Friday, July 31, 2009

Last Tuesday . . .

I went to bike night down in Richmond, part of Greater Vancouver and is about half an hour south.


I have mentioned this before on prev posts. It is hosted by 5th Gear and they supply the food for the BBQ. Tonight I was told about 120 bikes were in attendance.


There were bikes parked in every direction. While there were mostly sportbikes, some like to ride their classics


I noticed this "better than new" Vincent


I spoke to the owner for a bit


and he explained to me the purpose of this rear sprocket, which appears to be on the wrong side.


It is a stunningly beautiful bike and has 4 mechanical drum brakes (2 on each wheel).

One of the organizers (Chia: Darren) takes hundreds of photos at each bike night, which is held every 2 weeks and posts them on his hosted site. Recently I had a look at some of the photos and noticed a couple of myself

bob & mark (scooby)

and he caught me in action as I was leaving

bobskoot & SV650n

Like my buddy Jack "r" I was riding slowly through the crowd and was concentrating more on not dumping the bike with all these people looking, so I did not notice that my photo was being taken

Tonight my riding partner was Mark (Scooby) on his Yamaha Majesty

mark with his Majesty 400cc

We ended up doing a loop on River Road


We made a quick pit stop for Mark to change out his smoked visor as the sun was setting. I recently purchased a new helmet with an inside sliding visor which can be activated with your riding gloves on.

It was a great summers evening, although much warmer than usual, and it's always nice to meet up with other riders


Monday, July 27, 2009

SOB: Hamster-Phenia IV scooter rally Bellingham

This year we are in the midst of a very enjoyable stretch of weather. I was preparing my scoot for the Hamster IV scooter rally this past weekend. Bellingham is a mere 1 hour drive south of Vancouver, BC but I wanted to transfer the GPS and Video cam Ram-Mounts over to my Kymco X500Ri. It is much simpler to mount these things on my SV650 as the handlebars are bare. On the scoot everything is covered up by plastic panels and while the handlebars rotate, the windscreen is fixed with causes problems with my camera mount. Luckily I ordered an extension bracket from and managed to get everything working.


At this late stage in life, I never wanted to become an SOB until now. At a recent meeting of the Scooters of Bellingham, they changed their rules to allow associate members who do not reside in Bellingham, so after payment of my dues I am now an official SOB.

I left Vancouver just after 7am on Saturday morning. I was allowing 1-1/2 hrs travel time plus a half hour buffer. As Vancouver is very close to the Cdn/US border crossing the border crossing line-up delays are broadcast very frequently and are included with the traffic reports. Even at 6am there was a 30 minute delay. On the 7 o'clock news the line up had built up to 90 minutes. As a frequent border crosser, I am Nexus registered so I have documentation to skip across the border with virtually no delay. When I approached the border I would estimate that the line was at least 90 minutes, but I only encountered a short delay of perhaps 2 minutes with no one in front or behind me.

My scooter is highway capable and I continued on the direct path down I-5 at the speed limit of 70 mph and took the Sunset Exit and made my way to Old Bellingham on Holly street. One of the first persons I encountered was ORIN of Scootin' Old School . Yes, I have know Orin for a few years and it is always nice to see a familiar face. He has scaled back on his fleet and rode his trusty GTS, I say trusty except for the fact that it devours rear tires.


On one of his recent BLOG entries, Orin mentioned that he is seldom in any scootering pictures, so I decided that I would help him out and take a few extra


From this angle you will notice the support vehicle in the background. One nice thing about attending rallies is that they are prepared in the event of breakdowns. You know that help is there in case you need it.

The meet and greet started at 9am. It is a time where riders start arriving and there are breakfast places nearby to have a bite before we leave on our group ride. Also, others are making preparations to have enough liquid refreshments - enough ice to last the day.


Soon it is 10:30am and time to suit up and get your motors running. Here is Orin in full riding gear just waiting to take off


Our ride takes us North West to Gooseberry point on first nations land where there is a ferry to take you over to Lumni Island. We stop for a rest break and wait for another scooter which had some mechanical problems a mile or so back


We eventually return to Fairhaven, Bellingham for a short lunch break and a chance to get out of the hot sun. A time for us to get some nourishment and relax before the afternoon ride.


