Monday, September 28, 2009

In search of the elusive Canadian Pink Croc

Recently my colleage Michael of Key West Diary (<-- click link) issued me a challenge. It was by way of a censored comment attached to his post of September 23, 2009 . Censored as in Canadians don't use the "F" word, or perhaps he brought it with him when he emmigrated from Italy. Nevertheless, here is his rebuttal directed to moi.

Quoted by Mr Conchscooter:

"Fuck you both. Neither of you is man enough to wear pink crocs in public. Guess what? I went to Bahia Honda today on the Vespa and I walked onto the public beach in my pink crocs and two european women invited me back to their tent and ravaged me, forbidding me from removing my crocs. So there, ten pounds of shit in a two pound bag."

Hmm, I am not usually a consumer, especially since I took the day off. I could have turned my vacation day into an epic ride to somewhere exotic but instead, I had a late start to my day to wait for the stores to open. I am wondering where would I find these rare crocs.


I make myself a sandwich, have a hot beverage and roll my bike out of the carport. I head down to a trendy part of town, Kitsilano on 4th avenue. Surely I would be able to find crocs here. I was down there recently during the summer of love festival so I parked the bike and walked. I found a flip-flop store


Nope, not here. Perhaps I should head downtown. There must be a place on Robson Street. There are many upscale stores along this stretch, sort of like 5th Avenue, NY or our equivalent of Rodeo Drive, LA, CA , and as I was cruising down the street I noticed this store

(Crocs, Robson Street, Vancouver, BC)

It was still early and the stores were just starting to open for the public. I managed to stag a spot right in front


I don't usually travel down here on a weekday, esp on a Monday morning. On the weekends it is usually very busy and you would be very lucky to get a parking spot. Our parking meters are very expensive, as you will notice. I put in a quarter, only good for 5 minutes


I went inside and on my left I noticed a whole wall full of these

(Crocs of every discription and colo(u)r)

These ones must be of the Key West Variety. It is cooler up here in Canada, so we also get the insulated ones


I am sure that my meter has expired. I have been in here for over 5 minutes, but I can look out and see my bike, and no parking enforcer ticket writer has come by yet


I wonder if they have high-heel pink crocs ? I think I'll wait for Mr Conchscooter to purchase a pair first (if he has the guts to post a picture wearing them). I hop on my bike and ride out of town over to West Vancouver and up to the Cypress Mountain viewpoint which overlooks Vancouver to see what I have just purchased


It is here that I get a chance to unwrap them and see what I have purchased

(Canadian Pink Crocs)

I have gotten in the habit of always wearing a riding jacket, and will also wear riding pants while on the highway. I also wear leather boots. I quickly change into my new pink crocs and a lady tourist comes over to speak to me. They are from Guatemala. She looks while I am setting up my camera for a self portrait and we talk for a while. I notice that she keeps looking at my stylish pink crocs. A couple of other male tourists from eastern canada also made a remark about my V-strom as they also ride. One has a 1300cc Venture, and the other has an 1100 Venture. They don't make any comments about my pink shoes but I do notice them glancing from time to time as we talk about some good motorcycle roads in the area. I tell them to bring their bikes next time.

(Wee, Cypress Viewpoint, West Vancouver, BC)

Actually these crocs seem to be very comfortable and after a while you forget what colo(u)r they are. As I am already over in West Vancouver I decide to go to my favour place. I find solitude here and you can either sit on the rocks or on some of the benches supplied for the purpose of just contemplating life and watch the water pass by.

(Pilot Cove, West Vancouver, BC)

Several times during the summer I like to sit in the sun and breath in the ocean air. You can see the city of Vancouver in the background.

(A peaceful place to ponder . . . and clear your mind)

(I also like to sit on the rocks and look at the scenery)

The pink crocs seem to give me power. I am revitalized with new energy. On a summer's day these rocks are busy with people having a picnic or just doing nothing.

