Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I wasn't smiling yesterday

Some of you may know that I had some difficulty inserting photos on my Blog.  With the shutting down of Webshots most of my photos are going to be deleted and my previous blog entries will be reduced to text only.  I am not super happy about losing 5 years of hard work, time and sweat.

I don't have the resources to reconstruct the past so I am moving forward.   This was easier said than done

Near Big Sur, Calif   June 2011

This meant finding a new image hosting service and trying to streamline my workflow as I was spending too much time doing things manually using HTML, uploading to an external image host, reducing my images from my cameras.   I always shoot full resolution so my files are 18 MP or 16 MP.   Most hosting services have storage limits and Blogger is basically unlimited as long as you keep your images less than 2,048 pixels on the long side

Big Sur, Calif   June 2011

I thought my new method would work but this 2nd photo did not get the resize menu, so I had to alter the HTML dimensions.  I only got the drag bars

I knew I could pay for image hosting but if I used Blogger/Picasa it would be FREE and unlimited as long as I kept image sizes smaller around 2 mp.   I got a lot of help from Karen and I ventured into using Picasa3 but I got frustrated with their interface where their albums were not actual folders so it automatically organized your photos by date archives, but I do like their slide show creation

Alice's Restaurant, Woodside, Calif     June 2011

This 3rd photo also did not get the resize menu and I had to alter the HTML, so my smart method of uploading directly to Picasa did not work.   The images are stored in Blogger as full size 2000x1330, but they don't display Xtra-large like I like

This is just a test post so I can play around with the Blogger compose interface and get more familiar with it as it as I have always posted using the HTML screens.  I like the idea of seeing the text along with my photos.   Using HTML you only get the image codes and when you are posting you are always unsure which image it is that you are writing about

Douglas, Wash     July 2011   (on my way to Montana)

I uploaded this Douglas photo using the "insert image" icon and selected the file from my Hard drive.  I did not get the resize menu on this one either

At this point I shut down my Internet Explorer, saved and closed the blogger interface and started up Google Chrome

I am just posting a few photos which bring back memories of past rides, and also testing where my system is going wrong, trying to discover what works

Kari/BlueKat    Ritzville, Wash    (on our way to Montana together)      July 2011

Now with this photo using Google Chrome, it worked perfectly.  I was able to upload using Picasa Web Albums and I did get the resize menu, just the way it is supposed to work. 

Last year I rode by myself for my first day on the road and Bluekat/Kari & Ron agreed that we could meet up in Ritzville where we would continue as a group of 3

Somewhere on WA2 heading East towards Odessa, Wash      July 2011

I am happy.   This photo was uploaded from Picasa album option and I did get the resize menu.  Did I mention that I am happy right now

There were severe wind gusts along Hwy 2 and I was nearly blown into the ditch.  The winds would gust without warning.  Other than that I was a warm day

Finally our first State,   Idaho       July 2011

Yahoo !  it worked again !   I am happy that the pop up resize menu appeared and I was glad to be able to select Xtra large from the menu

Our first glimpse of Dom/Charlie 6      Hungry Horse, Montana        July 2011

This photo also worked using upload from Picasa and I selected xtra large from the menu

That is part of Dom's hack behind.  We got lost on the way, probably because I was in the lead and Dom was getting worried about us so he waiting on the side of the highway just Waiting for us to pass.   He had been there for a long time and was about to give up when we finally turned the corner.   We were spending a few days with him and his extended family in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, without internet

Abbott Valley, Near Hungry Horse, Montana    July 2011    "our Group"

It was a small cabin but we drew straws to see who got the bedrooms and I volunteered to take the couch as I was riding solo.   Just imagine everyone having to pass by my couch with my feet sticking out for those midnight washroom breaks.

Salinas, Calif     June 2011  bloggers:  WillyD, bobskoot, Viking Dave & BB + Tramp (HD)

One of the highlights of our trip to Calif was meeting Dave, BB and WillyD in Salinas.  I wished that we had more time to visit with them but our host had to get home to feed her dogs so we had to leave

The past few photos are all working perfectly and I am able to choose their viewing size by selecting the Xtra large option, so it looks like Google Chrome works and Internet Explorer was my problem

The next photo was Uploaded using "choose files" from my hard drive.  It works as expected, resize menu and all.  I am happy to be able to do this again and it seems much simpler than having to manually use HTML.  I still have to resize my photos to 2000x1330 but I have to do that anyway if I used Photobucket or Flickr, and it did this with the now defunct Webshots

And finally I had to finish this post with this

Autumn in Vancouver     October 2012    

I really appreciated all the help from Richard and Karen,  and a big thank you to the rest of you while I vented my frustrations over the past few days.   Everything now seems to work as it should


  1. success!!!!!!! great posts of late bob, although i feel your frustration, i have to admit that i've completely dug all the info flying about in attempts to help... big hugs!

