Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sherman & addendum for Jackie

(Sherman Tank & Wee)

Ever since Mr Iron-Gran-Dad (<-- link) posted his header page a while back with a tank in the background I was trying to figure out where I could find a tank. It's not like we have many military bases around here.


It's not a very big tank but was large enough for a crew of 5. I remember as a youngster crawling into a tank such as this. There was an opening underneath which was open at the time. Even then I thought how claustophobic this must be to not be able to move around in there


There are a couple of Shermans parked outside of this Armoury and were just rusting hulks of metal enduring nature's rath. They seem to be partly restored with new tread


I wanted to ride my Wee onto the sidewalk to get a better photo angle but decided against it for fear of having to pay a ticket. Vancouver is strict about motor vehicles driving onto the sidewalks so I had to settle for the curb . I think behind those metal guards is a place for a machine gun to poke through.


The Sherman is a very compact machine. I would imagine that it would make for a great commuter. In any confrontation with another vehicle I think you would come out on top but I noticed that it only has a top speed of 48 mph


I was playing around with different angles and perspectives with my Wee in the background. I found the tread to be very photogenic


I didn't want the Sherman rolling away on me so I brought the only doorstop I could think of that was powerful enough to stop a few tons of steel


Even the matching cannon had mag wheels but with more 'spokes' than my wee has


Rear end views of both the Wee and Sherman



Addendum for Jackie rIEPE (Twisted Roads) (<-- link)

During the last weekend of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics we went downtown to ground zero to visit the Olympic Cauldron and snap a few photos. The Cauldron was one of the most photographed sites during the Games and there were lots of people meandering about having a good time. I did a mini interview with a soapstone carver which I told Jack about and he wanted to see it. I also added a few other Olympic elements such as the Zip Line where people actually waited up to 7 hours for the short 20 second ride and some street hockey on Granville Street as well as a view of the Olympic Cauldron for you to see.


  1. interesting fascination with tanks that you and irondad have.....

    I give you my encounter with one down at Ft. Carson:

    A ride to Cheyenne Mountain

  2. Love the doorstop. The soapstone carver is making a reasonable living with his hobby at 35 Dollars an hour. If he could make enough sales, thats 105 Dollars an hour! If I could carve, I would give it a try....

  3. Nice video. As much as I'd love to try that zip line, there's no way I'd wait 7 hours for the opportunity.
    And seeing the Vancouver mounted police, is it true that Vancouver Timmie's have ride-thru windows?

  4. why do I have the urge to go find a tank?? :)

  5. Charlie6:

    Actually Irondad started it, then Mike followed in his footsteps


    you are presuming, of course, that these will be eventually sold and not just mere dustcatchers


    We also have Zip Lines on the mountain. It is a very popular ride as you can pretend you are Tarzan swinging through the trees

    And YES, Tim Hortons do have drive thru lines. During the summer we often stop for their Iced Cappucino. If you gulp too fast you get frozen throat


    I've got an idea where there may be more. I'm going to check it out. I know for sure there is a jeep with a mounted machine gun (I think)

  6. Bob, you've found the ideal chock, especially for the fashion conscious user. Color coordination is, after-all, an important consideration, especially when public opinion is at risk.

    I enjoyed your video, too, btw. And no way will I stand anywhere for 7 hours. Sheesh!

  7. "Tanks" a lot for the mention!

  8. 48 canadian miles per hour translate into 30 proper miles per hour which is probably fast enough in a country as civilized as canada.

  9. Dear Bob Skoot:

    I'm sorry it took so long to get back to you on this post. In truth, I have always wanted to commute in traffic with a Sherman tank. Your "tread chock" for the Sherman was hysterical. I never realized how tight it must have been for the Sherman crews to work together in those iron confines.

    I found the soapstone carver fascinating. As you are awarew, I have a soapstone "trout" on my desk, carved by a native American in Alaska.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

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