Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Hanging Out with Airheads

I think that SB enjoyed meeting with the Fairbanks Airheads.org group at their monthly get together aka "Barley Therapy" at the Silver Gulch microbrewery. This is just a portion of the group. To the right of SB is another Richard (last name unknown) from Colorado who did a presentation of a planned trip from Deadhorse south. Four of them on KLR 650s with the Alaska/Canadian portion in the winter with a sidecar for stability. They even plan on riding through the Darian Gap which I've heard is very difficult. He enjoyed hearing the SB story.

I plan on heading south towards the PNW in a little over a month which means that SB can attend next month's get together at the Howling Dog Saloon (owned by one of the members). It'll be before they are officially open for business for the season.

Today, we ran around Fairbanks but I couldn't find anything "scenic" enough to justify a picture. Breakup is starting and everything is a real mess with dirty snowpiles and trash starting to surface.