Scooters were parked everywhere



Our afternoon ride took us south of Bellingham around Lake Sammish, down several backroads with little traffic, up Hwy 9 and we came to this little store called Scooter Stuff. And it is a store that caters to Harley stuff, not for scooters


We took over the whole parking area and left little room for those huge Harleys. Actually, while we were there a couple of groups of Harleys arrived, saw that there was not much room for them, and they rode off


While we did not do an accurate count, someone said that we had at least 50 scoots parked there. We started with 76 earlier in the day

Here's another shot of ORIN take more pictures for his blog or flicker slide show


Eventually we all made our way over to Jeff & Mary's back yard for dinner and raffle prizes. This year they catered the food and there was lots of it. In fact the left overs could have fed another army.


I'm not usually very lucky but I generally purchase an "arms length" of raffle tickets for a chance at some of the prizes. This year I was very lucky to have won this


It was a very nice bottle of Scotch with a matching stainless steel vest container which was custom engraved. The prizes were in sealed bags separated by category. Local, Adult and General with some "bags" identified by size only.

Local is for coupons which had to be redeemed at local businesses. Not really convenient if you came from Oregon, Seattle or Vancouver. General was mostly clothing wrapped by size. Then there was "Adult". Of course, with my Jack Riepe mind I was conjuring up images of what would be inside this package. Perhaps it was something embarrasing, but no, in this case Adult meant for someone over the age of majority.

How lucky I was to have another one of my numbers drawn again. This time a bag containing a Model of a Vespa scooter in a box, some Shampoo and combs, a club patch, tooth paste and some pens.

Old Bellingham is a neat place to explore if you have some time to spare. I posed my Scoot in front of this painted collage of an old Bellingham scene. A hearty Thank You to the SOB's for a great rally.


The following is a short video of our rides. One segment features Orin who is directly in front of the Video Cam. I must have passed him as I did not know at the time that he had tire problems

Friday, July 24, 2009

Quick need $5,000. via PayPal right now

Finally, my luck has changed. I just received this email.


Good Day,

My name is Sir Jack Parkinson, I work with the UK Lottery. I am soliciting
your assistance for a swift transfer of 4,528,000 GBP, should you be
willing to assist me in this project, you will be giving me just 40% of
your winnings. Just as a brief, due to my position in the company I can
make it happen that you would be a winner of the above stated

Naturally, every body would like to play a lottery if they are assured of
winning. I am assuring you today to be a winner, please do not take for
granted this once in a life time opportunity as we both stand to
collectively gain from this at the success of the transaction. Should you
be willing to assist me in this transaction please do respond to my
secure e-mail:

Sir Jack Parkinson

Este mensaje ha sido analizado en busca de virus y otros contenidos peligrosos,
y se considera que está limpio.

naturally, I won't forget my friends. After I receive my funds transfer I think I will purchase that BMW K1300 GT for Jack rIEPE. He told me that ever since he saw a picture of this gorgeous beauty, he has been fantisizing about this magnificent machine. He actually has a picture of this bike under his pillow with drool stains.

And for Conchscooter, a new Triumph Bonneville, yes the one with the factory tach custom painted in Barbie Pink to match his KW pink crocs, with factory topcase in matching pink, of course. I intend to deliver it in person and request that he pump up his air mattress to await my arrival.

I also noticed that Sharon is enamoured in the Beemer K1200GT which she saw in TN last week at the MOA rally.

With all this money at my disposal I will finally be able to visit my blogging friends in Turkey: first a visit to Dave & Linda, to find out why they don't want us to know the secret about their paradise. Lately they have been posting detrimental things to keep us away, which means that it is too good to be true.

Then were are going to grab John by the scruff of his neck and drag him over to the Mayor's office and get the barriers for the scooter parking removed so there is easier access to the docks. And I must get a ride on the boat named "ship" .

I've never been to Wichita, KS but it seems to be a land of wheat and flat land with no mountains. I plan to fly JIM cpa3485 out to BC to see some of our mountains and tunnels

Right now it seems that Lance is MIA in a land of palm trees and sunshine. We will hire an investigator to locate him and return him to North Bend where he belongs.

And to Orin a new Vespa GTS super as a spare scoot to park in his garage just in case his trusty GTS fails him again. Yes, it's nice to have alternatives.

I'm going to have so much time to spend my money. I don't want to leave anyone out so please send your requests for your personalized "gifts" now.

In the meantime, I have to come up with $5,000. to pay the export lottery tax, so don't delay your paypal transfers. I need to send the funds before the end of the month.


