Sunday, October 21, 2012

Jumping on Logs

It was a beautiful sunny day, a perfect day for riding my bike BUT the insurance is expiring on my 'Vette and I only have a few days left to drive it this season.  It is also a hassle to move my bike from the rear of the house to the front using the narrow sidewalk on the side of our house, and now . . .

there is a long trench in our front yard, being part of our construction project.  So you can see I am being squeezed, so luckily I decided to drive my car to Steveston for breakfast.

After breakfast I head over to the Government pier and made a quick jump for joy

Yah Hoo, Steveston Government Pier
Yee Haw, "The rain has finally stopped !"


Instead of returning to town I decided to go on the prowl for photos


and stopped at the Historic Britannia Shipyards.  It was nice to feel the warmth of the sun this late in the year.  It is the lull between storms and we have to cherish these days while we are able. I manage to walk around for a while

but for now I'll save those photos for another day .  I headed a bit farther East and ended up on the banks of the Fraser River.  There is a lot of debris in the water due to our recent storms

Fraser River, near Steveston BC

Then I decided to try a different process which I have never tried before.  I won't bore you with the details of how the following video was edited and produced, unless you are interested . . .  then I will spill my guts out.  It is a video of still images . . .

It was a relaxing day for me doing what I like to do


I know, soon I will have to retire my summer shoes for the season . . .

Comments:  with the exception of image #6 (Lumix TS3), all of the other photos were taken with my seldom used Sigma 10-12mm UWA lens, Canon T2i


  1. A beautiful day to play in the sunshine.

    Hope you didn't get stickers in your summer shoes from jumping on the logs.

    1. Trobairitz:

      It was probably the last good day for this year. Our temps have now gone colder.

      I actually found a sliver this morning but that is unusual for me. I have tough skin. I dread the thought of being confined for the next several months. Notice I had pants on and not shorts. I am slowly adapting to the season. We have had better weather this year my summer shoe walk last year was mid September, this year mid October

  2. It looks like you did have a wonderful clear, sunny day. Though the top is up on your corvette in a couple of the pictures. What's that all about!?

    When I click on the Photobucket photos, it brings me to an index page instead of the individual photo. You could try to use the Blogger add photo window instead of inserting the html directly and pasting in the Photobucket URL for the individual photo. It's one of the options on Photobucket instead of HTML (I think it's labeled as "Direct Link" on Photobucket). I've never really looked at the HTML that they have on their site as I assumed that it wouldn't be consistent with the Blogger generated HTML. Especially since Blogger likes to add in all this "extra" HTML these days when using the Compose interface.

    1. Richard:

      Firstly, check your Spam filter for my lost comment

      I never thought to add a photo from Photobucket using the ADD PHOTO window. I have always inserted using the HTML code. If I am going to use the add photo then I could save time by not uploading at all and just choose the files from my Hard Drive. OH WHY, do I make things so difficult for myself. I guess you noticed that the photos were not all aligned the same. Then I could save having not to click back and forth from "compose and HTML".

      I was just trying to spread out my photos so if a service went "DOWN" then I would still have half of my photos

      In the morning it was raining so I had to let the top dry before I put it down. I did drive around "topless" but then I went home with the intention of parking and digging my bike out, so I put the top back up. When I use that car it is normally without the top.

    2. I find that I jump all over the place with my blog. And this is true for posting pictures as well as editing tools. Pre-iCloud, I used to use PhotoBucket a lot more when using my iPhone to take pictures. Using the PhotoBucket app, I was able to easily upload photos to their service. I could then use any handy web browser to insert the photos into my blog using the "Add Photo" button. I also use the email to blog post junction of blogger to send pictures to a draft post. The HTML this method uses does not appear to be compatible with the "Compose" view as you can't edit the photos using the popup menu options. I have also tried the Blogger and BlogPress apps on the iPhone but didn't care for the limited formatting options. The Blogsy app on the iPad is alright but I still need to fix the HTML to get consistent formatting. Right now, I don't see any benefit to continuing to use PhotoBucket but it's already been renewed for another year.

      Isn't this Internet thing fun...

    3. Richard:

      I was trying to put my "eggs into different baskets". I've been on Photobucket since May, 2006 but I mainly used Webshots. I think I'll just use Picasa/Blogger mainly, being Google and they also own YouTube and Blogger so if something happens all of them would crash at the same time. Without Blogger then I wouldn't need the photos anyway, so that works !

      I can also upload directly to Photobucket via Snapbucket using my iPhone so it's easy. I like the idea of hosting better images on Flickr where I can keep them full size. Still thinking about it . . .

  3. Nice trench Bob - what's goin' down there? I almost got my bike put away today, but didn't make it home in time ... maybe Thursday (no Vette to fall back on though.) Can't believe you would have actually thought about driving the corvette if there was a risk of rain.
    (By the way, that looked like a Picasa video from stills to me - think I recognize the beginning ... you rock!)

    1. Karen:

      The trench means more challenge to dig my bike(s) out. It's just too much trouble now as it is hard to turn it around on the grass, and I have to build up speed to "Jump" the trench.

      Can't you store your bike at home somewhere. You just need a battery tender, run engine with Stabilizer (Stabil or equiv), get a bike cover and park it somewhere that is NOT outside.

      My Vette is parked on the street anyway, until I get my parking back. So it is out in the rain anyway, parked or driven it still gets wet.

      You've got sharp eyes. Yes, that was Picasa Movie maker but you've got NO options as to size. It generates what it generates and also it uploads directly to Youtube. I don't even know how it knows it is for my channel, but after it was finished, there is was in it's correct place. You also cannot change the speed which is 3 seconds per image. I think I would rather use my own video editing program and upload in High Definition, but I was just trying out the Picasa options

  4. Bob that video is a delight. I was in New York at the Metropolitan museum and we saw the Andy Warhol exhibit. There was a video art installation with something like an overnight video of the artist's workbench. Your jumping on logs video is way, way, way, way, way, way, more clever, far more satisfying, and orders of magnitude more worthy of being considered as art, than what I saw at the Met. So whatever you do, find a way to preserve your art. I mean it, inspired is what it does for me.

    Take care,


    1. David:

      Thank very much and I am glad that someone appreciates what I do. I learned a while ago to not be so serious and I don't mind making fun of myself. You just have to be less reserved and let loose once in a while, except that I do this all the time

      thanks again for your kind words