Friday, March 24, 2017

Long Time, No Post

No new posts for a month and a half as we are still patiently waiting for more moderate weather. Maybe in another couple of weeks. Daylight is up to almost 13 hours and we are actually getting some warming from the sun. That's not the case in the middle of the winter when the high temperature for the day frequently occurs in the middle of the night. My unscientific definition of Spring is overnight lows above 0°F. That seems reasonable, eh?

That could be as soon as next week. In about six weeks, Scooterbob and I will start down the Alaska Hwy seeing what we can see though it will be early in the season. Bobscoot had talked about traveling up to Alaska but always thought, like many others, that he needed a different bike to make the trip. It won't be a bike trip though it will probably be warm enough for a ride tomorrow. The local BMW shop is having an open house with free food!