Tomorrow I am off again to Bellingham for Hamster-Phenia (scooter rally)

Friday 7/24 – 6:00pm - Meet and Greet @ Chuckanut Brewery and Kitchen in the beer garden. 601 W. Holly Street in Old Town Bellingham. There will be two kegs on tap for us, pints $4.00 and on the outside BBQ - Burgers, Veggie Burgers, and Brats for 5.00 each w/ Tim’s chips - simple but good!

Saturday 7/25 – 9:00-10:30am - Meet and Greet @ Maritime Heritage Park (Boss Tweed Parking lot), 500 W. Holly Street in Old Town. Rally Packs available for sale. Refreshments available, breakfast restaurants, coffee shops, and donuts all nearby.

Morning ride (changed route) will depart @ 10:30 AM down Eldridge/Marine Dr towards Lummi and Gooseberry, return via Red River Rd. Option to stop at Farmer’s Market in town or continue into Fairhaven. 1 hour ride

Lunch (on your own) 11:30 - 1:00

Long Ride will depart @ 1:00 PM from Fairhaven (vacant gas station/Hamburger Stand corner of 12th and Harris Ave.) (New route due to closure of bridge on Mosquito Lake Rd.) Route - Fairhaven, Chuckanut Drive N, East Lake Samish, Alger, Old 99, Sedro Woolley, Old Day Creek Rd, North on Hwy 9, South Lake Whatcom, Lake Louise Rd. End up in Bellingham.

Break time back in Bellingham, shop, drink, sleep, etc….

Meet at Jeff and Mary’s @ 6 PM for the evening activities - food (catered by Fool’s Onion), games, prizes, raffle, and fun. Camping is also available at this location for the whole weekend- 855 Democrat Street / off Yew Street.

Sunday 7/26 – 9-10:30am $5.00 Breakfast buffet @ Sorella’s at the ferry terminal in Fairhaven - 355 Harris St. in Fairhaven.

One last ride (changed route) - departs @ 10:30 from Sorello’s. Route - South down Chuckanut Dr return via West Lake Samish through Fairhaven, end at Depot Market/Boundary Bay. 1 hour ride.

Rally concludes after the Sunday ride and good byes.

See you in Bellingham

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Okanagan Weekend: July 2009

It has taken me a few days to organize my videos from my weekend in Kelowna and it gives me a smile when I watch them. Little did I know at the time that the wild fires in Westbank (West Kelowna) would conspire to keep me from returning home on Sunday by diverting me northward through Vernon and Kamloops . . . a detour of 3-4 hours. I had previously arranged to meet a friend which created another delay of nearly 4 hours created by our long 2 hour lunch in Spences Bridge. In the end I spent 12 hours in the saddle of my SV650. I left Kelowna just after 9am and arrived home in Vancouver just after 9pm. In contrast on Friday when I left Vancouver from work around 2pm I arrived in Kelowna around 6:30pm, a travel time of only 4-1/2 hours taking the fast route over the Coquihalla Highway (known locally as the Coca-Cola Highway), or COKE for short.

For those accountants out there (yes, cpa3485, I mean you), here are the stats:

total distance: 1,185 kms
Litres consumed: 52.5 ltrs
total cost: Cdn$53.30

MPG, us gallon 53.432 miles per US gallon
MPG, cdn gallon 64.090 miles per Cdn gallon

This is for my SV650n K4. With an itchy throttle hand, spirited riding

in contrast, last year I took my Kymco Xciting 500Ri and obtained these figures:

total distance: 1,124 kms
Litres consumed: 47.05 ltrs
total cost: Cdn$68.16 (fuel was higher last year)

MPG, us gallon 56.535 miles per US gallon
MPG, Cdn gallon 67.812 miles per Cdn gallon

Just thought that you would be interested in the difference in fuel consumption

The X500Ri is able to travel the speed limits without any difficulties and is more comfortable and relaxed. The SV650 is able to travel at much faster speeds and of course, I took advantage every chance I could

As I was trying to minimize my picture stopping time due to the detour, I decided that I would take mainly video. It is also safer to use due to its fixed position using Ram-mounts attached to the handlebars. Usually when I take still photos one handed I don't usually wear a left glove and I normally have to hold the camera upside down to access all the controls.

Another thing, the camera is not mounted behind the windscreen. It is exposed to the full force of the wind and I did not realize that some debris got affixed to the lens filter which shows up as a large spot on the left top of most of my video(s). I will be more careful in the future to ensure that the lens is clean.

