Thursday, July 10, 2008

Shaniko to Fossil, Oregon

I must say that this is one of the best Motorcycle roads we have been on, it's just that we didn't bring the motorcycle this trip, but that doesn't make it less enjoyable
I didn't believe my eyes. The switchbacks just didn't stop and there was that nearly 360 degree "first" turn to navigate. I just love it when I see those "slow to 15mph" signs
You can just see what I am talking about on the right side. A little farther down the hill we came upon a Harley cruiser group and just let them all ride by. I think it is just safer for them to maintain their formation without us being in their way.
Shortly we came upon this little town of Antelope. Well it shows as a town on the Official Oregon map we obtained at the visitors information but really it is just one building and a few homes in the middle of nowhere.
It sure looks deserted with all these old and abandoned buildings. We continued on our way, nice twisting road and all banked on the correct angles. No wonder bikers love this road and we saw a lot of bikes today. When we reached Fossil we saw all the bikes parked outside of the local pub. It was a very warm day and I they need to replenish their liquids. This town had a court house and a small downtown grid. We saw this car dealership which looked like it belonged in the 50's. Perhaps it was restored.
We are in a semi-arid / desertlike area of Oregon Hwy 218 and passed by John Day Fossil Beds National Monument.
There so many things to take photos of but as you will notice, Oregon roads have a steep embankment and often they do not give you enough room to pull over. I often wonder how the pioneers travelled 100 years ago in their wagon trains with no roads to guide them along.
We left Fossil and continued north to Condon
Hmmm 45th Parallel and we live on the 49th parallel. Just an interesting sign
at Condon we decided to branch off to Hwy 19 then west to Ione. We passed through beautiful farmland, or where they wheat fields. I'm not much of a farmer, perhaps they should post some signs showing what the crops are for us city folk.
We drove through miles and miles of rolling hills with all these brown plants on them. Here is a closer view of what I think are wheat fields
These must be very large farms, this is all you see for miles in every direction. We continued on Hwy 19 to Arlington then right on I-84 the south road along the Columbia "Gorge" until we arrived at Biggs, Oregon and crossed this bridge into Washington State
Not very far, Eastward high on a cliff we saw this sign . . .
We must have taken a wrong turn somewhere and landed in good 'ol jolly England.
More to say next time . . .

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