Friday, September 2, 2011

EMS Bike Nite and HRD: Vincent

During the summer, the sportbike community attends Bike Night BBQs, and a week ago this was hosted by EMS: Essential Motorcycle Services, where TED the owner is the one who services my V-strom. What better way to spend a warm Wednesday summer evening having a hamburger or hot dog and chatting with other bikers


No, that is not my V-strom but there were a few other Stromtroopers there. This was early in the evening but soon after the lot was jammed with live DJ music permeating through the air.


The BBQ was put into action and soon I was munching on my hamburger and enjoying a soda. There were bikes of every description and most makes were represented. As I was walking about rubbing elbows with other familiar faces the star of the show arrived. I knew from the chitter chatter on the local forum that this beautiful bike would be there, and right on queue it arrived right before my eyes .


I stared at it from all angles wondering whether this was a restoration, but others were speaking of it as being brand new and not ridden, until now. If you ask me it is better than new. I often take more photos than I can ever post and RichardM recently posted a request to see more photos of this bike. I mean, how would he know that I would have more to show ?





As I don't know much about these bikes, I'm letting the photos speak for themselves





There you have it, The Vincent HRD . . .


being ridden under its own power . A beautiful work of Art


  1. That Vincent really is a work of art whether it is a restoration or original doesn't matter to me. Thank you for posting more pictures. The effort put in by the original craftsmen is incredible, they turn oil lines into artwork.

    BTW, how's the foot?


  2. Definitely a work of art, these Vincents...costly but beautiful.

    I really like the instrument cluster!

    thanks for the pics Bob.

    Hmmm, wonder if anyone ever hung a sidecar on a Vincent? Or would be considered sacriledge? : P


    Redleg's Rides

    Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

  3. Dear Bobskoot:

    There are no words to describe a Vincent in immaculate condition... Not original words anyway. A friend of mine recently acquired a Black Shadow in very good shape, and now he is going the extra nine yards. He has the price of a kid's medical school tuition tied up in this.

    I'm delighted you got a chance to see this one up close. Did you get a ride?

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

  4. Bobskoot,

    At very first glance I thought that to be one of the new Royal Enfields and was all set to say "I'd rather buy an old Honda, or Beemer..." But I would not trade an old Vincent for much of anything, I guess if I needed a kidney it might be fair, but that's about what they cost. Very cool bike, but I don't think I'll ever be able to have one, sad as it may be.

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

  5. Beautiful bike. I can see why it would be the highlight of the evening!

  6. Beautiful pictures of that bike Bobskoot.

  7. Nice to know that donuts and cops go together there as well as they do here. However, I thought it was Tim Horton's that was the myth. ;) Statue mimicking was cute. I think you should have mimicked the hats too. hehe

  8. RichardM: I have seen that Vincent before, it looks better than new. My foot is not yet back to normal, I just watch it and take it easier

    Canajun: It is a beautiful bike but I would be afraid to own one, or ride it just in case something were to happen to it

    Charlie6: I am sure someone, somewhere has put a sidecar on it "back in the old days" . The instruments look new

    Jack r: I think I am more practical now. I am not a mechanic so I prefer to just look at them, instead of owning one.

    Brady: I was following a Royal Enfield recently. I didn't know what it was from behind, but later I caught up to it. It looks small . . . I hope you find a bike in Germany

    BlueKat: It's amazing when you see old technology and how they did things back then

    Trobairitz: I would imagine the owner is proud of his Vincent. Photos are humbling when you consider that was done to bring that bike to new condition. Hundreds of hours of restoration and I come along to snap a few photos in a matter of seconds.

    Steel Cupcake: I suppose I have learned to be more un-inhibited, with age, or perhaps with more familiarity with my blogging friends around the country