I stitched 3 segments together. The first section is the full approach to the new William R Bennett floating bridge which connects Westbank (now known as West Kelowna) with Kelowna and was officially opened on 25 May 2008. This is for Bradley (Troubador on a Triumph)

the 2nd segment is a short clip riding on Hwy 8 just south of Spences Bridge, BC

There are 7 tunnels in the Fraser Canyon:



"The Fraser Canyon Highway Tunnels were constructed in the late 1950s to about the mid 1960's as part of the Trans-Canada Highway project. There are seven tunnels in total, the shortest being about 57 metres (190 ft); the longest, however, is about 610 metres (2,000 ft) and is one of North America's longest. They are situated between Yale and Boston Bar.

In order from south to north, they are: Yale, Saddle Rock, Sailor Bar, Alexandra, Hell's Gate, Ferrabee and China Bar. The Hell's Gate tunnel is the only tunnel that does not have lights, while the China Bar tunnel is the only tunnel that requires ventilation.

A recent project at the Ferrabee Tunnel has been to install warning lights that are activated by cyclists before they enter the tunnel. This was required because the tunnel is curved. It is expected that the China Bar and Alexandra tunnels will get the same warning lights as they too are curved."

I have videos of all 7 tunnels, but I have only included one in the 3rd video segment. Again, sorry for the debris on the lens. Looks like I will have to make another trip to reshoot the video.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Solo Ride to Kelowna, BC

Well, I am back from my weekend in Kelowna, BC. While it was originally planned as a scooter ride to attend a scooter rally that's not the way things have turned out. During the past month I have been prepping my super scooter, my Kymco X500Ri. It had been serviced, oil change, new rear tire, fluids and brakes checked. My riding partner was also going to ride his Kymco X500Ri. Gary has a matching white one just like mine. We have a matched set. A few weeks ago Gary strained his arm doing something stupid. He visited the Doctor on Thursday and was advised NOT to ride his scooter as it would have created too much stress on his docile frame. As it turned out, many of the regulars who travel to Kelowna each year to attend this rally, decided not to go. As I was going solo I decided at the last minute to take my Suzuki SV650n. I purchased Ram-Mounts for my GPS and VideoCam recently and got everything set up

(Coldwater Road, Merritt, BC - a short break on the side of the road)

While I do not have a dedicated motorcyle GPS(not waterproof), they had secure mounts for my model. My video cam is mounted on the right handlebar so I can view the screen easier. I have it set up to turn on automatically when you open the LCD screen. It is not shielded by the windshield and gets the full brunt of the air flow and whatever debris comes its way. That is the reason that I purchased a waterproof model. I thought that it would take care of itself but some debris got stuck to the lens and shows up as a large spot on many of my videos. I know now to check the lens once in a while to keep it clean.

I am not used to putting in long hours in the saddle. Kelowna is normally a 4-1/2 hour ride from Vancouver using the Coquihalla highway through the mountains. We usually take the lower, more scenic slower route through Keremeos which adds another couple of hours or so, but as I could not leave work until mid afternoon, I had no other option but to stick to the super highway.

(Hwy 8: from Merritt to Spences Bridge, BC)

As I am riding along Hwy 8, I see the great devastation that the pine beetle has caused. All the mountains are RED with the sight of dying pine trees rendering the wood virtually useless. The government has started a spraying program but years too late.

I am not sure whether you have heard the news but there is a huge fire in the West Kelowna area (Westbank, BC). We were in Westbank in Bear Creek Park enjoying a couple of hours having a picnic lunch and beverage and did not realize that on the other side of the mountain behind us was a fire in the early stages of going out of control in the Glen Rosa area.

When we returned to Kelowna over the new WAC Bennett Bridge I noticed this huge smoke funnel

(Kelowna Waterfront, looking south towards Westbank, BC)

Little did I know at the time that this was going to create a problem returning to Vancouver as the fire was expanding due to the high winds and both highways (Hwy 97 & Hwy 97c) were going to be closed. This meant that there were no South and West routes out of Kelowna.

While there were still rally activities happening during Sunday, I decided to get an early start on the road. I had previously arranged to meet up with a friend from Green Lake and I was headed towards Spences Bridge. I hopped onto my bike at slightly after 9am and arrived home in Vancouver at slightly after 9pm, so I had spent 12 hours in the saddle. I tried to purchase some sort of throttle locker, or cruise control before I left but came up empty. My right arm is aching and I find that I require a better riding seat to promote better circulation in my legs.

