Monday, February 28, 2011

Last Huff of Winter

Being on the Wet Coast of British Columbia we seldom get snow. Perhaps once in a 5 or 7 year cycle it would be bad with most years receiving none. By bad we mean a snowfall may remain on the ground for a few weeks. Mostly it goes away in a day or so

(This place is known across North America for their . . .)

with temperatures hovering just above and below freezing which means frost every morning and melted before noon. Not good conditions for riding my 'Strom when I leave for work around 7am

I think I am more suited for the warmer temperatures of NZ or KW but for now I must tend to my chores which were to shovel the snow from my walkway


my walkway is fairly long and wide so I had to rest a few times and try not to aggravate my back . One thing about getting old is to take things a bit easier and lift less weight so I shovelled with less gusto and made sure my snow shovel had less snow as I tossed it over to the side.


I finally make it to my curb and find that our road is covered with snow with an ice layer below, which makes it very slippery


I've noticed something else about the aging process, food input and lack of exercise. I find that it is exceedingly difficult to lose weight. I try to eat in moderation and choose healthy food groups but still I could stand to lose a few pounds. I don't know how Jackie does it but he has a system and has shed many pounds.


On Saturday mornings I meet the guys for an early breakfast. I try not to have anything until dinner which is normally around 7pm but that is a long period without nourishment so I have my usual snack in the early afternoon, not a meal but something to "tide me over" .

This particular day found me in a line up at a fast food restaurant. I was going to order my usual value menu double cheese burger, or chicken wrap, or both depending upon my mood and how much change I had in my pocket. There were two elderly ladies in front of me sort of in line but with a big gap to the customer in front. They appeared affluent but were struggling to figure out what they wanted to order. It was as if they had never been in a Golden Arches Cabaret before. They motioned me to go ahead of them, which I promptly did comply.

I turned around and asked what they wanted. They were unsure. They were struggling to make sense of why they had stopped here in the first place. I decided to treat them to a beverage and a snack and they seemed very appreciative. They couldn't believe that a stranger would pick up the tab. They ordered two coffees and two banana pies. I paid for my meal and theirs and wished them a good day, and left.

Later, I got to thinking about this scenario . I have been doing a lot of thinking how my life would change when I retired. I would be watching every penny and account for all my purchases, no different from these two ladies who were obviously struggling to make sense of this frivilous purchase, but it gave me a good feeling to be able to help them today.

Here's my BlueKat inspired Self-Portrait:



  1. Take care of that back, Bob. Ron is in a constant battle to keep his back in working order. You really don't want to go there!

    Hey! You're even harder to spot than I am! Nice one!! ;)

    Wait a minute...where did you find sunshine and dry streets?

  2. I shoveled snow for my parents when I was home (Iowa) for vacation two Christmas's ago. They laughed at me cause I actually acted like it was fun to do, when I used to complain incessantly at having to do it when I was younger.
    After all these years of being in the south, it didn't seem like a chore, but that's because I left and went back to my now home... Alabama, where we hardly EVER get snow. If it does... it lasts for a few hours or maybe a whole day. Shew!

  3. That starting to looks like Spring weather but I wouldn't declare an end to the winter yet. Years ago, I went on a climbing trip over the long 4th of July weekend and got stuck on the side of a mountain for about 3 days in a blizzard.

    On another note, why even bother shoveling the walkway if it's all going to melt in a day or so? That just encourages visitors...


  4. Dear Bobskoot (Bobby Pink Crocs):

    It appeares the weather has finally broken here. With 19 days left to spring, there have been big changes. Three or four days of temperatures in the mid-50's were accompanied by at least one night of good old fashioned thunder storms. (I was never so deligted to be awakened in the dead of night by one crashing boom after another. And it lasted an hour.)

    In the morning, 98% of the snow and ice was gone. The only renants are the rock hard blocks of ice that are in the depp shade, and these are on the wane. Three-inch tall daffodill shoots have sprounted in the Cul De Sac's island, and the turning point has been reached.

    While it is still thoroughly possible to get a vicioius winter storm in March (around Paddy's Day), I'm hoping the worst is behind us. I am ging to require some meducal attention before I can ride this season, but I have started to stretch my joints in anticipation of the first ride. Hopefully, this will minimize the jolt of the first ride of the season.

    I'm sure the last whack of winter will pass from your neighborhood quickly.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  5. That is an all too familiar view for me! Getting antsy to be able to ride. Hope it clears very soon for you.

  6. Your turn! I can't believe you were able to enjoy the snow and ice this year too! :)

    But I have to agree with RichardM on the reasons behind shoveling the walk...

    Very nice of you to purchase some refreshments for the ladies. I'm sure it absolutely made their day and they will be appreciative for a very long time. But banana pies?? Must be a Canada thing...we don't have them here...

    -Lori/Steel Cupcake

  7. If I ever get in a soup line in front of you I intend to dawdle.... :)

  8. I'm with Beemergirl. Banana pies at the Golden Arches?

  9. BlueKat: Drats, you noticed !! I took that image the week before whilst doing my HDR test along the waterfront. I was on an overpass with shadows to the street below.

    That HDR NEF you sent me is a good candidate for HDR. You could produce 3 images +/0/- and use that program I linked to. It is also a RAW converter.

    Lady R: It's always easier to do things when you are not required to do them. Doesn't seem like a chore then. I remember last year it seemed like I had to shovel the snow 4 times a day. I would greatly welcome your help. Perhaps you could come over and do it for me . . .

    Richard: Our temperatures usually hover around freezing. It is normal that whatever does not melt would be ice the next day. It is much better to scrap it all off to bare pavement to make it easier to walk.

    Jack r: it would appear that your spring is coming faster than ours. Hope your pain is bearable and that you will be able to go for a ride. Pop a few more pills if you need to.

  10. Heels / Pam: I hope your snow melts soon and you get a chance to take a ride. It's not fun looking at all that white stuff out the window, and post more photos of your heels, thanks

    BeemerGirl / Lori: I never knew the Golden Arch had Banana pies either. When the two ladies ordered them I had to rub my eyes and peer at the menu again, and there they were, 2 for $1.39

    It's not the first time I have paid for meals. I felt good afterwards and felt that I had done my good deed for the day

    Ken: No problems, anytime. Just make yourself look ragged and I will feel sorry for you. When you go to your rally in Utah in July, and you ride north and find me, I will be more than happy to supply the refreshments. I will recognize your 'Strom

    Irondad: When you cross the border into Canada, I will take you to Tim Hortons for an Iced Cappucino, then we will go to the Golden Arch for a Banana pie. I never knew they had them either

  11. I think something I might fight in retirement is boredom. I have had enough days off recently to realize that I might need at least something to do to keep me busy if and when I ever retire. Maybe do some volunteering or something. The weather here has been fairly nice recently. It may be awhile yet, butI am looking forward to getting out and going for a ride.