Monday, June 27, 2011

You can get anything you want

at Alice's Restaurant


No trip to this area would be complete without having a meal at this iconic eatery which is a magnet for enthusiasts of all kinds . From our base in Saratoga we decide to have a teany snack to tide us over until we get there for a late brunch. I wanted to take Skyline Drive which I had heard so much about.


As we approached the restaurant we noticed these . . . parked across the street


enthusiast cars which I can only drool over as I have a thin wallet. Lamborghini, Mercedes, two lotus' and a Red Ferrari


I find it frustrating to look at unaffordable cars and just then a bug eye Sprite pulls in. It looked like it was restored but the current owner said the previous owner took good care of it and it was original condition


I get my first glimpse of Alice's Restaurant


As it is a weekday there are not many bikes parked in the lot . They even have their own gas pump


It was a very warm day, perhaps in the high 80's and we decided to brave the heat and sit on the deck


they have a nice menu selection and I decide to have something Mexican


The hamburgers look good but I can have a hamburger back home. I need to try something different


" You can get anything you want, at Alice's Restaurant "

(Interior: Alice's Restaurant)

Getting there is half the fun, either in a sports car or on two wheels, either way you get to experience the challenging roads


  1. Thanks for the heads-up about Alice's Restaurant. Heard of it plenty of times, but not a clue where it was.

    Love the frogeye Sprite to bits, even if it was only capable of 80-odd mph in standard form. Looks surprisingly modern from the front!

  2. I like the two AC Cobra’s and what looks like three Indian’s sitting outside Alice’s in the first picture. Didn't the Rolling Stones sing "You CANT always get want you want"?

  3. Don't know about the Rolling Stones but Arlo Guthrie's version said "You can get anything you want at Alice's Restaurant" in his version of Alice's Restaurant.

    Nice cars in your photo. Did they belong to othe customers?

  4. Can you get spanakopita there?

  5. yes nikos, sometimes you can :)

  6. It looks as though you and Mrs. Skoot are having quite an adventure. I am glad the weather is cooperating.

    I am disappointed there were no gratuitous food shots from Alice's Restaurant. I can understand how you were distracted with all of the fancy cars though.

  7. I love that place, glad you got to try it while you were here!

  8. Dear Bobskoot:

    This is my kind of place... Nice atmosphere... Interesting menu... Bar and $7.8 million in cars taking up less than 8 spots.

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

  9. Oooh - I'm lovin' the Cobras in the first pic! They even trump the motorcycles. I don't think I've seen the Sprite before. Nice clean lines.

    Wow, no food pic! Or are you saving that for the next post! :)

  10. Bob, as fate would have it I've driven some of the most premium cars in the world and they are amazing. However, I've always wanted to own a "Bug Eye" Sprite and have never even sat in one. I consider myself poorer for that. As wise motorcycle riders know, real road joy isn't always about having the most expensive ride.

  11. Thanks Bobskoot, and pardon me for being an idiot. I remember the song very well, thinking there was some sort of dark and sinister meaning to the words. I had no idea where the restaurant actually was, but now I do.


  12. Is that a Maserati in that lineup you took a picture of? Those are some distinctive rims.

    We have many of those high end cars over here...see them all over. Very boring. hehehehe

    And just what is up with no food porn? At least of the licked clean plates?