There seemed to be a lot of riders transversing the country on bikes this time of year and a couple of cruisers arrived at our motel. I have stayed at this particular one before and I like the idea of parking in front of your own door, with a window to look out if you should hear funny noises

(Self portrait using the chrome bits on this Honda Cruiser)

The temperatures are very warm in the Okanagan area of British Columbia and I decided a while ago that I would always wear an armoured riding jacket, and if I was travelling on the highway at higher speeds I would also wear armoured riding pants. My jacket has leather uppers and the panels are removeable to reveal a full mesh jacket, and also has a removeable liner. For hot weather I have resorted to wearing only a T-shirt under the jacket and even in higher temperatures while moving it isn't too hot. Whenever I go into an air condition building (shopping, meals), I can quickly put on a regular shirt. My riding pants are JR Alter Ego which has a removable panel which allows air to enter . I have resorted to wearing shorts underneath so that when I get to my destination, or in this case meet up with my friends for a meal and chat, I can quickly remove my lowers . . .

(Spences Bridge, BC parked in front of the Packing House Cafe)

I would imagine that to the unsuspecting, anyone walking by would think that I had parked my bike and just left my clothes behind, boots and all. I also carry a pair of sandals that I can wear instead of my boots. (or I can purchase a pink pair of crocs like other riders in the Key West area) I find that boots are quite confining in hot weather and my socks are dripping in perspiration so I place them on my HOT muffler system and find that they are usually dry in a very short time.

(Hoodoos, just south of Spences Bridge, BC along Hwy 8)

I have more to say, but not tonight. It was my first solo ride in very hot weather, and I endured 12 hours on my bike (Suzuki: SV650n) . My muscles are still recovering.

I leave you with this short video taken with my video-cam on Saturday afternoon while riding my SV650 on Westside Road just south of Bear Creek Park


Monday, July 13, 2009

Mumblings: Two

I think this is a great idea to write about my mumblings, sort of like Vignettes from my colleague Key West Diary (<-- example here) . Sort of not enough information for a complete essay but rather a few short paragraphs of thoughts.



Look what caught my eye last Sunday. During the summer, the Lion's Club of Tsawwassen hosts a parking lot car sale in the Safeway parking lot. Individuals can rent a spot (for a fee) to display their vehicles for sale. They can be cars, trucks, campers, boats and motorcycles. I like to go down there once in a while to see what is available and to monitor the pricing, which is very reasonable. There was a BMW Z3 ($18k), Porsche Boxster ($18k), carrera, 'vette and cars of all types. Most of the current owners are by their vehicles and you are able to ask all sort of questions


This is a rare sportbike of the late 70's. 500cc of V-twin power. It looks very nimble and small but has twin front rotors, rear disks


and also sports a shaft drive train. The rear disk is also encased in a shielded cover


I couldn't keep my eyes off this machine. I really wanted it to follow me home. It was in original unrestored, sort of showroom condition. I don't know how many times I walked up to it


only 7,200 original kms, virtually new. But in the end I walked away . . . As I look at these photos I still can't get it out of my mind

Looking for a new ride, sort of:

I was thinking of updated my current bike to something more highway capable and came across this


I believe that this is the first year that Honda has imported this model into Canada.


It's a nice looking bike but probably pricey, as are all Hondas

Parking downtown Vancouver, BC

Some friends from LA were in town the past few days waiting to board their ship for an Alaskan Cruise so we met downtown at a restaurant near their hotel for lunch. We arranged to meet at the restaurant at 11am. There is very limited street parking in the downtown area but there are a few parking garages nearby. I was very lucky to find a meter nearly across the street. For Vancouver, I think that our meter prices are too high. I found my change and proceeded to "plug" the meter. For $1. the meter allows you 12 minutes, another dollar and I now have 24 minutes. I grab a handful of quarters and each one is good for 3 minutes. I get the meter up to 32 minutes and proceed across the street to meet our guests. I know that I do not have enough time but I will have to come back and add more $$ .

As luck would have it, the restaurant did not open until 12 noon. They suggested another restaurant up the street. I decided to ride the scoot up to the next block when I noticed this sign


I couldn't believe my eyes. 2 hour limit and no parking meter that I could notice


I am in good company. It would appear that others also know of these spaces. I am surrounded by other 2 wheeled machines. When I first arrived I parked next to a small Moped.


This is so unlike the City of Vancouver to allow free parking for bikes and scooters. I have heard that they also have a few other spots scattered around the Downtown area just like this one.