    1. Ms M:

      I may not know much about the technicalities of computers but I know how to use them. I have always posted using HTML, but wanted something simpler and more time efficient so I was trying Compose View, and it didn't work until I switched to Chrome. There must be a bug with Internet Explorer. Plus now I can host my images on Picasa/Blogger, unlimited as long as photos are < 2,048 px

      I realize my frustration shone through on various comments, but it bothers me when things don't work and I get upset at myself. I learned a lot of things by doing this so if you have any questions about Blogger or Picasa then ask NOW, before I forget . . .

      Picasa3 has the most convoluted way of archiving and arranging your photos. You are able to bypass the whole thing and still use it and completely understand what it is doing. It took me a few days to figure it out.

  2. Bob,

    I love the way you take pictures. But I am sorry that you have lost so much information. At least you are able to move forward though and begain to capture what is in front of you now....:-). The colors look smashing in Vancouver. Everything here is still green with little hints of yellow here and there. By the time we leave it should be full flown fall here.

    I thought I was the only one who felt that they were going to be blown into a ditch! Wow, and your bike is so much heavier than mine. I'm glad I was not on that road with you! hahaha

    1. Pat:

      Since previous photos will soon be gone, it gives me a chance to recap and repost photos of past trips and recall memories of good times with others. Just like this post of Montana and Calif.

      The scariest ride in the wind was in the Columbia Gorge. We were at a scooter rally and we rode 100 miles eastward from Stevenson, WA to around Bickleton, where the windmill farms are high on the cliff. The wind was relentless. Biggs is known as the Kite Surfing capital of the world due to constant high winds all day long and we had to ride over Columbia River on the bridge there.

      The winds on WA2 caught me by surprise. It was calm and quiet, then the winds would blow without warning. The first time it made me change into the other lane. Lucky there were no cars there. I would imagine what that would do to a lighter bike like yours

  3. Bob-
    I love reading your posts! What adventures you've had!

    Methinks me must be trying for a motorcycle next year so I can go along...

    I also love your top photo! Forgive me, but what model bike do you ride again?

    Is there anything in this style for short gals? LOL

    Enjoy your autumn....:=)

    1. Deb:

      I used to have scooters and tried to commute to work. In 2003 I purchased a brand new Yamaha BWS49cc, it was too slow and we only have "fast" roads to work. I had to "improve" the engine to a 70cc then I could go a bit faster up the hills. I always had to take the longer scenic route and every night after work I would nearly get run over trying to merge into traffic. We do not have slow roads in the area where I work. It was much safer with a faster machine.

      I have always ridden motorcycles. I had unlicensed ones before I got my driver's license, but bought a real used Yamaha back around 1964, when I also had an MGB sports car. I had several scooters but sold them all when I decided that I wanted to see the country and meet people. It depends upon your radius. If insurance weren't so expensive here, I would have something like a 250cc scooter for commuting and a larger bike for travelling but I am downsizing to save insurance costs.

      My current bike is a Suzuki V-strom 650. I have ridden it to Montana, Idaho, Oregon and of course around British Columbia. It is large, considered top-heavy and tall. But it is like a Jeep and will go nearly everywhere.

      I just bought a bike more suitable for touring for my trip next year. My Nu2me BMW R1200R which has traction control, tire pressure monitor and shaft drive. So right now I have two bikes and not really sure what to do with my V-strom. There is no market to sell until Spring so I have time to figure this out

      I also have short legs and with the V-strom I can just flat foot both sides. You just have to go to your dealer, or to a motorcycle show and sit on them all. Some bikes can be modified to sit lower, but you are tampering with your suspension dynamics. Talk to shorter people, you will find that most of them can only touch one toe when the bike is on an angle and they say you get use to it. After all, most of the time you are not stopped and then it won't matter. It's just what you are used to . . .

