocks! I had followed her a while ago, but lost track. Thanks for getting me back on.
    And EMS is the best no nonsense no attitude motorcycle in town.

  3. ... motorcycle service in town, I meant to say. I should stop multitasking this time of the day.

  4. Bob, you're a lucky lad!(and chick magnet par excellence)

    I hadn't heard of Danielle but just been watching her on YouTube - very nice indeed.

  5. Bob

    You old rogue you -;)


    I thought that multitasking is what women did best?


  6. There's a myth that french-speaking Quebeckers don't get around much. Way to go Danielle!! Ne manque pas le Lac Louise!!

  7. Bob--I read this and realized just how much I miss your upbeat enthusiasm! Wonderful story.

  8. EMS sounds like a nice place.

    hmm.. eight photos and seven of Danielle. I'd say you were mesmerized. :)

  9. Ken: I am a suck for French accents, so sensuous

    Sonja: Oh, to be young again and be able to travel the continent. You get too encumbered when you get older

    Geoff: Have you heard her version of "La Vie en Rose" ? I wished I had the nerve to ask her to sing for me

    Nikos: some of you must have rubbed off on me

    David: Well, there are some exceptions. I see you made it to TO, next time ride your scoot

    Sharon: Always happy to hear from you, and also that you are riding again. Let us know when you head WEST.

    Chris: I didn't want it to appear that I was too mesmerized, I didn't post the other 28 photos