Sunday, October 28, 2012

A nice Autumn Sunday

at Granville Island Market.   I was busy in the morning moving my vehicles around and before you knew it, it was 1pm.   I was getting hungry but we have a roast in the oven with family coming over so I decided to go down to the food area of the Granville Island market

to have a snack to keep my stomach happy.    We noticed a lot of children dress in hallowe'en attire chasing the pigeons

This Market is on an island in the middle of False Creek accessed by a causeway underneath the Granville Street bridge.  Here is part of the seating area in the food court.  Not many tables and today we shared our table with another couple

You can buy nearly anything here, from fruit and vegetables to meat, restaurants, fine dining and there is even a Hotel on the Eastern end

or you can just have a coffee and people watch.

I didn't want to have dinner food for lunch, so I settled on a Crepe from this place;  Ham and Feta with a single shot Americano, and a Raspberry Scone.   They make them right in front of your eyes

I walked up the stairs to give you this bird's eye view.   The market is very large and there are buildings all over the Island and is frequented mostly by locals this time of year

I am noticing more and more Vegan products are available and I couldn't help but  snap a photo for a popular Vegan Blogger

Perhaps next time I come here,  I am tempted to try one of these

or some of these.   I have always loved Tofu

You notice how busy it is down here on a Sunday afternoon.

You are able to find many specialty items not available elsewhere.   I salivate every time I pass by the Bakery display.  (Photo above, left)    If you ever find yourself in Vancouver I would be pleased to take you here


  1. If you had to move all your vehicles around does that must mean that you have secure parking again?

    That looks like a wonderful market with plenty of fresh and interesting looking food. Vancouver seems to have a really diverse population which makes these kind of markets even more interesting.

    1. Richard:

      This is most likely, the most successful market in Vancouver. I is located on a small island right in the heart of the city. there is water all around and you can access by those Aquabus passenger ferries. It is a busy place with lots of shopping.

      I am happy about my secured parking, blog post "on deck"

  2. What a beautiful city you live in. I've been told Vancouver is extremely expensive, but I still wish I could live there. I'm looking forward to getting closer to a big city again here in Wisconsin.

    Thanks for the trip to the market!

    1. Martha:

      Vancouver is the most expensive place to live in North America, according to some publications but we have the SkyTrain so when you visit you could stay in the suburbs and still get fast access to our City, and we should have an "extra" room soon. We only live about 3 miles from the Granville Island Market. I think you would love to spend a day there walking around and look at all the fruits & vegetables, and also all the fresh fish stores, herbs, handicrafts, specialty stores . . . lots of things to see with fresh eyes

  3. Yummmm - Feta and ham go together superbly - we had that combination as part of a Tapas platter last Friday.

    I'm not vegan or even vegetarian but I love vegetarian food and find we have meat-free days two or three times a week now.

    1. Geoff:

      There is a pizza place here who makes healthy crust, like whole wheat. I like their Chicken Feta pizza.

      I know what you mean about Vegan. We also eat much less meat of all types and I think it is healthier but I'm not sure I could delete a juicy hamburger once in a while

      thank you very much for your concern, but we felt nothing and knew nothing about the Earth Quake until we saw it on the news

  4. Granville Island is indeed a treat and we always go there when we visit. I always wish we were set up to cook because the food market is chock full of ingredients begging to be whipped up into a feast.

    1. David:

      I am sure you could find these ingredients in Montreal, somewhere, but Granville Market has it all in one place. If you stayed and relaxed for a few days you could use our kitchen. We wouldn't mind having an imported Chef

  5. Dear Bobskoot:

    I half expected to find mention of the recent earthquake off Vancouver, and a line or two about the non-event of the tsunami it allegedly sent to wet the feet of beachcombers in Hawaii. Instead, I find myself writing to you as a major hurricane lashes the house with rains and wind gusts in excess of 85 miles per hour. I am so terrified by the storm at this moment, that I have decided to make a crepe or two from scratch (yielding to the power of your suggestion). While there is every likelihood the lights will go out and stay that way until after Christmas, there is no point in carrying things to an extreme. I have a gas stove here and will make coffee and smoke a cigar in the face of disaster, such as it is.

    I do want to go on record as saying that roving gangs of hammerhead sharks have come in with the first tidal surge, and are trying to pass themselves off as exchange students from France. Yet their berets look like they are wearing tool belts on their heads.

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

    1. Jack:

      We were oblivious to the earthquake. We didn't notice anything out of the ordinary until we saw it on the news. We are on high ground miles away from the ocean, besides we have Vancouver Island as our barrier

      I hope you weather the storm, and also that nothing serious happens. Your gas stove should be fine, you can also get heat from there and boil water, as long as the gas lines don't get damaged. Perhaps you should consider a propane backup. We also have a gas insert fireplace as if the power goes out your furnace fan won't work. I also have a couple of MSR liquid fuel stoves and a propane dual burner Coleman

      If the storm hits your area give us a sign that you are okay. Be safe and don't take any chances

  6. I think the last time I was at Granville Island was in the late 80's. Geez that was a long time ago.

    Looks like some tasty items at the market. I am curious as to why they would take perfectly vegan tofu and dip it in egg to bread it. That sausage tofu roll looks like it might be mighty tasty though.

    1. Trobairitz:

      we have to teleport you up here and take you down to the Market, hopefully one day soon. I think you will get a lot of ideas just looking at what is available for sale. I used to come down here every Saturday but not so much lately. It is so busy and hard to find parking. The Market is open all year around as everything is under cover

    2. The last time I was at Urban Wasp to get a new belt put on my Citycom; I hung out at Granville Island. It is a fun place to go but it is pricey. There is a deli that I pop into when I get the munchies and I decided I needed something both healthy and substantial. I bought a sub, it was eight bucks. Eight bucks!!!!!!! Grumble grumble, so I was off to the pier to partake and watch the rich folk on their boats.

      Well you know what? I was worth eight bucks. I can't remember ever having a sandwich that good, especially the fresh crunchy crusty bread. Even the tomato tasted wonderful, not the usual tasteless wooden stuff we get here. I don't know how they did it.

    3. David:

      I used to go to Ecco il Pane, but they closed. The last time I tried Terra Breads down in the Olympic Village area. Pricey sandwiches but they are very tasty. Granville Island doesn't seem that expensive, normal pricing for Vancouver. I presume you went to the food area

  7. I absolutely love the market - any market. It's like people art in motion.

    1. Karen:

      I like to people watch too. Passes the time but taking photographs of children is scolded upon by the security guards. I have been stopped before. Taking the first photo didn't feel right as I snapped the shutter button.