Sunday, November 27, 2011

Not much

has happened this weekend. Nada, nothing, NIL. Saturday found torrential rains so it was better to stay indoors and do some 'net surfing looking at new, fast Laptops. During the past week I talked myself into and then out of purchasing one right now, preferring to pay more for a newer model after the new year. If it weren't for the video editing I wouldn't need one so I am going to stick with my slow core2 duo and make do.

Sunday started out with hope of a sunny afternoon. It was a lazy morning getting up without the alarm clock and a home-made


generous portion of eggs benedicts. Lots of sauce which was savoured with every bite until it was gone


Then while I was relaxing and looking at the food channel I hear . . .

Mrs Skoot say "We need a new washer, the faucet is leaking"

I head over to our utility sink and see that it is dripping and needs a new washer. Today is Sunday and not many plumbing stores are open except for Home Depot so now the plan for the day developed. I remember that when my friend came over to help me change some pipes a couple of years ago that this same faucet was dripping a bit but we didn't have a washer and it was too late to make a special trip to purchase one, so we did what anyone one else would do in our predicament, we turned the washer backwards and put it back together, so I knew we needed more than just a couple of washers. It took a couple of stops to find the correct complete tap assembly as I did not know the manufacturer of our faucets. Of course I bought two to replace both sides. Amazing how a simple job eats up an afternoon.

Earlier in the week I took a few photos with my new Camera, Sony NEX-5n, with 16mm pancake lens. I could not take low angle shots before as my Canon T2i does not have a moveable LCD screen.

(South Arm: Fraser River)

(High Tide: Finn Slough)

(Finn Slough, Richmond, BC)


  1. Bob

    You take amazing pictures! Loving the new lense. The eggs Benny looks absolutely delish. I didn't ride once this weekend other than Friday. Yesterday was all about house stuff, today I was a kitchen slave making chili and chicken wings. I sent Kirk out for a ride on Lucy because he doesn't have insurance right now on his bike. Then we nestled in and watched the Grey Cup, kind of makes up for my bitter disappointment of the Stanley Cup - I still haven't watched the Canucks yet, I think they broke my hockey heart.

  2. Bob, First, teasing me with the eggs...yum! Second, good for you taking care of Mrs. Skoot. Third, beautiful photos! Loving the crispness, but you framed the scenes very nicely!

  3. I love the photos. The low angle really does add a lot to the shot. The photo of the eggs Benedict needs to go until you start traveling around to make them for everyone ;-)

    I had one of those weekends as well. Too cold to do much outside so spent a lot of time laying around. How fast is your Core 2 duo? You may not see much speed improvement with a new machine as rendering video is a single threaded process. The actual editing process may feel snappier and that may be worth it but I wouldn't expect much improvement in the rendering speed. When transcoding video on my laptop, if I check CPU utilization, it is only using a single core.

  4. Very nice. I'm loving the low angle shots.

  5. Wow, nice pictures. They should be hanging on a wall!

  6. Dar:

    Golly, gosh, gee-whiz, you are so kind . . . my camera came with two lenses, the 16mm pancake and 18-55 zoom. My adapters are on order and soon I will be able to use my other lenses.

    Steel Cupcake:

    Thank you, but I now have an eggs benedict production line, and I am getting more used to my new stove. did you know that I love my new gas stove ?

    I have always wanted to take low angle shots but the screen on my Canon does not swivel and I can't lie on the ground all the time


    Thank you for all your help. The next time I render I will check the usage. If you are right then I can downgrade my next purchase to i5, instead of i7


    I like low angles too but have never been able to do them. It's hard to frame correctly if you can't see the LCD


    You are too kind . . . thank you. I think I also shot them in RAW (ARW) so I could do some processing on them and do a print. I like the way they came out too. I have a wide carriage Canon pro 9000 mk 2 prof printer & I can print up to 13" x 19"

  7. Bob - You need to fix something different for breakfast at weekends. Every time I see your photos of Eggs Benedict, I get hungry! Nice photos.

  8. I too am loving the low angle shots. One of my favorite angles for photography. Articulated screens are nice for that.

    Love the scene of Finn Slough at high tide. Guess I must make a point to visit there. I like all the images you take from this place. I think this is the first I've seen it with so much water.

    I can't look at the food pics anymore...they give me the munchies! :)

  9. Low angle shots can also be done by lying on the ground, you know!

  10. Gary:

    for you we could change the menu to include: Bacon Sandwiches, but I would put an egg in mine, too bad you didn't tell me when you were there . . .


    I suppose I go there too much, but there is always something to photograph, esp when the water levels are high. I have also seen muskrats in there too. There is going to be a photo display next March 2012 in Richmond. I was already solicited, by one of the residents, to enter some photos for display. Lots of Camera clubs do outings in this area, I see lots of big cameras and tripods.


    Tsk, tsk. There was a downward sloping embankment. The water came right up to the shoreline, with large rocks, nowhere to lie down, and esp downhill. This is where you need an articulating screen, or an assistant . . .