Thursday, October 25, 2012

No Plumbing Today


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Imagine my surprise when I returned home from work today, wanting to go to the washroom and found out that there was NO plumbing.  There was a cryptic note on the counter warning NOT to flush the toilets

The workmen had disconnected our drainage lines and they hadn't finished connecting them back up yet.  So I had to hold it in.   Lucky we have trees outside . . .  and also that it wasn't # 2

Yesterday when I came home this is what I saw as I parked my car

They had dug a ditch to run a new water line and now they have ripped out my sidewalk.  I put a lot of sweat into assembling that sidewalk many years ago with interlocking brick, and now it is just a pile of debris, to be thrown away

It's too bad I didn't have time to give it a new home.  I am sure somebody could have used these, but I had no way to deliver it and it was just simpler to say "throw it out"

They had to install double valves to we don't lose too much water pressure.

They also started to fill in the ditch, but with all this work going on it is not easy to dig my bike out, so in the meantime I am just driving to work .   Today I arrive home to find that they have started preparations for our new sidewalk, and the interlocking bricks are now gone

The city water line connection was on the wrong side of our walkway so it was easier to destroy it and then re-pour a new cement one.   This is only the initial stage.   I am sure it has to be dug a bit lower and filled with sand and then blocked in preparation for the cement

Here`s a different view looking towards the street.   Our new sidewalkéwalkway is going to be full width to match our stairs

A couple of days ago we received a huge pile of sand to level our back yard and our driveway is almost ready.  I am not sure if I could ride my bike or drive my car over this yet.   I am afraid that it may still be too soft

A pile of sand is nearly as good as a pool of mud,  so I had no choice but to . . .

jump for joy . . .


  1. Maybe you had mentioned this before but what is this new structure for? A moto-blogger B&B?!!!

    1. Richard:

      I wasn't going to mention anything but I thought that everyone might wish to know why I wasn't riding my bike, and how difficult it is to dig it out when I have all this construction mess going on. It's been since Mid May when I lost my parking, then I had the vandalism so I moved my bikes to the rear. The inconvenience isn't over yet and our monsoon season has started.

  2. Your front yard looks like your very own V-Strom off road test track. Go get her stuck already!

    1. Troubadour:

      Never thought of this as an off road obstacle track. It's just a pain move my bike in and out from the back. I used to park my bike on the front sidewalk by the front steps just to get it off the street. Now I have to wait until the walkway is cemented and set.

      I was going to go for a ride last Friday, but I would just be getting in the way of the workmen

  3. Replies
    1. Gary:

      Thank You. I aim to please and you know I'm not afraid to post these silly photos of myself

      You can find another similar PHOTO HERE

  4. Yeah, what is this project about anyway? Sad to throw out all those bricks.

    1. Kathy:

      It is difficult to find those shape of interlocking patio type bricks. I had more stashed away in the back. I had to tell them to throw them all away. I do not have a truck and I didn't wish to store them. You know how it is, you offer them to people and no one wants them until you throw them away, then they say "why didn't you tell me . . . ?"

      It's the same with selling your car. THEY say, let me know when you want to sell it ? I DID and always, no one wants it. Then when it is gone they say, Oh, I thought you were kidding. It's just easier to stick with your plan. Get rid of your junk, though easier said than done

  5. Not a good day. And #2 or not I'd be going ;-}

    1. Webster:

      I was actually looking forward to using the washroom . . . I would have just driven to the Mall or somewhere else. Amazing how dependent we are on water & electricity.

  6. Sad that they couldn't reuse the bricks for your new walkway, but hopefully they took it for a habitat for humanity store so someone else can use it rather than throwing it away.

    At least they have started putting things back together.

    1. Trobairitz:

      I am learning to not keep things that I seldom use. I have a house full of things that I value because I bought them and can't bear to throw them out. It piles up and then you have to work around them. I am tired of having all this stuff and I am learning to "let go" and start to get rid of it all and try to live the simple life of having less. I have boxes of Jeep parts, car stuff and old electronics but finding someone to take them is fruitless. Even when you donate they sell them, I would prefer to give them to someone, but who?

      I'm going to start with one box at a time, then one room at a time. By the time you visit you should be able to see the floor. We are still storing our daughter's wedding presents from 2000 and our son's HUMUNGOUS toy collection which has overrun our whole house.

      they are two months behind with our project but they are connecting everything up. Water and sewer is done, not sure about electrical. I am hoping the outside will be finished before the frost arrives

  7. ANd the messy story continues. I hope they will be finished soon. I wouldn't be able to live weeks or months on a construction site like yours, and would have probably moved in a hotel or such equippted with proper plumbing ;-)

    The weather hasn't been in favour of our riding needs lately. Too cold and wet to venture out on bigger trips.

    The last pic is hilarious!

    1. Sonja:

      You should stop by and get the 1st hand tour. You know what it looked like before and see the difference.

      I did go for a short ride in the rain last week but I worry more about the other cars cutting in and out. You are lucky to be farther from heavy traffic. I am always in gridlock. It takes me an hour to get to your place

      Re: last photo. I am a sucker for Mud and Sand. It is like a magnet to me and I just have to do it !

  8. Hijacking David's blog like that.....really. Does Mrs. Skoot still have the Vino? I didn't see it in the garage with your Wee or Nu2Me. I'll bet she was riding it like she stole it, just like Scooterchick..