(Pink Crocs have excellent rock gripping abilities)

After a while, I prepare to leave and change back into my riding boots


I like to wear more comfortable shoes/sandals after I reach my destination, now I have another alternative. These Pink Crocs are very light and take little room in my side case.

(Pink Crocs: pack easily and are very light)

If you have the guts, purchase a pair of Pink Crocs. They actually enhance your masculine side. Soon you too will be beating the females away.

(Rare Canadian Pink Crocs enjoying the sun, Pilot Cove, West Vancouver, BC)


  1. Dear Bobskoot:

    That's showing 'em how real men handle challenges up in Vancouver. Bob, I was about to say purchasing a pair of pink crocs was a great joke on your part, until I saw the fusia-colored retaining straps in your bike's luggage. You may be more at home on Duval Street than Conch.

    I cannot believe you pissed away $34.99 on dancing shoes made out of recycled pop bottles. At $11 (USD) a bottle for cheap Baccardi, you blew the makings of a good 3-day drunk on this footwear.

    But it was first class retribution.

    Now you should do a blog that illustrates the proper way to sever a parking meter at the base, prior to throwing it in the water.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  2. LOL!!

    I suspect the real reason those rocks were so deserted was because of the force field emanating from your PINK CROCS -:))

  3. This is awful. What level do I have to take this challenge to my lack of masculinity? I am trembling in my own well worn pink crocs just thinking about it.

  4. Our entire office staff has reviewed your post today and find it very informative. I, for one, never realized that crocs came in such a wide variety of colors and options. I am definately going shopping!

    I must admit being relatively surprised to see you wearing those crocs without socks! I pictured you, Bob, as the type of guy that wears socks with sandles (or crocs). As Paula Poundstone says, "that's just wrong on so many levels". I am glad to see you without socks, and my image and opinion of you has increased considerably!

    That's a great picture of you on the bench by the ocean. Very calming!

  5. even I dont do pink, well, its just not my color, lol. you on the other hand do pink well. fabulous man, fabulous!! so were you ravaged?!? ;)

    ps, in SF yesterday, meters were $3.50 per hr...

  6. OMG Bob. That was a great post.

    Thank you for your continual wit and humour. I think the crocs insulated with "mac jacket red pattern" were especially tasteful, but still cannot compare to your pink ones. Keep on posting.....

  7. Dang, all I needed was pink crocs to get the women to swarm about me?

    Oh well, the sidecar rig does that fine for me already.....or perhaps its my handsome sons grinning from the sidecar, fully atgatt of course.

    And no, I am not painting it pink....I'm apparently already on the motorcycling gods shitlist these past few days. : )

  8. Bob, I'm a big fan of Crocs, owning two pairs of their sandals, and one like the set you have, but in the less elusive black.

  9. Jack "r":

    Well, it was a little pricey but they are comfy. I found a pink golf shirt to match.


    You are probably right about the force field it generates . I'll wear them the next time I want to get rid of the crowds

    Mr Conchscooter:

    Hey Bro, glad you liked them. I have wanted a pair ever since you showed me yours


    I didn't realize you were going to bring your whole office cheerleading crew. I think Paula's my type. Please send a photo, thanks

    Ms M:

    Pink goes well with leathers and stilettos. You should try it . No such luck on the ravenging part, yet.
    They actually have meters for motorcycles at half the price, but they are in out of the way locations.


    Thank you for the compliment. After you have them on for a while you don't notice the colour.


    Those Pink Crocs are chick magnets, just ask Conch. I've never seen a pink hack before, but I'll keep searching. You never know.
    You seem to be good at getting all the bugs worked out on Natasha. It's probably better than new


    What's in a color ? Wait until one wears out, then replace it with a pink one. Pink is more soothing and has therapeudic qualities.

  10. Dear Bobskoot:

    I went into a shoe store for pink crocs today, and they threw me out into the street.

    What do you adbise now?

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad

  11. Why Bob...I think they really bring out your eyes lol...