  4. Hooray for things working s they should. For some reason I am not surprised that Google Chrome is working best with Google Blogger. I wouldn't have thought it would make that much of a difference but I know I can't comment on a blog when I am in Firefox, only using Safari. Go figure.

    At any rate I am glad it is working and you are happy.

    1. Trobairitz:

      Dongle, dongle, dangle, there ! You cheered me up. I am smiling now. I never had any problems at all using Internet Explorer with the HTML compose screen. That's the only way I have posted for years. The compose screen is new to me and how did I know that my browser was the culprit. At work I also used Firefox and it seemed to work too but I don't have many photos at work so I had to wait until I got home. I was really hoping that it would work.

      I also found out that Google Chrome is the Best browser on the market so that's what I am going to use. I'm glad that this problem wasn't caused by me, but I had a few sleepless nights trying to figure this out in my mind.

      I think my new workflow is much simpler and I am so happy that it is working. For a few days I was counting photos wondering how everyone else could post up more than TWO

  5. No wonder I could not figure that posting problem out. I haven't used that piece of junk IE for years. Chrome is the best at this point. Glad you found it!

    1. Martha:

      This problem would never had showed up if I had just continued with HTML but now my workflow seems easier. I really like Chrome. I had no reason to switch until now. I am of the opinion that "if it isn't broke, don't fix" philosophy.

      I am still going to continue with Flickr for my "better" images. I am a long time photographer and I have nowhere to showcase my images. Plus I can put larger images on there for people to download.

  6. I like the summary of your trips by this collection of photographs. It's nice to see them again.

    I have never run into the 2K pixel limit with blogger until I wanted to post some panorama images. When I export JPEG (from RAW) from Aperture, my default for export is 50% of the original size which makes the long dimension 1936 pixels. The browser never even occurred to me since I don't know anyone still using IE on a regular basis. It is still needed for Windows Update. But due to all the problems over the years almost everyone I run into has already switched to Chrome or Firefox.

    1. Richard:

      Since my previous photos are going to disappear, I thought about doing more of these recaps to bring some photos back. It's hard to do complete posts of prior rides and details get lost over the years, plus the fact of trying to find the older ones which are archived on CD's and DVD's

      I am trying hard to keep Blogger/Picasa under the 2,048 size so I can keep my storage Unlimited. For panos I use Photobucket, which is basically unlimited too. Thanking you very much again for all your testing.

      It it weren't for switching from HTML to compose mode I would never have known that IE was not working correctly. I still have IE at work but I can't change it without ADM privileges. That's what I am using right now to reply to comments

      I also like your collection of photos which was only squeezed out of you through this testing. You should post more of them

  7. Bob - so glad you're happy. I had some issues, now that you mention it, with Internet Explorer back in the spring and switched over to Chrome, but then I updated IE to the lasted version - I switch back and forth as I have both on all of my computers and both are behaving well so far.
    I agree with Richard, I'm glad you are having an excuse to relive some memories of trips gone by - love the scenery.
    (Tell Deb that BMW makes a 650 that is lower (and has a lowering kit) for short folks if that's her style - but you gave the best advice, try it to find if you like it. I knew the Star was meant for me the moment I sat on it.)

    1. Karen:

      I am so Happy that I could give you a Bear Hug (or is that a Bare Hug), I always get those mixed up. It works and it wasn't something I did wrong, nor was it bad instructions from an excellent mentor

      You're right about posting past memories. I plan on doing that once in a while

  8. Glad it is working. I use Firefox. I am not surprised to learn IE was the issue. Sorry I didn't have much in the way of advice for you.

    1. Kathy:

      I would have figured it out, eventually. It may take me a while but I always find a way to get things to work, or a way around the problem. I really appreciated all the help everyone gave me, even if it was only moral support.

  9. Bob, I'm a newcomer here and will need some time to get caught up (if that's possible!), but I did manage to learn about your struggles with the photos and hosting. I've sort of fallen into the Google end of things; it's just been so easy. Good luck and hope it works for you as desired!

    1. Coop:

      My problem was with Internet Explorer, it works perfectly with Google Chrome or Firefox. I changed my image provider and thought I would work on simplifying my work flow. It was frustrating when it wasn't working and it took a week before I figured it out. Thank you for stopping by