I will make a point of parking here again. It is on Howe Street just half a block north of the Pacific Centre Mall


I am leaving Friday for a bike trip into the Okanagan staying in Kelowna for the weekend to attend a scooter rally, but this year I intend to take my SV650. I am getting everything ready and attempting to pack what I consider essentials even with my limited storage options. While I have an Acer One net book I will leave it behind as I have nowhere to put it. I will have to rely on my Smart phone to access the internet and my emails.

I am nearly packed and there is no room for clothes, except perhaps for a couple of T-shirts and a pair of jeans. So far I have packed; tire repair kits (both types: worms and Mushrooms), 12V air compressor, small 1/4" drive socket set, and small T-bar, collapsible screw driver set/bits, allen keys, installed 2 ram mounts (for GPS & video cam).

Temperatures are forecast for 38C so I am bringing the riding jacket which turns into a full mesh by removing panels, and my riding pants. Even the liners take up a fair amount of space so I will have to carry another small sports bag to contain them and perhaps put my tripod in there too. All electronic stuff, cameras and chargers can share the lockable top case with my helmet. I jury-rigged a throttle rocker to make cruising easier, hope it works.

In past years I have taken Friday off, but this year my assistant has taken the day off and one of us has to be in the office. I am planning to leave directly from work and take the COCA COLA highway (known as the Coquihalla highway) as I cannot spare the time to take the longer, more scenic route as I wish to be there in time for the Friday night meet and greet, and also relax before the night ride up Knox Mountain.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mother Ship & HB to me

It started as a normal, routine day. Up at 5:30am and off to work before 7am. Since I don’t have to cross over any bridges or transverse any tunnels I have my choice of 3 routes to work


There is the fast route which I have abandoned because of the nature of the fast flowing traffic which emulates an Indianapolis speedway complete with tailgaters and speeds in excess of the posted limits. After a while you recognize the same aggressive vehicles which use cars as slaloms for their own purpose, only to catch up to them at the next light but it is nice to be able to get into 6th gear on the commute


There is the slow route which is great if you like to stop every block or so. The city, in an effort to discourage vehicular traffic, has installed traffic lights on nearly every intersection to keep the traffic from moving too fast. Also, they are not synchronized. It is nearly impossible to avoid a red light. This was my preferred route for a few months until last month I got rear ended by an inattentive driver who had been following me for a few miles. A group of cars (of which I was 3rd) were stopped for a red light and we had been stopped for a while when I heard a faint squeal and then a THUD. Luckily the damaged was only confined to the bumper cover, but still, it cost over $1,000. to have it repaired and the inconvenience of paperwork and insurance claims.


Naturally I gravitated to the 3rd route of choice which is a mixture of urban and arterial speeds which parallels our Skytrain, which is a light mono-rail rapid transit system. I snake my way through surface streets to end up on Lougheed Highway. It is not really a full fledged highway but rather an arterial route with speeds up to 70 kmh with signal lights every mile or so as I may my way to Coquitlam / Lougheed Mall area . If you are lucky and live close to the Skytrain line then your travels will be faster than using a car. A typical trip from New Westminster to the waterfront in Vancouver Harbour (downtown) will take 29 minutes (by Skytrain), or over an hour by car. The Skytrain route is nearly elevated the whole way so is not slowed down by vehicular traffic. If you do not live by a line, then you will probably still have to use your car as there is no parking anywhere near a Skytrain Station, and the few lots that are available or very prone to vandalism and theft as evidenced by all the broken glass on the ground.


The Mother Ship:

I finally arrive at work after a commute of about 35/45 minutes and park in my usual spot just outside of my window. Like Troubadour I can keep an eye on my bike but being in a 27 acre private complex there are no transients here and our spaces are at the end of a long driveway which leads to a dead end. You would need a purpose to travel down our private road and visitors cannot escape the sharp eyes of our staff who notice every vehicle that doesn’t appear belong. Like a busy hive, commercial trucks are buzzing in and out of our complex.


Another view of the office from my chair and my assistant Alisa sits just outside of my door to be available at my “beck and call” . Our job functions rely on our quick communication abilities so that while we each deal with specific customers, we both know details of each other’s accounts in the event of vacations, holidays and other absences.


Today my SV is alone. There is usually Harley parked next to me, but not today. I have the whole area to myself



And my bike gets to keep an eye on me working, through my window.


It’s too bad that I have to work on my Birthday, which is today, July 9th when I would rather be riding, but I suppose that it is better than the alternative .