Sunday, January 17, 2016

Taking Snoopy back home to KSC.

It was time to return Snoopy to the Kennedy Space Center this weekend.  But because I had ScooterBob too, I brought him along too.

We rode the 175 miles from Jacksonville to Titusville, where I had dinner with Bob Arnold, the now retired Pad Rat.

Then on Saturday, Bob had arranged a special appearance at the space center where we had an escorted visit to the Saturn V and Space Shuttle Atlantis exhibits.

Me, Snoopy and ScooterBob in Titusville

ScooterBob at the Space Center

And with his friend Snoopy

We also met with a real astronaut, Rodolfo Neri Vela, who accepted Snoopy back to the center.

Rodolfo, Bob and Snoopy at the hand off.

Because it was Snoopy's day, ScooterBob stayed with my scooter, but had a good ride.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Amelia Island

Scooter Bob, Snoopy and I rode to Amelia Island today.  I had a meeting with clients at their house that I designed.  It is under construction on the ocean on the island.

Riding up there is one of my favorite rides in the area, as it goes along the north side of the St. Johns river to Fort George Island where it turns into A1A heading north through Little and Big Talbot Islands before reaching the south tip of Amelia Island.  The Talbots are largely left natural while Amelia is constantly being developed, but not terribly.  The town on Amelia Island is Fernandian Beach, an old, historic town that draws people for events like the annual Shrimp Festival.  Most of the core of the town is restored buildings that make up stores, bars, restaurants, bed and breakfasts and a hotel.  There is also a beautiful city hall and post office along Centre Street.

Sitting proud on Razzo's seat at the coastal marshes between Big and Little Talbot Islands

At the entry to American Beach.  This beach is notable because until the late 1960's, this was the only beach in North Florida open to black people. One of the unpleasant parts of living in the area is the segregation and racism that took place for so long.

ScooterBob and Snoopy enjoying the beach.

ScotterBob at the project house.

And on a canopy road near the Ritz Carlton Amelia Island.

Monday, January 11, 2016

A Sunny Day in Jacksonville

Snoopy arrived this morning.  It is the most beautiful day, so I thought I would take both Snoopy and ScooterBob out for some photos along the St. Johns River.

Snoopy riding ScooterBob while riding my Rocket.

ScooterBob on the river.

Snoopy and ScooterBob with downtown Jacksonville beyond.

Nice little machine.  I was worried it would roll off into the river, but it didn't.

Snoop and Bob

Both in their cabin.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Scooter Bob in Georgia

Today, the Seven Bridges Scooter Club traveled to Darien, Georgia for our weekly Sunday ride.  Seven left Bojangles at 9:00, eight if you include Bob.

We met up with the fine group we call the Georgia Boyz at Steffens in Kingsland, Georgia.  Five more joined us there, including two new riders, Anna and Chris.

This narrow bridge crosses the St. Mary's River.  Georgia is on the north bank.

ScooterBob on my Honda at Steffens

Heading up the Sidney Lanier Bridge near Brunswick

From there we went to Darien for lunch at B&J's Seafood.

The gang and ScooterBob at B&J's

Chris and Anna, the new riders.

I got some nice photos from the 200 mile ride..

Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Seven Bridges of Jacksonville

The Seven Bridges Scooter Club of Jacksonville, in preparation of our annual Seven Bridges Ride, had a test ride today.  The theme of the ride is to cross all seven bridges in Jacksonville that traverse the St. Johns River.  To make it more of a ride, this year we are including the Shands Bridge near Green Cove Springs, making the entire route approximately 85 miles,

It was cold (for North Florida) and misty for the entire ride.  Better weather coming soon.

I had ScooterBob, so he came along for the ride.

Shands Bridge near Green Cove Springs

Buckman Bridge, I-295 in Jacksonville.  THe bridge is 3 miles long.

Climbing the Fuller Warren Bridge, I-95 near downtown

The Acosta Bridge downtown

A stop at Friendship Fountain on the south bank downtown.  Russ, me and Karl

ScooterBob at the fountain with downtown across the river.

The Main Street Bridge Downtown

It lifts, so steel grating.

Heading to the Hart Bridge

On the Hart Bridge.

The big truss bridge with cables at the center span.

About to climb at the Mathews Bridge.

On the Mathews Bridge

Approaching the last, and largest bridge, the Broward Bridge, commonly called the Dames Point Bridge.  It is a very large cable stayed bridge.

On the Dames Point Bridge.

Back at the soon-to-be former scooter warehouse with Boris Loose, the best scooter mechanic around.  Boris is moving to Sanford near Orlando.  The 100 year old warehouse is in a fast growing part of town and will be demolished ti make way for apartments and retail soon.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Dueling Scooters

As an architect, I get to specify materials for the houses I design.  One of the products that gets used often is a line of plumbing fixtures called Waterworks.  It is a very high end line with very expensive fixtures and tiles.  But they always look great.

Last Christmas, after giving a ride to the Florida sales representative, she gave me a metal scooter as a gift.  It is much tougher than ScooterBob, but lacks the personality I can feel in the wooden scooter.

ScooterBob has arrived!

I was so pleased to see the box awaiting my return home last night.  Thank you Sash!  It was sitting on the table on our front porch.

I brought it in and opened it to find much memorabilia along with a second box containing the small wooden scooter.

It was quite a relief.

Today is raining and a workday, so the little guy is working with me this morning.  I am looking forward to having it travel with me on a couple of rides this weekend.

 The front wheel is coming off, needing a quick glue fix that I will do soon.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Bright, bright lights on a waning winter's day

Time passes. Memories fade.

That may be the most poignant fact of our lives.